Eight Ways To Be Wrong About Atheists

The quickest and surest way, is to not actually engage with Atheists.  Don’t talk to them, debate them, or ask them questions.  Don’t listen to, or accept, their answers and explanations.  Just keep spouting groundless religious claims that you inherited from someone else.  Be like this guy, who had

Eight Reasons Not To Be An Atheist

  1. An atheist assigns himself to life with merely finite purposes

His first claim is full of the presupposition of choice and rebellion.  If indeed, God does not exist, then finite purposes are all that there are.  His further claim that even Atheists feel that there is something bigger than them – something outside them – still doesn’t prove that IT is God.  A little concrete evidence of His existence might change that.

  1. The atheist must also suppress the demands of logic

Again, we see the presupposition from Something complex must have been designed, to, A design requires a designer, so, The designer must have been God.  None of these three claims are necessarily true, and do not necessarily follow one another.  A large mirror, dropped on a concrete floor, will produce an amazingly complex result, with no designer.  Apologists like this don’t even understand Logic, unless it works in their favor.

  1. Yet, ironically, the atheist has to believe in miracles without believing in God

Here, he trots out the old, tired, often-refuted Kalam Cosmological Argument, saying that everything that begins to exist must have a cause.  Since he doesn’t have enough imagination, and scientific understanding, he can’t (and doesn’t want to) think of any alternative, so he plugs in God as the only option.

Physicists have posited several theories for the existence of the Universe.  Constant energy infusion into a bubble of the Meta-verse may have caused it to shit spit out our local representation.  Since Time only came into existence with the coalescence of Matter, there was never a Time when the Universe did not exist.  Therefore, it is possible for the Universe to have a finite past – yet to have existed infinitely – no God required.

  1. An atheist must also suppress all notions of morality

Why??!  Just because he says so??!  Most Atheists make no claims about morality, because it is a term that has been co-opted by Christians.  Atheists have ethics and empathy.  The Christian God of the Bible – the archetype of their moral values – not only permitted, but encouraged, murder, rape, torture, forced marriage, genocide, racism and slavery.  Good Christians and their morals clog prisons, rehab centers and divorce courts.  I want nothing to do with Christian morals.

  1. In fact, the atheist must conclude that evil is an illusion

So, if Atheism is valid, there are no real evils, just violations of human customs or conventions. How hard would it be to think of murderers as merely having bad manners?

Evil” is indeed, an illusion, one believed in by most Christians.  It does not exist as a distinct entity.  For any given situation, there are different possible series of actions.  Some will be more beneficial to an individual, and the Human race as a whole.  Others will reduce individual and group happiness and well-being.

Drinking battery acid – or Ivermectin – may not be “evil,” but it will not produce the most good.  Neither will murder.  It is far more than mere ‘bad manners.’  I know of no Atheist who would claim it was.  I am appalled that this Christian Apologist would do so.

  1. The atheist must also live with the arrogance of his position

His assertion that there is no God requires that he pretend to possess total knowledge.

That is why Apologists get so upset when Atheists insist that they simply don’t believe because they have not been presented with convincing evidence.  For the Christian, it’s like punching a fogbank, so they lie pretend that Atheists say things that most of us don’t.  For many Christians, their religion is their life.  Despite their protestations, they aren’t half as upset that we don’t believe in their God, as they are when they find that we don’t believe in them.

  1. The atheist must also deny the validity of historical proof

The extensive manuscript evidence of eyewitnesses to the resurrection is presented in an unbiased, authentic manner.

Yeah, right??!  Pull the other one.  Four Gospels that don’t agree with each other, and one author who wasn’t there, but who claims that 500 people saw the risen Christ – only – that’s all there is, one man’s claim.  There is no list of names, or where/how many places, this occurred.  There are not 500 sworn affidavits, just a vague assertion.  I couldn’t get someone convicted of double-parking with that quality of evidence.

  1. Finally, atheists must admit that humans are not importantly different from other animals

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, that desperate, ego-driven need to feel special.  Humans are like, and different from, other animals in a variety of ways, and to a range of degrees.  Science is finding that species like whales and dolphins and apes and chimpanzees are remarkably human-like in many ways.  I’d like to drop him in the middle of the Serengeti, near a pride of hungry lions, and let him explain to them, just how important he is.

The atheist’s problem with belief in God is not an absence of evidence but suppression of it.
Citation needed!  Many well-known Atheists were priests, preachers, seminarians, and evangelicals.  Reputable polls show that, on average, Atheists know more about the Bible and the Christian faith, than most Christians do.  Their ‘evidence’ is not being suppressed.  It is being dismissed as unproven, and unconvincing.


18 thoughts on “Eight Ways To Be Wrong About Atheists

  1. Newbloggycat says:

    🤔🙄😅 How can you tell the difference between a theist and an atheist?
    Ask them to read GODISNOWHERE 👻😂

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  2. always so nice to see christians intentionally lying about others, and ignoring their imaginary god when convenient.

    I of course commented there and the poor dear coward never allowed my comment out of moderation. In case anyone might care what I said, since Arch has done so well already:

    1. An atheist assigns himself to life with merely finite purposes

    So? No one needs “transcendent meaning”, whatever that is. I have no nagging feeling at all, so your attempt to lie and gin up fear fails. I have no dissatisfaction, but nice try. Happily, I am in reality, no god or Christian needed.

