Christian Apologetics Questions Answered – #1

If we can agree that no one can force their religion upon you through separation of Church and State, why should you be able to force your atheism on other people?

How many people have you personally met, who attempt to force Atheism on anyone?
(Comment submitted July 21, 2019)

None, they rarely do it in person in the U.S. (yet). But there are any numbers of Congressmen and judges in the United States who devote their careers to it. And certainly dozens of people who have interacted with me online.

And that’s just in this country. If we look at declared atheist nations–the USSR, China, etc., you get tortured until you become an atheist, and murdered if you don’t. Or often, they skip straight to the murder.
(Responded to April 21, 2021)

Congratulations!  Your lightning-quick word-salad response has won this week’s highly-esteemed GOBBLEDEGOOK Award.  In so few words, you managed to include delusion, unwarranted conclusion, confusion, wordplay, incorrect definitions, improper referral, unproven claims, misdirection, smoke and mirrors, and, I believe, even some strawman arguments.

Being charitable, I will not assume that you presented it as an intentional lie, but rather, as the parroted repetition of claims which you have innocently, if gullibly, accepted.

First, if the USSR and China are declared atheist nations – It was not by them.  The USSR dissolved and has not existed since 1991 – 30 years.  There are still thousands of Russian Orthodox Catholic churches doing well, within the country of Russia today.  The majority of the population is quietly Christian.

The majority of Chinese citizens also claim some religious affiliation, mostly Buddhist or Confucianist.  Those who are harshly dealt with are usually members of aggressive sects who attempt to harass the secular government, and force their beliefs on others…. much like many American Evangelical Christians.

While arrest, punishment and death can influence societal actions and attitudes, no-one can be forced to become an Atheist.  If that were true, then the stories of the Apostles dying as martyrs would be false.

To first make the claim that some countries force citizens to become atheists is already disingenuous.  To then claim that the same is happening in the United States, approaches an outright lie.  What the elected and appointed representatives of the secular Federal Government are doing, is ensuring that the wishes of the Founding Fathers, through the Constitution and Bill of Rights, are carried out.

No-one is being forced to become an Atheist!  But intolerant Religionists are being forced to accept Atheists’ existence and their rights, as established by the law of the land.  Being forced to be an Atheist, and being legally forced to accept the Atheism of others, are two vastly different things.   😯

So, here I am, a Canadian, having to teach Americans about their politics and legal system – an Atheist, having to explain their mistaken religious claims and assumptions, and withstand the shit they spew.  😯  Oh, the burdens I bear.

5 thoughts on “Christian Apologetics Questions Answered – #1

  1. Dear Archon,

    Well done! Now, please kindly release or unleash your current post to even more if not all Americans (and folks of other nations) regarding “their mistaken religious claims and assumptions, for far too many of them are faring no better than blind persons probing the elephant.

    Yours sincerely,


    • Archon's Den says:

      Ah, if only. So few listen to my still, quiet voice. My wife doesn’t understand why I rant, and debate, and publish these posts – yet I do, and feel that it makes at least a little bit of difference, and every little bit counts. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear Archon,

        I understand your sentiment and appreciate your contributions, many of which are indeed excellent. I hope that you would be so kind as to come over to my blog to rant and debate so that I may have the pleasure and honour of experiencing your intellect. Given your backgrounds, interests and expertise, I am very keen and curious indeed about what you will make of my writings, and look forward to learning any ideas and insights that you might bring to my intellectual eyrie.

        Yours sincerely,

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  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    As one who, for most of my life tried and ultimately failed to embrace religion, I feel qualified to comment here. The word “faith” says it all. In this context it means believing in something for which there is no proof. If you are raised to have religious faith and those around you believe, then you naturally accept it. But there comes a time for some when the absurdity of claims becomes a challenge. Christian claims include miracles such as walking on water, turning water into wine, raising the dead, and the immaculate birth of a child who is the son of an all-powerful god who also keeps account of sparrows and numbers the hairs on everyone’s heads.
    It’s all just too much to swallow in a world where evil exists, natural disasters plague the innocent and guilty alike, and the seeming-answers to prayers are indistinguishable from statistical likelihood.
    All that said, I think it is probably unproductive to rail against faith. It is the root of both good and evil and most people resent apparent attacks on it.


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