Salvation By Mail

The daughter was Jehovah’s Witnessed – by mail.

Getting ready to go on a two-week trip, her computer refused to boot up.  It was perfect timing.  I drove her to Staples for repair.  It should be fixed and returned about the same time she gets back.  On the way home, she asked to stop at her housing complex’s community mailbox.  She was expecting a package, and didn’t want it left in her box, or the larger package delivery box, for two weeks.  Instead, among others, she received a letter from a JW.

The envelope, and the letter inside, (wrapped around a small flyer) were carefully hand-printed in pencil, on blue-lined, three-ring binder paper.  The address was quite precise – no name was given but her Suite (unit) number was specified.  It almost certainly came from one of the other 80 units in the complex, but to conceal that fact, it was mailed.  When I investigated the return address, I found that it was a rental mailbox in a nearby UPS depot.

My Father often said of the persistently tardy, “He’ll miss the second coming of Christ.”  This one didn’t do much better.  I don’t know whether to blame Canada Post, or the sender.  The letter spoke of COVID-caused, virtual, online webinars being released incrementally, over July and August – but the letter didn’t arrive till August 4th.  All of July, and almost a week of August had expired.   Our only chance to go to Heaven was lost because of poor mail delivery??!  😯

I sense the presence of someone who doesn’t really have the strength of their convictions.  Or possibly someone who thought that the safety of an anonymous letter was better than being chased off a porch with a mop handle.  In any case, they’ve discovered a new, devious way to irritate us, long distance.


16 thoughts on “Salvation By Mail

  1. Newbloggycat says:

    Maybe it’s an alpha mail. Lol! 😜😂😂

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  2. Billboberton says: God may Indeed be a comedian. If I read this, I would add that to the list of hilarity lol

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  3. Rivergirl says:

    Next thing you know they’ll be spamming our inbox. There’s no escape.

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  4. Happens here in the states too…I miss the door to door JW’s, as a kid I always accepted their magazine because well, it was free 😁

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    • Archon's Den says:

      When the daughter was about twelve, a pair came to the door. Despite saying that none of us were interested, one thrust a copy of the Watchtower into her hand.
      A week later they returned, wanting to be paid for it. I slapped it back into his hand, and offered to help them reach the public sidewalk in 30 seconds. Other than the incentive, they required no assistance. 👿

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      • Ha..I once wore a tee shirt of a poem I wrote about Satan being a nonconformist showed it to the two guys talking to me on my porch, had them read it…they looked at each other wrote something down, I asked what did they write. They politely said this house won’t be disturbed again. 😜🤭

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  5. jim- says:

    It would be cool for Armageddon to happen and a month later get that in the mail..
    I can see the post man now, trudging through the burn out and bomb craters, sword fighting ‘Book of Eli” style to drop that in your box only to find it’s junk mail.

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  6. Jim Wheeler says:

    I got a similar letter in the mail today! The flyer contained a note of reassurance that no collection would be taken up (at this meeting, anyway.) I didn’t bite. Anyhow, I’m not so sure Armageddon isn’t already here.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Our Savior, Donald Trump, has ascended to Heaven – or Mar-A-Lago, whichever comes first, and the radiation count is receding. We may survive this. Biden is sharper than a ball-bearing George W. Bush…. isn’t he??! 😯

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