Lies My Grammar Checker Told Me

The guy who programmed my Word program Grammar Checker, must have been on some wild, non-prescription medication.  If I paid any attention to it, I’d probably end up the same way.  The suggestions – corrections – range from highly disappointing, to Oh F**k No!  I finally decided to keep a list.  Here are a few, with my corrections of Word’s ‘corrections.’

Let’s start with ‘guy’ above, which it insists on adding a comma after, sectioning my independent clause into a smaller, subordinate one.  Now it’s spotted the word ‘guy,’ and wants me to change ‘which’ to ‘whom.’

Archon: God is perfectly loving.
Word: God perfectly loves.
This changes my passive adjective into an active verb.  What He is, is not necessarily what He’s currently doing.  Now it wants me to remove the comma after the first ‘is.’  If I do that, it will want me to remove the duplicated word.

Archon: I’m okay.
Word: I is okay.
Well, I’m not okay with that verb form.

Archon: I only did one sit up
Word: I only did one sits up
I know!  It’s my fault.  I should have put a dash between sit and up.

Archon: I need another drink
Word: I needs another drink
Now I need two drinks.  Oh look, it’s changed its mind.  Oh damn, you can’t see.

Archon: the asshole who screwed you
Word: the asshole that screwed you
No, no!  If we’re going that way, it was a penis that screwed you.

Archon: Sorry man, it’s trick or treat
Word: Sorry man, its trick or treat
That one is subtle, but it burns my ass.

Archon: row, row, row your boat
Word: row, row, and row your boat
Row, row, row your silly recommendations away from me.

Archon: people always seem to know it
Word:  people always seems to know it
It doesn’t seem to know how many, the word “people,” represents.

Archon: letting myself go
Word: letting me go
I do myself.  Everybody else does me.  There’s a rule there that I can’t remember – something about reflexive.

Archon: will never see the light of day
Word: will never sees the light of day
Poor Will, his eyesight is lousy.

Archon: Just to clear things up
Word: Just too clear things up
That is too much to accept.  Dear Lord!  Now it wants to capitalize ‘Too.’

Archon: mattresses aren’t on sale
Word: mattresses isn’t on sale
Unless “Mattresses” is a book or movie, I aren’t accepting that construction

Archon: Turns out I just have kids
Word: Turns out me just have kids
Turns out me don’t trust Grammar-Check

Archon: a chocolate box, and a chocolate Lab, are
Word: a chocolate box, and a chocolate Lab, is a
One plus one equals a plural verb

Archon: it means to lift or raise
Word: it means to lift or rise
Active vs. passive – It raises a question of who writes better English.

Archon – 14 <-> Word – 0  The deterioration of English language usage is not circular.  It is a continuing, downward spiral.  ‘We’ become wrong because we listen to supposed experts, and the supposed experts are wrong because they listen to, and read, our current usage.   👿

12 thoughts on “Lies My Grammar Checker Told Me

  1. Rivergirl says:

    It’s maddening isn’t it? I think I spend more time correcting their corrections than I do typing the actual sentence.


  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    Interesting. If I ever have an impulse to use a grammar-checker, I will now suppress it. Until, that is, AI becomes the positronic brain Asimov imagined. (Yes, incomplete sentence. I don’t care!) It has a long way to go!


  3. Jeez, I’d have failed grammar school English with that kind of crappy grammar! What passes for grammar these days is cringe-worthy (even on the BBC, for crying out loud!), but that Word checker just needs to be shut off. Kill it, and put ALL of us out of its’ (yes, that’s grammatically correct) misery!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Archon's Den says:

      Do you get much chance to talk to any of your local Amish? Do they speak with Pennsylvania Dutch/English construction and accent, and probably do it better than Joe MAGAhat? 😳


      • The adults who deal with us English speak excellent … uh … English. The teens will sometimes slip and use Middle English “thou” and “thee”. None of them carry much of any accent when speaking … American (blows raspberry), which is odd, because their German does not carry an American accent, either. (I know just enough German to know what properly accented German should sound like, not the bastardised stuff the German re-enactors would speak. Yecch!)

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Newbloggycat says:

    Omg, my head is spinning 😵‍💫 🤯😂


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