The Shortcut To Blame

If you haven’t struck pay-dirt in 50 words, stop boring.  Confounded confusion!!  Many Christian Apologist debaters and essayists seem to think that a barrage of verbiage will eventually yield a nugget of truth.  This guy went wrong in a Hell of a hurry.

I get to hear “Why would God allow so much suffering?” to which the answer is “Why do you?” because we really are supposed to be instruments of God, suffering is our call to action. We are supposed to take care of each other. Failing to do so is not God’s inaction, it is ours.

Damn! I didn’t realize that child cancer was My Fault, because I haven’t rushed out and found a cure. I was busy, helping out down at the food bank. 😳

Thank you. I considered editing this piece to include your sanctimonious, self righteous bullshit as an example of someone trying to highlight the “I” in “Team.” Your self centered value signalling (sic) pretty much removes the illusion of you being a charitable person.

You did a good thing, then complained that your effort did not cure all the world’s problems. It must make you feel like a failure among Gods.

And then out came all that Christian love and acceptance.  😯  Trust a Bible-thumper to take things the wrong way, whether innocently or cynically, whenever their claims are questioned,.  I’ll admit that I was a little snarky when I posted the comment that showed that there’s no He on his team: that after the writer has done all his tithing, and volunteering at the soup kitchen or homeless shelter, it’s still up to his imaginary God to handle things like tornadoes and hurricanes and floods and earthquakes and landslides and volcanoes….and cancer.

Science and medicine are working as hard as they can to find cures for diseases (like COVID19), that his God hurls at us.  After these researchers work their asses off, sometimes for years to find a cure, guys like this will yell, “Thank God! He has answered our prayers!” God helps them that help themselves. These Apologists help themselves – or, at least their pet Deity – to all the credit, but none of the blame. 😯

Here’s a clear example of my earlier assertion, which many of these Good Christians grudgingly admit, that I/Atheists perform ‘good and moral’ actions, but claim that we do so for ‘the wrong reasons,’ according to them.

Studies seem to indicate that, overall, Christians are happier than Atheists.  I don’t believe that these Apologists are actually happier, just more smugly self-satisfied.  😛

19 thoughts on “The Shortcut To Blame

  1. “I get to hear “Why would God allow so much suffering?” to which the answer is “Why do you?” because we really are supposed to be instruments of God, suffering is our call to action. We are supposed to take care of each other. Failing to do so is not God’s inaction, it is ours.”

    always is the exquisite bullshit excuse for their god. Alas, their bible shows that they must be lying or their bible is.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      At least I got a good, active demonstration of the term sanctimonious. 👿

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    • RaPaR says:

      As I always say, there is NO ONE more full of shit than an Evangelical Christian or any other demonization for that matter. They have got a line of shit for every occasion.

      In the end, the essential question is; if there is a god, why is there so much suffering in the world? Of course their answer is going to be because we’ve turned away from god or some such nonsense. So god would allow 20 FIRST GRADERS and 6 TEACHERS to be gunned down in cold blood because we’ve turned away from him? Some shot some many times their little bodies had 10 or 11 AR-15 bullets in them? And what did the Repugnantcans do? Absolutely nothing, not one thing. Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry, that’s right. They offered their “thoughts and prayers.” What possible good could “thoughts and prayers” do – their favorite recipe for feeding bullshit to the masses – if their phony-baloney, mythological “god” would allow something so heinous to happen to begin with, and to helpless children no less? Is he going to respond positively to your pleas?

      How’s that working out do far?

      Our government and the Repugnantcans are so owned by the NRA and the gun manufacturing lobbies that they simply do not care, the money is too good to look away from.

      Until the people of this lazy-ass, bullshit-laden, gullible nation wake up and take control of the situation nothing will ever happen. We will have to admit to our children we that we can not even keep our most fundamental promise: to keep them safe. And we, their parents, will have to live with the fact that we can’t even send our children to school and reasonably expect that they will come home alive.

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      • Archon's Den says:

        There is not one thing that a religion or church can do, that a secular Humanist organization cannot do. I have yet to find a social ill that Christianity makes better, but I see a long list of them that it makes worse – often much worse. 👿

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      • RaPaR says:

        I agree completely! Which is another of my responses to the religious irrational: show me anything that religion has done that couldn’t have been done without it. But I like your mandate that they demonstrate something made better by religion even more. (So, thanks!)

        They believe you need religion to be moral: wrong! They believe you need religion to be charitable: wrong!

        I have yet to get an answer that is meaningful on any level.

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  2. SpinjitzuJay says:

    I think this is the big sticking point for my faith.

    Most of my fellow Christians run from this point. I seldom think about anything else.

    This is my take. And it’s not entirely Biblically supported. Which is why they run.

    The only logical answer I’ve come up with for God allowing child cancer or child abuse is this:

    God has a non interference policy. He’s like a scientist who sets an experiment going then genuinely stands back and allows it to unfold as it it will.

    Of course the problem with that is that it invalidates prayers of petition. Which almost 0 Christians are willing to throw out.

    It’s a logic nightmare this problem. But my theory fits with what I perceive I see as reality. Reality appears to me to be random and driven by a mixture of evolution and complex pattern interactions. Not by a master plan.

    This theory of non interference all supports free will. Which is something I believe in. Though I know there are people who don’t think humans make any choices themselves.

