’22 A To Z Challenge – N



Now that I have your attention….  I got nothing.  😳

I would like to believe that Vladimir Putin won’t go as far as to start lobbing nukes, just because he can’t get his petulant, entitled way, and take possession of a chunk of Europe best known for its export of strippers and mail-order brides.  I think that he will come to his senses prior to that point, but I’ve been wrong before.

He guaranteed his sycophantic nincompoop BFF, The Donald Trump, an uninterrupted supply of future trophy wives, and we all saw how much and how often his reign term in office went bad.

I used the word nincompoop intentionally.  It has come to have a soft, inept, amusing, meaning, but it came from the Latin, non compos mentis – not in one’s right mind, crazy, F**king insane!

I once read an article by an American writer (Whom I did not know was American), in the (Canadian) Macleans Magazine, which described a Canadian politician as a


I agreed with his assessment, but sent him a snippy email which read, “It’s numbskull, not numskull, you numbskull.”  He responded with considerable restraint and grace, telling me that he put a B in the word when he submitted it, but that someone at the magazine had edited it out, apparently to make room to add a U to one of his other words, to make it ‘colour.’


I felt like such a nitwit.  😳


12 thoughts on “’22 A To Z Challenge – N

  1. Rivergirl says:

    I have to believe even Putin knows no one wins a nuclear war. I have to….


  2. RaPaR says:

    After years of training to hide under our desks to avoid Russian nukes, lining up outside school to head to the “Fallout Shelter”, etc., Putin gets in a brawl with a third world nation and can’t get out. We spent TRILLIONS preparing ourselves to keep up with Russia, the Evil Empire, and they can’t beat Ukraine on a war! So who are the fools?


  3. Newbloggycat says:

    Duh 🙄 Dum-dum 🤪


  4. How’s about nitwit, a 3 Stooges relative of numbskull. Or knucklehead – it counts, ’cause the K is silent. Or nyuk, nyuk, nyuk – a true classic! (Ya gotta love a nonsense – another n word – sound becoming a trademark.)

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