Tempest In A Theological Teapot

I recently read a rant about gender reassignment.  https://shadowtolight.wordpress.com/2022/03/22/one-simple-question-for-woke-atheists/  The author, and six or eight of his testosterone-infused followers had their Theistic jock-straps in a bunch, because Thomas had become Lia.  He titled it One Simple Question For Woke Atheists.  I asked how the title had anything to do with the existence of Atheists, or God.

I got back:  Atheists insist “there is no evidence for god.” Entailed in their atheism is the notion that all beliefs about reality should be supported by convincing evidence. And, personal feelings, personal testimony, personal experience, intuition, etc. do NOT count as evidence.

Woke people believe Thomas is a woman because he, I mean she, says so and if you dare to disagree with Thomas, it is because you are an evil, transphobic, bigot.

I’m looking to see if the Woke atheism is a coherent, reasonable position or whether it is inherently irrational due to its arbitrary, make-it-up-as-you-go, essence. That is, either come up with another way to define atheism or provide the evidence that Lia Thomas is a woman. Of course, I already know that Woke atheism is irrational, so I’m just illustrating it.

Atheism is the lack of belief in God, or gods.  Everything else is something else!  There is no “Woke Atheism”!  There is a Woke point of view, and it is shared by Atheists and Christians alike.  People who accept Atheism, are also likely to support Lia, but there are many Atheists who do not.  Conversely, there are many ‘Good Christians’ who would.  Woke or not, this is not “an Atheist position,” any more than Westboro Baptist Church protesting at a serviceman’s funeral, is a Christian one.

The difference between believing in God, and believing in Thomas as a woman is that, God is external, and Lia is internal.  God is subjective, and Lia is objective.

If God exists, He is outside: outside each believer, outside the Universe, outside Nature, and outside reality.  If you claim that He is real, you’d better come with some solid evidence.  All your faith, and belief, and claims, and hopes, and wants, and needs are not going to magick Him, or my acceptance, into existence.  Nothing is made-up-as-we-go.

Personal feelings, personal testimony, personal experience, intuition, etc. do NOT count as evidence, when applied to something outside yourself.  They are, however, the only valid way to know what is happening in anyone’s mind.  Lia could state that she is a Cincinnati Reds fan, a non-smoker, a vegetarian, and likes heavy metal music, and you have to accept that.  And if she says that she feels more like a girl than a guy despite the plumbing, just as she feels more like voting for Biden than Trump – that’s an objective proof.  You have to accept it, even if you are a dyed-in-the-wool Republican.  She is, and will remain, the best judge of what she thinks, feels, and believes.  She identifies as a female personality, trapped in a male body.

I and other Atheists are approached by Apologists demanding that we Prove Atheism, or Prove Atheism is true.  They seem to feel that, like Christianity, Atheism should have an all-encompassing worldview, with tenets and dogma and scripture, and leaders.  That is not the case.  It is a position on one single point – the lack of belief in a God, or gods.  Atheists have not been presented with sufficiently convincing evidence.  I can quickly and accurately ‘Prove’ my Atheism.  I do not accept your ridiculous claims about your imaginary friend.  That is honest and true, and objectively valid.


9 thoughts on “Tempest In A Theological Teapot

  1. RaPaR says:

    Who said “Live and let live”? (I really can not remember!) What is wrong with that idea? Will you be sharing a room or an apartment with Lia anytime soon? Wardrobe? Then I suggest you move on to bigger issues than this one.


    • Archon's Den says:

      What time is it now??
      Why do you want to know?
      I just wondered how long it’s been, since you thought that any of Her business, was any of your business. Shouldn’t you be out celebrating the overthrow of Roe vs. Wade??! 😯 👿

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      • RaPaR says:

        LOL! You have an awesome sense of humor! Fortunately you also have an enormous corpus of nonsense to work with beginning of course with this goober!


  2. Daniel Digby says:

    As pointed out in the comments to the original article, Those leftists are controlling the language we’re allowed to use. So who are you to know what an atheist is or what one of them might think? I’m finding that my thoughts are becoming irrelevant. Fortunately, we have our Supreme Court to guide us. Maybe we’ll get a ruling on woke atheists soon to clarify what we obviously don’t understand. Now I see why Canadians are in the dark.


  3. Bill says:

    I met Allen several years ago. I saw and talked with him about every two weeks. Over time, Allen became Alisha. I had to transition my pronouns (not easy, but I got credit for trying). I will always remember Allen, but he is 100% gone. Alisha is who she is now.

    When she had her renaming at a Christian Church function, I went. She personally thanked the atheists in the room for being there to support her. I learned much and regret nothing.

    Your retort is excellent. I am going to bed now. Please don’t woke me until I self woke. Not tea, just coffee. 🙂 (WTF????)

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    • Archon's Den says:

      Atheists have so little to lose, and so much to gain by being accepting. Guys like this have a great big closet of desperate, imaginary benefits to forfeit. If they were lying, I would be angry, but they’re all too honestly brainwashed, so I feel really sorry for them. My only anger comes when they just can’t keep their mouth shut. (Or their blogging fingers still.) 😯 👿

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