A Love Of Reading

Even for a grumpy, retired old dude like me, with nothing much to do, COVID-infested infected 2020 provided me with a little extra time to read ‘em and reap.  I thought that I was doing well, but….  The son swore off TV some years ago, and spends all his spare time reading – something.  He still reads the occasional dead-tree book, but gets most of his from Kindle Unlimited.  Kindle keeps track of how many books he has read – and reread.  In 2019, he went through 152.  During Apocalypse 2020, his list numbered 213.  I recently went to bed.  By the time I arose, eight hours later, he’d (re)read 3 books.
I only got these 37.

Hawking dumbed down ‘A Brief History of Time’ enough that I understood a lot of it. Mlodinow further simplified the concepts, in this version.

Book number 6 of The Expanse series. I am currently watching my way through series number five, on Amazon Prime

Interstellar Sci-Fi, with magic. Thanx to the son for introducing me to this series.

A time-filling men’s adventure book

A little bit of spaceships and ray-guns Sci-Fi

Alternate-Earth, with magic. Second book, Red Magic will be in this year’s list.

More Action/Adventure

A Sci-Fi book about time travel. One of several read last year.

A stand-alone book from these author’s ‘Magic” series, explaining some plot focus changes, and allowing for the beginning of a new series.

A murder mystery from fellow blogger K J Ivany. A post about this book will soon follow.

The culmination of the ‘Magic’ series. Swords, vampires, shapeshifter were-animals, and various monsters. It’s been fun.

Book #2, mate to last year’s ‘Saints.’

Book number five of The Expanse Series – the one I’m currently streaming. Thanx BrainRants – great reading, and watching.

Bourne Identity type of men’s action/adventure

Another in The Innkeeper, ‘Sweep’ series. This husband/wife writing team are almost as prolific as Isaac Asimov, with four series and several singletons.

More mindless men’s adventure. I am highly qualified.

Another Jack Reacher book. Another in the series has just been released for this year’s reading. As Clive Cussler passed his series on to his son, so has Lee Child passed his on to his son.

Tom Clancy’s heirs just passed the writing of the Jack Ryan series on to a committee of commercial writers.

Same series – different author

An invading alien machine makes the gods of Greece, Egypt and Rome real for those trapped inside a reality bubble.

If one was fun – and more importantly – sold, let’s trap another group with the Norse gods.

One of several ‘Classic’ Sci-Fi books that I reread. A book review will soon follow.

I realized that I had not read this book in the 1960s, so I bought it from Kindle for $1.99.

For the same two bucks, Star Rangers (above), came attached to this book, which I had read in the mid-’60s, titled ‘The Last Planet.’ As a matched pair, this second novel now makes more sense.

Eight millennia-old immortals among us, and how they have dealt with change. Another upcoming book review will tell you how.

Historical/urban fiction to pass the time

More Sci-Fi rereading. I originally read this, titled as ‘The Junkyard Planet.’ How to pull a failed world up by its financial bootstraps.

More interesting men’s action/adventure to pass the time. The first of another series which I believe I have to thank River Girl for introducing me to. The rest will help keep me busy in 2021.

Another reread from the ’60s. Urban fiction which barely qualifies as Sci-Fi because a man finds a way to get rich through industrial espionage, by inventing a device which allows him to move about, unseen and unstopped, while time stands still for everyone else.

More historical/urban fiction. They contain a pleasant amount of fascinating trivia.

Not much blood and guts, but lots of brains and gunplay. Solid story arc and character development.

Were the ten plagues of Egypt actually real?? Is the entire biome of the Earth a semi-sentient, interlocked, Gaia-type entity? Dunno! But it makes good reading.

Another ghost-writer, for Clive Cussler, presents a period-piece action/adventure whose hero is an early 20th century detective, reminiscent of the real Alan Pinkerton.

Time travel without leaving home. Bits and pieces of geography and time periods are inexplicably swirled together. Can our hero figure out how to put it all back where/when it belongs?

Centuries of life through organ transplants for planetary monarchs, but not for the their subjects. A topic brought up in this ’60s novel. The author also wrote the 1776/1976 American Bicentennial Saga series. If I read this book soon after its release, I don’t remember it. It was a pleasant discovery in a storage box.

At least one book to reinforce my lack of belief in the supernatural/religion. A disappointing little 156-page novelette with several passages repeated in different chapters.  Trying to justify his position through  philosophy and logic – and failing miserably.  As dry and tasteless as Muffets.

COVID19 should have given most of you some extra time this past year to read.  Aside from my magnificent prose, did you encounter anything morally or intellectually uplifting?

15 thoughts on “A Love Of Reading

  1. Garfield Hug says:

    Waah!! You really read a lot.


    • Archon's Den says:

      More than some. Less than others. Did you note that the son (re)read 213 books last year?? Like him, I’ve almost sworn off TV. An episode of The Expanse, and maybe one movie a week.
      I’m retired, but spend more and more time cooking and tending to a semi-invalid wife, three Bengal cats, and two Scotty Terriers. When I do get a few free moments, I often just sit down with three books – a chapter of one, a chapter of the next, and so on.
      One year, while I was still an office drone, I read 76 books. Yearly intake was usually nearer 52 – one a week. As my house-husband chores increased, my book reading diminished. 2019’s total was only 26. Perhaps I’m becoming more efficient. Last year’s total increased to 37. 😀


      • Garfield Hug says:

        You are an avid reader for sure!! I only have time to read the papers, internet articles and work papers! You are a good husband to dote and take care of your semi invalid wife. 👏👍Bless your kindness. I like the description of Office Drone…I call mine as being “minion” of the Lords. Keep up the book reading. Puts me to shame for reading zero books haha


  2. Rivergirl says:

    I’ve read quite a few of these and am coming back later to add some others to my Amazon cart. Jeff Bezos says thank you. Maybe someday I’ll start keeping track of how many books I read every year, but the cost would probably give me a heart attack.


    • Archon's Den says:

      The library, local book-exchanges, and even eBooks can help to keep the cost of your reading down. Without paper, ink, printing, shipping and storage costs, Kindle books should retail at about half the dead-tree version. $2:00 for two out-of-print Sci-Fi titles was a bargain, but sometimes the two prices are almost identical. 🙄

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rivergirl says:

        I read so much our little library can’t keep up. I do hit Goodwill and yard sales normally, but not now. And I refuse to Kindle. Reading is a tactile pleasure for me…


  3. Newbloggycat says:

    Hmm…I didn’t know GOD is a bookworm (´∇ノ`*)ノ. I had trouble reading the whole of last year. I just can’t stay focused. I only managed to finish 2 books. (っ- ‸ – ς)


  4. Rivergirl says:

    Okay, you’re bad for my wallet. Just ordered 5 of these… and while sci-fi isn’t usually my genre I’m starting with book one of the Expanse series.


  5. I must admit as I’m a freelance writer I only read a few books per year.


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