’22 A To Z Challenge – V

How to say a lot, without saying anything

What do you want for supper?HMmmh?
Archon, I’m talking to you!  Are you paying attention??!Uh-Huh!
Shall I make Mac-and-Cheese?Unh-Unh.
What about liver and onions? –Ggcck!!
How about some potato pancakes?OOOyum!
We got our credit card statement today.  We owe $1200 this month. Oooff!
My sister called.  She’s coming to visit, Sunday. – Tthththbbh.

She says you should get your ass off the couch, and get more exercise. – Humph!

And now, some words about words that aren’t actually words.  They are


any word, either written or spoken, regarded simply as a sequence of letters or spoken sounds, irrespective of its meaning – like Tabernacle – pronounced Tabber-nack – Which French-Canadians use as profanity.  Or Sapristi – which is used as an expression of surprise, or a meaningless intensifier.

a vocal sound intended to carry meaning;

I know how to keep my mouth shut.  I almost starved to death one time.  Wouldn’t tell my parents that I was hungry.  Never again!!  I better not keep this up, or I’ll end up saying nothing about everything.  The only things quieter would be a nod, or a head-shake, but you’d still hear the marbles rattle, and perhaps a few fall out.

Don’t slip on any when you come back on Wednesday for a bonus comedy post.   😆

17 thoughts on “’22 A To Z Challenge – V

  1. Thankfully (or sadly), I never had in-laws to deal with. The rest of the wife’s siblings were scattered around the country, with only one (very intelligent) brother-in-law with whom to occasionally chat. I loved my parents-in-law, but like many things I love, they died way too soon. (Sorry, wasn’t actually digging for sympathy, just sayin’.)

    I always loved the trivia that the letter U used to be written as a V (like in Roman text), and that’s why our letter W (which looks like two Vs) is called double-u. Fortunately, we only get stuck with one “double” letter. Try Spanish – there’s double Ls, double Rs, and our old friend Tilde! (Not to mention Che, when he’s not off starting revolutions.) 😉

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  2. Rivergirl says:

    I’ve spent half my married life talking to a husband who wasn’t listening. Multi tasking is not a male strength…

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