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The second blog award that Benzeknees was spewing in the wind, like radiation from the Fukishima reactor, was the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.  This is a relatively new award, begun by Managua Gunn on August 29, 2012.  His reason for creating the award is, “That is a part of blogging, just as listening is a part of speaking.” or something like that.  I wasn’t really paying much attention.

The Rules

Display the logo on your page.

Already done!  Not only am I a shiny objects magpie, I’m a cheap-ass Scottish magpie.  Something pretty?  And I get it for nothing??  That’s going up at the top.

Finish the sentence: A great reader is….

A great reader is….probably at someone else’s site.  The drivel I put out is like topical analgesic.  After a hard day at the office, or trying to finish a novel, you roll around in my hot-spa prose, and rub it on like A-535.  It smells almost as good and will probably allow you to go to sleep in minutes.  There are no hidden nuggets of social significance, and that big bubble was just marsh-gas!  Yeah, marsh-gas.

Nominate 14 readers, readers I truly value.

I truly value all my readers – and my likers – and my commenters.  Like you, I rub them on like A-535, and they let me go to sleep quickly and happily, with a nice warm feeling, although the wife often complains about that swamp-gas smell.  All the good candidates have already been taken, and I’m too lazy and selfabsorbed busy with my writing to locate others.

Notify your nominees by means of comments or pingbacks.

Well, you’ve already seen what happened in the way of nominees.  I am not the world’s best team-player.  I’m not even sure I’m authorised to accept an award with the word “Team” in it.  I’m a rugged individualist, damn it.  Who in Hell is authorised to authorise me to do anything?  And would I listen if they did?

Even though I don’t always play nice with others, I do appreciate the occasional bit of adulation, and the chance to get further off my rocker than usual.  Many thanks, in particular to Benzeknees, for forcing me to face this little exercise in composition, and to the rest of you who continue to read the rants and rambles of the grumpy old dude.  You drive my stats, and my spirits, up.  Excelsior!