Anti-Anti-Gun Post

It felt like a very bad time to be firing a gun.

Not long after the horrific mass shooting in Buffalo, and an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, a local gun store invited the media to drop by on Saturday, June 4th, to shoot at some targets, as a part of National Range Day.

A newspaper reporter accepted the offer.  After getting a safety talk, he entered the range and fired nine rounds from a 9mm handgun.  His hands were shaky, and his aim was poor.  The manager made it perfectly clear that the gun culture and laws in the United States are completely different in Canada.  He told a personal story to illustrate the point.

Years ago, when he wasn’t in the gun business, he and some of his clients went to a Florida restaurant with a no-gun rule.  “So, just like your coat-checks up here, they had a gun-check at the restaurant.  My clients opened up their jackets, got their guns out, got their little chit for the gun-check, and the lady said to me, “Sir, you need to check your gun in.”

I said, “I’m not carrying” and she looked at me and said, “Come on sir, you need to check your gun.”  I said, “Honestly, I’m not carrying.”  She looked around and said, “You’re not carrying?”  I opened my jacket and said, “I’m from Canada.  We don’t do this up there”  And she couldn’t believe it!

Friends in Michigan have told him they can’t understand why he doesn’t carry a gun.  I said, ‘Here’s the difference.  Where I come from, we had six homicides last year.  They were all targeted, either gang-related, or domestic.”  They said, “That happened in Detroit yesterday.”  That’s the big difference.

In some states, almost everyone can buy a gun immediately.  This is not the case in Canada.  You’ll have to wait six to eight months.  You must take a 16 hour safety course, provide references, and be vetted by the RCMP.  It involves answering some intrusive and serious questions.  Have you been on medication in the last five years for depression?  Have you had a job loss, or a divorce?

Any red flag means No Gun!  If you do get one, it can only be used for hunting or target shooting.  Automated background checks are run on gun owners once a day.  We have to recognize that we are a different country than the United States.  We have a different gun culture and different processes.

He said, “Mass shootings in the US have nothing to do with Canada.  I refuse to be blamed for the actions of a madman.  It’s that simple.  There is no connection.

The Saturday event celebrated the lawful ownership of guns in Canada.  About 2.3 million Canadians are licensed to own a gun.  At the start of the COVID pandemic, the store was stampeded by people looking for guns.  “They felt like things were going to go bad – lockdowns were going to cause people to go crazy.”

Many were surprised they needed a licence and had to take a safety course, and pass a background check.  They said that they needed a gun immediately.  He told them, “If you are panicking, and the only thing that is driving you to buy a gun is panic – we need to have a longer conversation.  You don’t buy a gun out of panic, and you don’t buy a gun for self-defense.”

Many Canadian gun-control laws miss the mark.  Most guns used in crimes are smuggled across the border.  There is a serious problem at the border that needs to be solved.  Targeting businesses like his and their livelihood, and law-abiding customers, is not going to solve the problem of violent crime.

It was pleasant to see such a well-researched and thought-out article for a change, instead of the typical Chicken Little, The Sky Is Falling, Big Brother Save Us rants.


9 thoughts on “Anti-Anti-Gun Post

  1. Daniel Digby says:

    You make it sound like we’re a bunch of gun fondling jerks down here. We have strict guidelines for who you can shoot. First you have to say “I fear for my life”, then you can shoot whomever you like.

    Remember, the only thing that stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun who says “I fear for my life”.


  2. Archon's Den says:

    As long as there are established rules and regulations. Another one might be, “I thought he was going to vote for Trump in ’24.” 😳

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  3. Rivergirl says:

    I don’t understand America’s rabid gun obsession and never will. No one needs a military assault weapon except the military. And this issue, like so many others continues to widen the cultural divide in this country. So sad…


  4. Bill says:

    I suppose I need to write my gun history. But I do wonder. Is it just the lax gun laws, or is there something wrong with us?

    I’ve not seen this, but in my state (TX) you can have a three beer lunch, go to the gun shop, buy an AR-15 a a couple boxes of ammo.

    Then you can go downtown to the courthouse square, lock and load, and walk around the square so everyone can see how well-armed and patriotic you are.

    The strange thing is that with a various forms of insanity all around me, I feel perfectly safe. Maybe it’s denial or because my wife keeps telling me that I ain’t worth shootin’. 🙂


    • Archon's Den says:

      In most cases, I’d feel safe too, but it only takes one cracked nut. Some ‘Incel’ in Toronto used a van to kill several women, but the government still goes after the guns.
      I’d feel a little better if I knew that those carrying had received a little training and background check. Every dog may have his day, but only if he’s registered with the NRA. 😳 🙂

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  5. I appreciate your thoughts. When I was in my youth, most of the people with guns at home were people who hunted with shotguns, .22 rifles for small animals, and 30.06 for bigger game.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Much the same with me, growing up in a small rural town. Teens received safety training and were taught how to handle a gun. Successive governments, vainly trying to appear like they are doing something about inner-city violence, have upped the bureaucracy, and tightened the screws, again and again. They’ve even declared many squirrel-plinkers Assault Weapons, which must be surrendered to police. 😯 😳

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