Caution: Reading Is Dangerous To Your Ignorance

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And apologies for last year’s comment-less display
Here is the annotated list of books that I read this past year.

Peter Clines – 14

Combination Sci-Fi and Horror, about an LA apartment building that’s also a machine built by Tesla, sealing a rift into a world of monsters and demons.

Jennifer Macaire – A Crown In Time – A Remedy In Time









Murray Leinster – A Thousand Degrees Below Zero

Previously unread, vintage Sci-Fi.  1909’s version of Mister Freeze
A candidate for Published before I was born.

Lawrence Krauss – A Universe From Nothing

A book from an astrophysicist which shows how the Universe may have come into existence without a God – but with an unfortunate, poorly chosen title which seems to show Christian Apologists to be right.

Lee Child – Better Off Dead

Child continues to pump out wildly successful Jack Reacher books each year.

Gregg Hurwitz – Dark Horse – Into The Fire – Prodigal Son

Guns and knives and explosives – just some quiet, peaceful men’s-action reading to pass the time.

Mike Maden – Tom Clancy’s Firing Point

Tom Clancy may be dead, but the franchise lives on with hero, Jack Ryan Jr.

Scott Gier – In The Shadow Of The Moon

Good, contemporary Sci-Fi.

Andrew Grant – Invisible – Too Close To Home










Andrew Grant – also known as Andrew Child – takes older brother Lee Child’s story framework, and inserts his own do-gooder, social justice warrior, working as a janitor in a courthouse.  Interesting concept, and the quality is about as good.

James S. A. Corey – Leviathan Falls

Finally, the end of a massive series!  It’s been a ride.

Nicole Gallande – Master Of The Revels

Time travel from a woman’s point of view.  Like the Terminator movies – you arrive naked.

Mark Greaney – Mission Critical

When, like Mike Maden, he isn’t writing for Tom Clancy, he free-lances novels under his own name.

William Gibson – Neuromancer

Prophetic book from 1986, showing the birth of the Internet, and hacking.

Steve Perry – Past Prologue

Social, political, and religious reasons for action and adventure around the world.

Mark Cameron – Tom Clancy’s Shadow Of The Dragon

They’d be just another excuse to get you to buy a book – if they weren’t so damned enjoyable.

Crawford Kilian – The Fall Of The Republic

Modern time-travel Sci-Fi.

Fritz Leiber – The Big Time

A re-read.  1950’s time-travel Sci-Fi.  There seems to be a theme here.

Nick Petrie – The Breaker – The Wild One




A war-vet hero, with PTSD and claustrophobia.  It’s hard to run into  the burning building to save a kid.

K. D. Wentworth/Eric Flint – The Course Of Empire – The Crucible Of Empire

Steve Berry – The Malta Exchange – The Warsaw Protocol









Urban fantasy/adventure – if you can fantasize being able to afford to go to Malta or Warsaw for adventure.

Gregg Loomis – The Poison Secret

The secret is, it was an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Raymond Khoury – The Sanctuary – the Sign










The Sign was interesting.  Trying to use a giant hologram to brainwash and control society.

D. J. Harrison – The Secret Of The Scroll

Alternate Christian history – how The Church really began.

Allen Appel –Time After Time

Time travel by believing hard enough, and wishing yourself back into history.

Tom Hammond – What Time Is Purple

See my book review, if you haven’t already.

A Bit Of Orange – Answering Atheism – Proof Of God


As above, See my book review

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