In Search Of A Name

I was reading a Science Fiction book that began with a Space Navy shipwreck.  After her husband dies, the group of survivors is led by a broadly knowledgeable and adaptable woman with the Italian-ish name of Buccari.  I mentally pronounced it boo-kar-ee, until the author had one of her compatriots address her as, “Hey, Booch.”  I was reminded that in Italian words/names like bocce and Puccini with double C’s, they are pronounced as CH, so she was boo-char-ee.

Now I was curious.  Beginning with The DaVinci Code, I realized that authors often hide Easter Eggs in the background of their books.  What does the name mean??  Whatever it is, there’s a bunch of them, because the final I indicates a plural.  Translation programs just shrugged and walked away.  Google and Bing and friends, didn’t do any better, although one admitted that it was a surname, but the 286,532nd most/least common one.

Down at the bottom of the page, the note said, People who ask about Buccari also research Buccari fiasco navale Croazien.  Clicking on that delivered an article, all in Italian.  I fed the first section back into the translation program.

Apparently, just at the end of World War II, a division of the Italian navy decided to shell the Croatian city of Bakar, because it had been used by the Italians as a concentration camp.  Based on the plural of “people from the city of Bakar,” the Italian name for it, and anyone from it, is Buccari.

Bakar, in Croatian, means ‘copper,’ and our heroine’s head is adorned with luxurious, Italian, copper-red tresses.  The author brought the uncommon name completely around in a circle.


The great-grandson is approaching his first birthday.  While a little slow starting, he is developing a nice head of Italian-red hair.  He and his parents will be joining us for a belated Easter/birthday celebration this Sunday.  I’ll bet that a photo or two of him will sneak its way into a blog-post before the end of the month.  😀


7 thoughts on “TILWROT III

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Happy first birthday in advance to your great grandson! Looking forward to seeing the pics. Are his parents going to get a one year old cake for him to smash?

    Looked up the series with the heroine named Buccari. It looks interesting. Looked up a couple other names. Genellan (Genell) seemed to fit the beautiful planet. Ulagg is fairly obscure but sinister.

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  2. Rivergirl says:

    You’re like a dog with a bone aren’t you?

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    • Archon's Den says:

      I’m a grumpy old retired dude, with little better to do. The depth and breadth of the information available on the Internet is far vaster than the print encyclopedias that I grew up with. I am not above twisting some electronic arms to get it, and generally, I’m not a quitter. 😎

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  3. I love the hidden use of names in novels. You have done serious research here! Looking forward to seeing a pic of that one-year-old!

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