    Apologies for spelling and grammar. I’m not good at either. Also apologies if these ideas have holes or have been badly explained. I think about this topic ALL the time and there is never a quick simple answer always more questions.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Your thoughts and language usage are quite good. You’ve described Deism (as opposed to Theism), or, The Clockwork God – set it in motion and study it.
      I might eventually be persuaded to accept the concept of a Creator, but until I see proof of miracles, and answered prayers, it would not be the GOD that most Christians (Jews, and Muslims) claim exists.
      And childhood cancer and animal suffering refute the God of Love that many of them want to believe in. Their ego, which convinces them that somehow they are important, and their desperate insecurity that they might not be, leads to many violent arguments and insults. Keep thinking my friend. Stop back any time. I post something like this on the last Wednesday of each month. 🙂

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    • RaPaR says:

      It’s a reasonable argument except for the fact that it invalidates the usefulness of prayer. Why bother praying if god doesn’t ever intervene? Furthermore what’s the use of god if he’s never going to intervene? Essentially we’re all on our own and need to fend for ourselves any way we can. He’s going to allow child cancer (even infant cancer!) horrific murder, sex trafficking, etc. How many prayers do you think the children and teachers at Newtown were saying and how fervently, all for naught?

      If that’s your god, he’s useless.

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      • SpinjitzuJay says:

        In terms of prayer that is where I’m at. I only pray to say thanks for all the things that are a blessing to me. I do not often pray petitions.

        I don’t think Christianity (Or any religion with prayer) has a satisfactory answer to the perfectly reasonable charges that you have raised.

        I don’t understand why religious leaders are not spending all of their time trying to answer this one question.

        My pet theory answers that question of why God allows bad things to happen.

        In terms of what God does for me. I will try to state. But this is best done in a face to allow debate and ideas to flow.

        Still here goes. For me personally I get: A sence that there is a purpose to existence. A role model or ideal standard to aim for. A constant reminder that I should always try to recreate myself and to grow towards a better version of myself. And lastly a hope that one day I might become one with God and know peace in my soul. (that last one takes some explaining. My view of heavan is not a place. But like a water drop returning to a lake).

        I should note since I mentioned an ideal standard what that means. It does not mean hating gay people and Muslims. Or judging people and acting like I’m better than them. Those things are wrong. I mean trying to be kind to everyone. Trying to live everyone. Trying to help anyone who wants my help.Trying to not judge people. I’m sure there are other things I’ve missed.

        I’m typing on a phone and can’t see everything I’ve written easily. So apologies for typing errors. In addition I’m trying to be succinct. But as you have shown there are manu nuances and multiple alleys of investigation on this topic. So apologies if I have rambled.


      • RaPaR says:

        All commendable efforts; what a better world it would be if everyone was to try to do the same?


      • Archon's Den says:

        Sad but true. Either He doesn’t exist, or He doesn’t care. 👿

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  3. SpinjitzuJay says:

    I’ve not heard of Deism vs Theism. Thank you for that. I will look it up.

    I know enough to know I haven’t had an original idea here. But not enough to know where to look at other people’s thoughts on it.

    I think God as the big three envisage it is too limited. That there must be errors and outright lies in the texts.

    The problem with miracles and prayer is that they can both always be explained away with logic or by coincidence.

    Though I am a heretical Christian. Of all the faiths I’ve explored it’s the one that has made me feel the most connected to God.

    If I were God I wouldn’t care what avenues people used to reach out to me. I’d only care about the connection.

    I wish more faithful would: 1. stop acting better than everyone else. 2. Listen to other people’s opinions and arguments and engage in them meaningfully.

    I was a pastor on you tube (and not a dim witted man) excuse away and argument by saying: it’s because you don’t have the holy spirit in you that you don’t understand…. That is stonewalling the debate. I wish he’d engaged with the debate and been willing to admit there may be flaws in his faith…. But he blew it.

    Pleasure to meet you. I will follow your blog.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      Thanx and welcome. I look forward to seeing you around. 🙂

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    • RaPaR says:

      No apologies necessary, you sound like you’re trying to be a better person and of course, who could argue with that?

      I have my own “spirituality” with nature and I feel like meditation and being in nature helps me as well. I look at the Earth as our “mother” since she did, after all, actually create us. In that sense She is worthy of my “worship” for lack of a better word.

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      • SpinjitzuJay says:

        Many years ago I explored Wiccan believes. So your experience makes perfect sense to me.

        I think ‘Earth worship,’ for want of a better umbrella term, makes perfect sense. And must surely be the root of all religion.

        It makes the most sense too, to live in harmony with nature. In so much as nature will allow that. Perhaps in balance with nature is a better phrase.

        It’s a pleasure to talk. I wish it were in a format that allowed for easier cross communication of ideas.

        I think about these matters all the time. But have few people to thrash them out with.

        Most church friends find it frightening to stray too far from the scripture. And I worry about ‘upsetting’ their faith with my questions and theories.

        Most other people are not interested in debating existence. But it rarely leaves my head.


      • RaPaR says:

        Interesting. Gaia “worship” would put us back in balance with the cycles of the Earth and seems to be the most logical “genesis” of spirituality. It was, for many thousands of years a somewhat universal spirituality throughout humanity. Once you digress back more than 5-7,000 years BCE, you pretty much reach Goddess worship nirvana.

        I don’t mind debating my believer friends because they so misunderstand any concept at all where their “god” doesn’t exist. But I tell them that the Earth created us; after millions of years of trial and error, genetic variations and mutations, and endless setbacks, here we are. No invisible man up in the clouds snapping his fingers and “Voila!” That seems childish to me in comparison to a “birth” of sorts developing out of Nature and in compliance with all the rules of Nature’s ways. I have various statues of the Earth goddess in all her various forms found throughout the Fertile Crescent in the area called “The Cradle of Civilization” in prominent placement in my house. I am not shy about my responses when asked what they represent. I also tell them this is one Goddess you’re not going to want to piss off and we’re currently seeing some of the more devastating effects of doing so and I’m sure there’s a lot more to come!


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