Flash Fiction # 286

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


All society is a pendulum, from too strict, to too lax, and back again.  Our best hope is that the average is always upward.  The proof is here in Ed Sheeran’s Castle On The Hill-land.  Once, the rich, who stole from the weak and poor to get that way, built huge commanding castles on hilltops to keep others from stealing from them.

Nowadays, that service is provided by the IRS.  I am optimistic that American education will improve, and Trump-sponsored Christian willful ignorance and intolerance will begin to abate.  Castles are passé, but ‘Prepper Shelters’ are becoming all too common.


If you want to join the fun with the Friday Fictioneers, go to Rochelle’s Addicted to Purple site, and use her Wednesday photo as a prompt to write a complete 100 word story.

15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction # 286

  1. James McEwan says:

    What is worse than the tax man (IRS). The way the government can be flippant with the money they collect, public money should not be a candy box for politicians – in my humble opinion.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      I can overlook a little skimming, but it’s getting out of hand. Government of Ontario took automobile income – taxes, licences, plates – out of specific infrastructure fund, and poured it into General Funds, with predictable results. Bridges are deteriorating, potholes are as common as measles spots. 😦

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      • James McEwan says:

        We have a particular looming, I don’t understand how no one has realised this. the UK Gov is promoting Electric vehicles by not charging ‘Road Tax” that all other types of vehicles pays. What happens when everyone has gone electric, where will the money come from to pay for road maintenance? No doubt they will introduce the tax on ALL vehicles.

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  2. Rivergirl says:

    Don’t get me started on IRS incompetence. I’m still waiting for them to correct their blunder on our 2020 return.

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  3. Dear Archon,

    Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn’t.



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  4. Bill says:

    Little has changed. Nice one.

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  5. msjadeli says:

    As long as the “little guys” think they have a part in “rule” through a few stocks in the stock market, they will quietly allow paradise to be paved over. I don’t see any happy swing that will be big enough to save humankind from itself 😦

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  6. Garfield Hug says:

    It is always hard to find that median point!

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    • Archon's Den says:

      But society never holds at a nice, safe, median point. It’s always too much on either side. Red States – Blue States, tax the rich – screw the poor, personal freedoms – Big Government, Religious Evangelicals – the rest of us… sinners, as they identify us.
      The swings are getting larger and more chaotic. A different civil war in the US seems more and more inevitable. 👿

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      • Garfield Hug says:

        I will agree with you as look at the way leaders are commanding selves. I look up to the USA of past leadership, Abe Lincoln, Carter etc who really cared for the people. I may be speaking out of place as I am not an American and can only read of accolades as how history captures it. I look at the tensions in different countries now and a mess it is in. I sincerely hope that civil war does not break out in USA. The world has enough trouble, Fed rates rising etc, fuel prices gone berserk with Ukraine-Russia conflict. I can only pray for world peace. Cliche sounding but it is a sincere wish.

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