Fibbing Friday (Along [Nose] Came Pinocchio)

Pensitivity101 offers a monthly chance to flex your exaggeration (Okay! Downright damned lying) muscles.  She provides a list of questions/items that you are urged to provide ‘Creative’ answers for.  Here is my most recent submission.

  1. What are florins, tanners and bobs?

They are the Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell names given to men’s haircuts, otherwise known as Man Buns, Mullets, and Shark Fin.

2. What is Dead Man’s Fingers?

It’s what happens to Greedy Gus at the neighborhood barbecue, who goes back for seconds before everyone has had a serving of ribs.

3. What killed the Triffids?

Binge-watching ‘Bridgerton.’  People are dropping dead left and right from overdoses of taffeta, lace, and proper speech.

4. What’s the difference between a buck and a quid?

You can have a quid pro quo, but you can only have a buck pro tem, until the Tax Department finds out you worked and received it, and then they want their pound of flesh.

5. How much is an old crown worth?

Turning 40??!  The son said it wasn’t worth much.  😳
Dinner out (before COVID) to celebrate, at King’s Buffet Chinese?  $18.95
Being embarrassed by the clapping, singing wait-staff, getting his picture taken with a cardboard circlet that makes the Burger King’s topper look ritzy, and bringing the old crown home to adorn his personal totem pole?  Priceless!!

6. What can be known as a ‘Little Gem’?

The eagerly-awaited, recently-born Great-Grandson.  He will also be known as Cairngorm cairngorm stone – Google Search.

7. What is pearl barley?

Pearl Barley was a mid-20th century, female, Negro, Jazz and pop singer, well known for such classics as Takes Two To Tangle Tango.

8. Finish the sentence: ‘I came, I saw, I………………..’

I read the menu at the French fry wagon, and said, Screw the diet!  I’m not going home to make popcorn!  I’m gonna order poutine!

9. Who said ‘Smile, it enhances your face value’?

An animated Disney clockmaker.  And the digital generation said, “What’s he talking about, Great-grandpa??

10. Where on the human body is the zygomatic arch found?

It’s on the human body??!  Shit!  Now I have to do more research.  I thought that it was this one, just outside of Athens.

7 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday (Along [Nose] Came Pinocchio)

  1. Daniel Digby says:

    As the Bible tells us, Pinocchio is the father of all lies. I was curious how many people have actually read the book. Which, if any, of the following is a lie?
    1. Geppetto was the unwitting fool who accepted an obstinate block of wood from Master Cherry.
    2. There are two types of lies: long-nose and short-legged lies.
    3. After getting Geppetto arrested for puppet abuse, one of the first things Pinocchio does is to smash the talking cricket with a hammer.
    4. In the original ending to the story, like Till Eulenspiegel, Pinocchio was hanged for his merry pranks. (A good ending for a children’s story meant to teach them a lesson.)

    Think back. How many of these do you remember from the cartoon? Guess which of the four statements is a lie before reading the first comment.

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  2. Rivergirl says:

    Ha! Good answers… except for the poutine. That’s just soggy French fries.

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  3. Pearl Bailey was born in Newport News, Virginia, which is just a couple of miles from this home in Tabb, Virginia.

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