Sharing My World

Standing in for Melanie, pensitivity101 has sponsored a post, urging us to “Share Your World.”  Since I’m a selfish old bugger, I refused, and changed the title.  Always on the lookout for a good blog-theme, and being garrulous, loquacious, vociferous, talkative, voluble, gabby, thesaurus, and repetitive, I’ve decided to bare all.

Here are this week’s questions:
1.  Do you have family photographs on display in your main living room?

Yes, we do, finally. For years the living room walls have been adorned only with prints of artists’ originals, including one by a friend/artist, who turned it into a Remarque by painting an extension of a flowering Magnolia branch, out onto the matte.

The family pictures, including a water-color of the daughter, spinning yarn, begin at the half-landing, and extend up the stairway wall toward the bedrooms.  It looks like the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted Gallery, caught in a stiff breeze.

Having run out of upwardly-mobile vertical space, the recent birth of the Great-grandson required finding space in the living room to hang a photo of Mr. Blue Eyes on one wall, and a montage of him and his parents, printed on fabric at Staples, on another.

2. What was the best vehicle you owned?
This could be a pushbike as a kid, your first car, a motorcycle, or something else.

I would be hard-pressed to pick any of the vehicles we’ve owned, as a Favorite. Each has been what we needed at the time. We started with a couple of sedans.  As the children grew, we graduated to a station wagon.  As we became more rotund, numerous and arthritic, we’ve moved up to an easier entry, 7-passenger sport-ute.

Automobiles are sedate and functional.  For cheaper, easier, more fun and freedom transportation, I owned 5 Jap-crap, rice-burner motorcycles, over 20+ years.  If I were forced to pick, I would probably choose the last – a Corvette blue-on-blue, Honda CB750K

3. Did you pass your driving test first time?

I did! I had to choose between two cities with examination centers, each 25 miles away from my home town. One possessed steep hills, and examiners known to reach over and turn off the ignition half-way up, to see how you coped.  I picked the flatland one.

I took the test in a left-hand drive Vauxhall, exported to Canada.  I lost four points, not once, but twice, for failing to gear down the manual transmission for turns, and lugging the engine.  I needed 90% to pass and ended with 92%.

4. Does loud music from a neighbor or passing cars annoy you?

Thank an un-named (and possibly imaginary) deity for allergies and air-conditioning. We remain inside mostly, with the windows closed. Our nearest neighbors are quiet, and those who play music while they’re on their decks, do so at reasonable volumes.  The son works all night, and tries to sleep all day.

Idiots in cars, with their radios jacked up to 11, puzzle me, but usually don’t anger me.  At a light, some fool rolls up beside me.  My windows are up.  His windows are up, and I can still hear his stereo blasting and the bass just a-thumpin’.  I think it’s like buying a hot-damn car as a penis substitute.  They’re compensating.  And it’s often some young white dude, blaring Black rap.

What has made you smile over the last seven days?

Grumpy Archon is getting soft and mushy in his old age.

“Happy/Smile” is not the same as gratitude.  Despite claiming to be grumpy, I am easily pleased.  Mining humor sites for future blog-post jokes, and interacting with fellow bloggers keeps me happy and smiling.  I am grateful that, even as I have reached the age of 78, I still remain reasonably strong and healthy.  I much prefer seeing the green side of the sod.  If that changes, I’ll let you know.

7 thoughts on “Sharing My World

  1. Thanks for joining in again and sharing your world.

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  2. Um … do pictures of the pets count as family? If not, that’s one point I don’t get. And no, I flunked both driver’s ed and my first road test – on technicalities, with the DMV person complimenting me on handling a blind intersection, and then failed me because I had to brake hard when some speeding idiot almost hit us!
    I think I introduced you to my favourite, first, and best car – my Z-24.
    And what makes me smile AND feel gratitude for? I’m responding to it right now. (Awwww 😉 )

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    • Archon's Den says:

      For a pair of old fogies, (I’m older, and fogier than you) we’ve led a pair of interesting lives. Let’s share, John, whether ‘they’ want us to or not. 😉 😆 🌯


      • “They?” You mean … you see THEM, too? Oh crap, I thought it was just me….What’s that? Oh, THOSE them. Um .. never mind… 😉

        (So you turning 18 while I was yet to be born, yet we both being senior citizens, does that make you the Senior senior citizen, and I the Junior? Or is it like the US Army, where you’re a Major and I’m a Private? Ya know, like a Major pain in the Privates? 😀 )

        Here’s a post idea for you – your most non-self-inflicted embarrassing moment. Like, when you’re used to Chicago winters, it’s 60 degrees when you’re in Atlanta, you’re in a T-shirt while everyone else is dressed like Nanook, and the tour guide says “So, do we have anybody from out of town?” – and everyone looks at YOU! True story! Not embarrassing, but still noteworthy was
        walking down a Chicago sidewalk during a business day, dressed like Tom Baker with a full-sized model of Doctor Who’s K-9 in tow…..

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      • Archon's Den says:

        I’ve visited Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Tampa, Key West, and Daytona – each one in late October. The Canadians were the ones, including me, happily frolicking in the waves. 🙄
        I once swam in Lake Huron on a warm, sunny, 24th of May, ‘Victoria Day’ weekend. (May Two-Four – like a case of beer, eh?) The shallow, onshore water was too warm to make Slushies from, but there were little chunks of ice to be avoided. 😳


      • My dad got sent out to LA for a training program, and they let him take the family. We went out swimming in the outside pool, and had an audience of the hotel staff looking on in wonder, and speaking in Spanish amongst themselves. I still swear I heard “gringos locos” at least once. 😀 The trip home was great, too – the airline needed the 747 in Chicago the next morning, so there were more flight attendants than there were passengers, and since the attendants were mostly female, my sis and I (I was 10 or 11, she’s 4 years older) were spoiled ROTTEN!

        If you ever want to freak a neighbour out, go outside, in sandals and shorts and a T-shirt, on the coldest day you can manage. You’d be amazed how intimidating that is – I had one redneck neighbor who was constantly interested in “effing me up” until he saw me outside, barefoot, in single digit temps (Fahrenheit). I later found out (through my intelligence network) that seeing me like that convinced him I was WAY too tough to take on. (Thick soles on my feet and a thick head work wonders! 😉 )

        On the tollways around Chicago they have buildings which span over the roadway with restaurants, lavatories, and sundries called Oases. My best freakout was myself in full chain mail, 5 1/2 foot sword on my back, accompanied by the wife and 5 friends all dressed in Renn Faire garb and all armed with blades. Bleary-eyed commuters looking up from newspapers to see Sir Geeksalot and Friends walking past – LOTS of people freakin’ out THAT morning! (We later scared off the King’s Guards – paid Renn Faire workers – when we formed a V and saved Robin Hood from their clutches. Best. RennFaire. EVER!)

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