’22 A To Z Challenge – W

I recently had a visit, and a lovely conversation with J. R. R. Tolkien.  It’s been delayed because of COVID19, and the fact that he’s been dead for a while.  For the letter W, in the A to Z Challenge, he (strongly) suggested that I go with a High Fantasy theme.  He said that, since I’d conjured him up, if I didn’t, he’d come back to haunt me, and force me to go on a quest for a ring that was quite different from the ones on my beer-can pull-tabs.  He felt that I should write about


a man who professes or is supposed to practice magic or sorcery; a male witch; sorcerer.

a fortuneteller or conjurer.


a person who practices magic; magician or sorcerer.

a conjurer or juggler.

Also whiz, wiz  [wiz] . a person of amazing skill or accomplishment:


The Old English term wyrd derives from a Proto-Germanic term *wurđíz.  Wyrd has cognates in Old Saxon wurd, and Old Norse urðr.  It used to refer to one or all of the three Greek Fates, and, while it is sparsely used, has come to mean fate, or, that which happens.  The word slowly became “weird,” and Shakespeare turned the Fates into the three prophetic witches – The Three Weird Sisters – in Macbeth.


a two-legged winged dragon having the hinder part of a serpent with a barbed tail.

Smaug, eat your heart out – but barbecue it with your breath first.


knew it sounded familiar.  My apologies to my longer-term readers.  Apparently, I forgot to delete a few candidate-words from my blog-notes list, and managed to more-or-less replicate my W Challenge post from 2019.  Oops!  Sorry.  😳

6 thoughts on “’22 A To Z Challenge – W

  1. Did you know that a wyvern is an anatomically correct dragon? Since most sizable creatures, including lizards in our world, have four limbs. a dragon – with both 4 legs and 2 wings derived from arms – violates the evolution of the lizard line. And don’t forget that Gandalf is a member of an ancient order, known both for magic and for giving political and military advice – an ancient, wise counselor, whose advice (in Gandalf’s case) was viewed as meddling and unwelcome in many cases. (And unlike mages portrayed in many RPGs, he can wield a bladed weapon in addition to his staff.)

    And no mention of the weirding module from Dune, using the power of sound to create destructive force? (Yeah, I know, I hate crossovers too.) 😉

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    • Archon's Den says:

      I watched the original Dune movie years ago, and only got around to reading the book last year, because of the remake, but still haven’t viewed it. 😛


      • I’ve watched it, but because I’ve been biased by the David Lynch version, I found it kinda blah. I’m hoping the next installment will boost the excitement factor.

        Speaking of alternate movies, ever seen the animated Lord of the Rings? A good take, right until they ran out of money and ended at Helm’s Deep. There is a slapped-together conclusion out there, just haven’t found it to watch it yet.

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  2. Rivergirl says:

    That was a waist deep waddle into a wild and worldly wrought wave of words. Well done!

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  3. Daniel Digby says:

    I needed the repetition. Thanx.


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