Big Shot

I hear many some a few couple of you asking, Archon!  Why aren’t you shooting off your mouth about shooting off several handguns, like you promised back in July?”

It’s like being nibbled to death by ducks.  Want to make God laugh??  Tell him your plans.  😦 What follows is a sad tale of Karma and bureaucracy run wild.

The Grandson’s wife phoned Employment Canada on three separate occasions, to assure that his paternity leave would seamlessly kick in at the end of her maternity leave.  NO PROBLEM!  She called again on November 2, to ask if two unused weeks of her mat. leave could be added to his pat. leave.

Suddenly, there was a signed, physical document that needed to have been in their file by Halloween.  Despite having booked off eight weeks with his employer, now the Government would not pay for it – oh, and her two unused weeks were forfeit.

With a young child and all accoutrements, he recently purchased their first (used) car, and is making monthly payments.  Then he got COVID.  Fortunately, neither his wife nor the little guy was infected.  With two main inoculations and a booster, it wasn’t bad, although her younger brother, who is seeking employment, had to come over for a few days to care for two babies.

The woman who had agreed to become babysitter/daycare about the end of December, wasn’t yet getting that weekly payment, so she applied and got a job.  Search and negotiations for a replacement are still ongoing.

Bad enough that the Employment Canada tentacle of the Federal octopus snatched away ten weeks of benefits, the Income Tax Department tentacle now added insult and injury.  The tax return that he had filed, and was accepted, back in April was re-reviewed, and for some reason, he owed $2300 – payable NOW!  There just is not, currently, the $250 available to pay for this gift.

Meanwhile, over at the gun shop….  They finally emailed him to inform that they did not have a previously-fired Berretta 92F, to substitute for a Glock.  The package had to be accepted as-is.  Oh well…. okay.  He and I had both assumed that we could just make a mutually agreeable appointment time – perhaps one afternoon during his time off.

The gun-shop does not want the clerk to be away from the main sales area for a random hour.  They are trying to book enough clients to fill an entire day, but especially with the resurgence of COVID, they are finding it almost impossible to do.  Neither of us is giving up hope.  It’s just that this little dream might not get fulfilled until this time next year.  If it ever comes to fruition, you’ll be the first second to know.  😀


3 thoughts on “Big Shot

  1. You desperately need some domestic help. Someone to care for the baby, help around the house, teach the son how to handle weapons (I assume? Not up on the story, my bad.), and just some general handywork. Might I recommend two former Chicagoans, one who can work part-time in ANY retail establishment, the other a prematurely retired former computer tech and VERY knowledgeable in all things weapons? The pair will come with a substantial income (in 2 years), and speak both American and Canadian fluently, eh? 😉 Oh, the male half is intricately familiar with bureaucracy, and being retired, has infinite time to deal with government BS (having once participated in generating same). 😀

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  2. Archon's Den says:

    You and T are welcome here, any time you can get a rubber raft across the Niagara River on a dark knight night. (suggest below the Falls) 😉 😀


    • Hey, I figure with global warming and such, in a couple years we’ll be able to walk across, above OR below. Then again, there’s always crossing near Detroit, figuring their ongoing crises will lead them to dump enough trash to nicely dam (damn?) the river. Or maybe go to a Trump rally and collect enough hot air to float a couple states over! 😀

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