    2. The atheist must also suppress the demands of logic

    Quite the lie there, dear. There is no evidence of intelligent design, especially by any god invented by humans. That DNA fails constant, that the esophagus and trachea in humans causes thousands to choke to death every year, shows that if there is a “designer” it is a moron. If you want to have a moron for a god, go ahead.

    3. Yet, ironically, the atheist has to believe in miracles without believing in God

    And another lie! Nope, no need to believe in magic aka miracles at all. There is nothing to show that the existence of the universe is a violation of anything. But do explain this nonsense you’ve invented.

    4. An atheist must also suppress all notions of morality

    It’s always great fun to see a Christian lie about morality. Alas, Christians can’t agree on what morals their god wants, so there is no reason to think any of them are right. Morals don’t need an objective standard at all, and Christians are a lovely example of that. I can easily judge actions by what harm they do. All a Christian has is their opinion on what some magical being thinks is “good” or “evil”. Yep, morality is just subjective, and it is that way for Christians too. Morality does have a claim on people since it regulates how civilization works.

    5. In fact, the atheist must conclude that evil is an illusion

    Nope, not at all. No one needs some objective standard, and no human can show that their opinion is shared by some god, despite the lies of theists, especially Christians.
    6. The atheist must also live with the arrogance of his position

    Arrogance? Oh, that’s rich coming from some little human who claims some god agrees with them and only them. I don’t need total knowledge to know your version of the Christian god doesn’t exist. Funny how there is no evidence for it. And before you whine and say “look at the universe”, do know that most, if not all, other religions make the same baseless claim as you do. I do love how Christians try to depower their god so it’ll fit under some rock on Zeta Reticuli V so they can claim it just has to be hiding out there somewhere.

    7. The atheist must also deny the validity of historical proof

    Nope, not at all, but again, a nice lie. No one needs to accept the baseless claim of a “resurrection”. Just like no one has to accept a baseless claim that some Hindu guru flies around like Superman. And no, the resurrection isn’t validated by any “rules”. There is no “extensive manuscript evidence” for JC at all. What we have are many copies of the same claims, some which contradict each other in detail, and historical writings about what chritsians believed, not that what they believed was true. Your lie fails again. And gee, poor dear, it’s your anti-supernatural bias that keeps you from believing in the Kabala or the magic spells of a animist priest in Africa, etc.

    8. Finally, atheists must admit that humans are not importantly different from other animals

    Yep, we aren’t importantly different than other animals. We are better at some animals and some are better than us depending on the task and ability.

    AS usual, you demonstrate the usual ignorance of evolutionary theory that most Christians depend on to cling to their false claims. We are not the result of “blind chance”. We are the result of known laws of physics. We have invented morals. Other animals love and reason too. Even if humans were “unique” that doesn’t make your god real. And gee, Christians can’t agree on what “image of god” even means, so your baseless claims fail again.

    This atheists problem with belief in god is indeed the absence of evidence, and you must lie otherwise since you know you have no evidence at all. As usual, you try to quote a baseless claim from your book, and as I noted earlier, most if not all religions make the same baseless claim. All theists fail to show that their particular imaginary friend is real.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      Many Christan bloggers won’t even allow comments, lest someone present a good reason to disagree with their empty claims. Others, like this guy, sieve out any contrary opinions. I also was not allowed to leave these thoughts on his website, so I turned them into this post. 🙂


  3. The one part of religion I’ve intensely disliked is thee “good/evil entity” concept. In religious terms, evil killed 6 million Jews in the Holocaust, which in my opinion, lets the Nazi regime off the hook. “The Devil made me do it” is BS. Take responsibility for your deeds, good AND bad, and quit blaming “supreme beings”. Even if you believe in God and Satan (or whatever names you want to use), they are too busy with the universe to affect your crap.

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  4. Daniel Digby says:

    Apologists always impress me. They not only know what I think, they know how I think.

    He knows I don’t understand what an infinite purpose is, and that requires me to suppress the demands he places on logic to agree with what he says. Of course I believe in miracles magic, but I didn’t realize Houdini was God.

    I think this guy is confusing his idea of sin with morality. Naturally, I don’t understand what he thinks morality is. I think his source book claims that EVIL was created by God, and I do think his God is an illusion. And yes, I’ve had to suffer my arrogance my entire life. It appears he’s had to do the same with his life.

    Since his Bible is an inerrant history without metaphors, I have no choice but to ignore the validity of history. And I do admit the strong similarity of humans to other vertebrates, as well as the inferiority of some of God’s design of humans.

    This guy nailed me.

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  5. It really is clear that apologists have no interest in “saving” us atheists, but in merely offering quasi-plausible excuses for their flock to keep them from thinking too hard. Or confronting reality.

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  6. dbenn says:

    On point 8: “Finally, atheists must admit that humans are not importantly different from other animals”, this is something that both atheists and vegans can agree on. I happen to be both, so I can agree with myself. How nice! 🙂 What any animal, at least one with a central nervous system, shares with humans, is the ability to suffer. https://strangequark.me/2020/04/19/animalia-commonalis-truth-suffering-and-ethics/

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    • Archon's Den says:

      And we all, Atheist and other Christians alike, must suffer the slings and arrows of these arrogant, desperate, ego-soaked Apologists. It’s not the same, but it’s still irritating – like a constant itch that can’t be scratched, or the buzzing mosquito that caused it. 😳

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