The Long And Winding Road

It was ten years ago today – November 21, 2011 – that I burst upon the wide and welcoming WordPress landscape.  I immediately began spewing forth bullshit to fertilize the fields, and bring in crops of creativity, contentment and controversy.



I can’t possibly know all two million WordPress participants, but of the popular, well-known blog-sites of ten years ago, faint few are still posting.  AFrankAngle has ceased his social/political observations, and in his retirement, has re-invented himself as Beach Walk Reflections, offering more philosophical meditations.

Like me, although more lucidly, the Coastal Crone is still pumping out rants and rambles on a wide variety of interesting subjects.  After you’re finished reading my work, you might have a look at each of them.

While my blogging was to be a way to occupy my time in retirement, and give me a chance to be creative and tell my little stories, I have treated it as at least a part-time job.  With no-one to answer to but me, I still work hard to guarantee that scheduled posts are ready and published on time.  While I treasure my visitors, I still also do this very much for me, to keep me organized and thinking clearly.

Other than a few, extra, bonus posts like this, I long ago settled into a steady three-a-week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday publishing schedule.  Tallying it up, it means that this is my 1475th post.  I recently turned 77.  With good genes, and increasing medical support, I hope to still be doing this in another ten years.  I look forward to be still attracting someone’s attention.

As I threaten, at the top, I offer rants and rambles about many things.  I have provided history, humor, insights into language development, politics, religion, and some peeks into growing up in both a small town, and one that is crammed with big-city summer residents.

As The Beatles say, it’s been The Long and Winding Road, and I have enjoyed every twisted mile of it.   A big shout-out and thanx to all my visitors, both past and future.  Excelsior!!

Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 10 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

18 thoughts on “The Long And Winding Road

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Happy Anniversary and congratulations. You are a staple in my inbox. Hope to read you for many more years, Archon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rivergirl says:

    Happy Blogaversary!
    I’ve been blogging since 2008, but on 3 different sites that all died. Think this is my third year on WP….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Newbloggycat says:

    Congrats!!! Happy 10th and 20 more years to go! ☺️ Also happy belated 77th birthday and many many happy returns of the day. Cheers! 🍷 😻🌈

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jim Wheeler says:

    For my own part, I seldom post anything on my own blog anymore, but I do like to visit yours and several others. Your candid comments on people and issues strike a chord in me. I am 7 years older than you but still looking for the meaning of life and enjoying the broad river of information that the internet brings. Happy anniversary!

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  5. rulesoflogic says:

    Mazeltov and thanks for bringing some joy into my world.


  6. Congratulations!!! I look forward to the next ten years of interesting posts.


  7. veeds says:

    “fertilize the fields”…nice! I’ve done a lot of blogging over the past 10 years–always for my own satisfaction. And I usually manage a blog post every week or so, either about some observation or whimsy, or about a movie or a theological book. But I don’t keep your admirable schedule.

    Interestingly, I’ve found that finding and putting together interesting graphics takes up more time than the actual writing!


    • Archon's Den says:

      I don’t get too complicated with my images. Bing has pictures of everything, if I can just figure out what to ask for. I have over 1800 images in my WordPress file. I often reuse them for common themes – if I remember to. 🙂


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