I Say Old Bean

Old Bean!  New Bean!  Young Bean!  Eventually String-bean.  We have welcomed our precious, hopefully precocious Wee Bean great-grand-son into our lives.  He popped into our reality at 6:48 PM, on April 27th, weighing 5 Lb. – 6 Oz, 19 inches long.  Grand-daughter-in-law says that popped was hardly the word for it.  She worked hard for almost 24 hours to deliver this perfect bundle of joy.

He may always be Wee Bean to Grandma Ladybug, but his Dad and Mom seem to be leaning towards naming him Garion Archon-Scottish IV (Although Rowan hasn’t been ruled out yet) – forever to be known as Gary – second name to follow.  They have 30 days to complete necessary paperwork.

With a new baby on the horizon, the wife, the daughter, her BFF, and his mother all went into nesting mode, and transitioned from merely dedicated knitters, to OCD knitters.  There are piles of knit booties and blankets and moccasins and sweaters and socks and hats and play sets.  The wife knit the hospital hat in the above photo.   He may not realize that clothing comes in fabric until he leaves home.

Even before COVID, it was decided that, like his Father, he would be born at home, in a sterilized bathtub, under the watchful eye and careful care of two registered Midwives and a birth Doula.



The best-laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglee.

Being their first child, he was in a hurry to be cuter than any kitten video you’ve ever seen.  Instead of waiting till his scheduled due-date of May 18th to be born, he insisted on arriving almost three weeks ahead of schedule, necessitating a quick taxi trip to the hospital, with the midwives in hot pursuit.  Just in time too.  At that the wee bairn was almost a third the body weight of his tiny mother.  Soon enough, he’ll be tossing telephone poles…. uh, cabers, around.

I’m sure that you join us in happily embracing the arrival of the next link in the chain of my immortality.  You’d better, if you know what’s good for me.

I hope that he grows up to be tall and strong.  He may need to be…. to push me around in my wheelchair.  I’m sure that he’ll get the occasional mention in my posts.  He’s already capturing women’s hearts and wearing plaid diapers.  I’ll publish a notice and provide a link, when he starts a blog of his own.  😎

13 thoughts on “I Say Old Bean

  1. Lesley says:

    Och, look at that canny wee bairn. He’s a stoater! (mum was Scottish)

    Congratulations and welcome to this precious addition to your family. He’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m glad he’s got so many devoted family members to love and look after him. 😀


    • Archon's Den says:

      Thank you for your kind wishes. Thank you also for a new (to me) piece of Scottish dialect. I had never heard the term stoater before. Apparently, neither had my preferred dictionary site. I assumed its meaning from context, and found it at another half-dozen sites, none of which give etymology, (the basis and development of the word) which my favourite one does. 😳

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lesley says:

        Sorry, I don’t know how it originated. I tried looking online too, but without success. It was just one of the many Scots words that was in my vocabulary when I was growing up (I was brought up in Scotland, but live in England now). It sometimes still slips out. Watching the t.v. programme, Still Game, I’m delighted to be reminded of many of the other words I’d forgotten. 😀


  2. Congratulations! A wonderful arrival for you and your family. I like that a pile of knitted clothing awaits this little gentleman 🙂


  3. Newbloggycat says:

    Congrats GGP! You’re way too young to be a GGP.


  4. Congratulations from Yorktown, Virginia!!! And “doula” is a new word for me too.


  5. […] eagerly-awaited, recently-born Great-Grandson.  He will also be known as Cairngorm cairngorm stone – Google […]


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