Bread And Water


By reading this post, you are sentenced to eat whatever you had at your last meal, for the next 14 days.

What was it?
Ignoring the calories, can you take it for two weeks?
Did you like it?
Do you wish that you had read this yesterday?
Or tomorrow?
Do you regret having lunch at Harry’s Hot-Dog Stand?

I had baked bone-in ham, scalloped potatoes, buttered green beans, broccoli salad, and a warm, deep-dish brownie with coconut-flavored whipped cream on top.  It’s a good thing that I didn’t discover this prompt the day before I did, when we had beef and bean burritos.  I could have put Alberta out of the natural gas business.  😯

It was a delicious meal, I loved it, and I could eat it every day for two weeks, but variety is the spice of life, and I love a variety of well-spiced foods.

“Tomorrow” was a Monday.  We have fallen into the habit of having the same type of food, each separate day of the week.  Monday would have been breakfast for supper – bacon or sausage, and eggs of some sort – oatmeal and toast.  There are a lot of combinations.  I can take it every Monday, but I think that I’d tire of it quickly, 14 consecutive days.  😳

never regret eating at the hot-dog stand.  I never get a hot-dog.  I could eat good French-fries 14 days in a row, if it weren’t for the wife’s Imperial Edict of ‘only once a week.‘  Damn the cholesterol!  Full fries ahead.  I’m pretty sure I could survive being sentenced to two weeks at Taco Bell, but, while places like Bar Burrito, and Quesada are filling, they’re not fun.

I have to wipe the grease off my fingers, and go visit Rochelle’s site to see if I can write a Flash Fiction while I’m this full.  Stop back Friday to find out.  Oh – and has anyone got some malt vinegar you could spare??   😉

18 thoughts on “Bread And Water

  1. Newbloggycat says:

    I had Chinese stir-fry pork with ginger and rice. But I don’t think I can eat the same meal for 14 days 🙀😅😆


  2. Rivergirl says:

    I had a creamy chicken, rice and broccoli casserole. Tasty but not sure I want it for 2 weeks straight.


  3. Jim Wheeler says:

    Before the pandemic we used to dine out a couple times a week, but that stopped about march of 2020, except for hamburgers and Subway sandwiches. Thank goodness for the versatility of chicken and pasta. Steak once a week. I joined the wife in experimenting with recipes. We went to a restaurant for the first time in 18 months last week only to find the prices have gone through the roof! I wouldn’t think most people could afford to do it regularly, but they seem to be doing so. I think the urge to dine out has as much to do with the social aspect as the food itself. In the future I predict that the price of anything with human involvement will continue to rise and fast food will be made and served by robots. Remember automats?


    • Archon's Den says:

      I do remember automats – but only as old cartoons, and references in magazines and novels. They seemed to be a very American thing. I’m not aware of them, anywhere in Canada. The stake through their heart was delivered by McDonalds et al. The concept was modified and resurrected, when snack-food vending machines were developed. Now it’s come around again. Vending machines can now produce a hot pizza in a minute. Ones in Japan provide a hot noodle meal. The more things change, the more they stay the same. 🙂


  4. Isn’t it strange we can eat the same breakfast foods every day for years though?

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    • Jim Wheeler says:

      For years it was Frosted Flakes for me. Now, Raisin Bran Crunch.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      Not me, Charlie Brown! Not since I was 8 or 9, and it was all my Mother offered. The few times I have breakfast, it’s never the same thing, twice in a row. Perhaps once a month I have spoon-sized shredded wheat with ex-frozen strawberries. The wife didn’t clean any for me last year, so I’ve been reconstituting a bag of frozen raspberries that’s been in the freezer for over three years. Use ’em up, or throw them away. They’re not as good as strawberries, but they’ll do.
      The son seems fascinated that I have different lunches planned, every day for a week ahead. The wife always seems surprised when tomorrow arrives. What are you having for lunch? Samosas. I don’t like samosas. What can I have? 🙄 🙂

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      • Interesting! You’re one of those organized food planners. I’m not disciplined enough.


      • Archon's Den says:

        To describe me as organized is to assign far too much undue praise. I’m more like a hyena, only with more preparation and adaptation. I just make sure that there is always something for me to graze on for lunches.
        We have a bar-fridge in the garage, and a pile of Zip-Loc containers. Leftover goulash, stew, spaghetti? Put it in the fridge for a lunch. I have a bag of frozen samosas, and a box of burritos. Fridays are Tex-Mex, (along with any other day I can get away with it) 3 weeks nachos, 2 Fridays Texas caviar. Salami and cheese for sandwiches. A dozen cans of mushroom, and tomato soup. Sometimes sale-priced bean with bacon, or cheddar cheese soup – grilled cheese, French toast. No-one starves in this house. At least, I don’t!
        It’s more, what’s available, and I ensure that there’s lots available at all times. Any organized list is subject to change at all times, and it often happens.
        Organized dinners are because the wife is losing memory and focus. If I didn’t set a basic list, we’d eat a lot of soup, or frozen fish and chips. It’s not that my life revolves around food, it’s just that, at my age, there’s not much else left. 🙂


      • I sort of eat with that method too. I don’t really sit down and eat regular meals.


  5. garden2day says:

    Yesterday would have been great. NY strip steak, baked potato, collard greens, salad. Tonight – salad. I eat a salad almost every night in the summer so I’m a little salad saturated.


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