It’s Not Christmas

Not yet it isn’t!  It’s only December the 23rd.  Christmas is the 25th, and it’s only one day, not an entire season.  It’s the “Holiday Season” and Christmas is only part of it.  The rest of it is the Festival of Conspicuous Consumption and Display.  The day after Christmas is Boxing Day, and it’s a holiday.  The day of New Years Eve is a holiday, and New Years Day is a holiday.  Many of us get the work-days between Boxing Day and New Years Eve off as holidays.

The Muslims just finished celebrating Ramadan, although the entire month was more Holy Days, than time-off-work holidays.  A whole month??!  Now that’s a Season!  I wished all the Muslims a Happy Ramadan – all except the ones who want to blow up my bridges, buildings and airplanes.

The beanie-wearing Jews just took eight day of holidays to celebrate Chanukah Hanukah….you spell it….and play with their toy tops.  Eight days is a short season, but still, a Holiday Season.

The Wiccans and Pagans, and even the Free Thinkers will have celebrated the Winter Solstice on the 21st.  Of course, that was a Saturday, and a holiday for most of us, but still, a Holiday, in the Season.

Beginning on Boxing Day, December 26th, many of the Negroes – Blacks – Coloreds – African-Americans/Canadians – or whatever politically-correct label they’re sticking on themselves these days, will be starting a weeklong celebration of the holiday, Kwanzaa.

Many Germanic peoples are celebrating the Yule Holiday, a week-long festival with Christmas inside it, but still largely patterned on old Pagan beliefs.

The Eastern Orthodox Christians wait twelve days after December 25th before they get around to celebrating Christmas, stretching the Holiday Season.  They think that Roman Catholics and all the Protestant sects are wrong.  Gee!  Who have I heard sing that song before?

Hindus just finished celebrating Diwali.  Those in India washed their feet in the filthy, polluted Ganges River.  Any who have immigrated to North America, have to make do with New Jersey.

Many Japanese join in a year-end, Shinto celebration.  In fact cultures and religions all around the world, and all across North America get together for a Holiday Season which stretches from the beginning of November to the middle of January.

Christians, with their little one-day observance are inclusively welcomed to join in.  Christ may be Your reason for the season, but a lot of others have their reasons too.  It hasn’t always been Christmas, and it’s never been only Christmas.  While Christmas has been around for two thousand years, the Jews have been observing Chanukah for twenty-three hundred years, and the Wiccans have welcomed the Winter Solstice for over five thousand.  Christmas is the new kid on the block.

Christians around the world are invited to play nice, and join in the Holiday Season, share and share alike, with open hearts and open minds, but not steal, monopolize and impose.  God doesn’t like selfish, nasty kids.

Thus endeth the reading of the annual Anti-my-way-or-the-highway rant.  Please open your hymn books to page 47, and we will all sing hymn number 666.


Jesus puts his money in the Bank of Montreal.
Jesus puts his money in the Bank of Montreal.
Jesus puts his money in the Bank of Montreal.
Jesus saves!  Jesus saves!  Jesus saves!

Jesus is the lifeguard at the local swimming pool.
Jesus is the lifeguard at the local swimming pool.
Jesus is the lifeguard at the local swimming pool.
Jesus saves!  Jesus saves!  Jesus saves!

And on that note, an F-flat minor, we look forward to something a little less confrontational, and a little more educational and/or amusing.

P. S.

Much of Southern Ontario has just been hit with the worst ice storm since 1998.  There are still about a quarter of a million people without power.  Here at Casa Archon, we got power back just in time to publish this post, after almost exactly six hours of cold and dark.  We’re back to making the last of the Christmas cookies, and enjoying coffee, hot chocolate, warm food and warm fingers and toes.  LadyRyl, living a couple of miles closer to city center, was only without power for five minutes, since the grid which supplies her also supplies a major hospital.

While we still had daylight, I dug out the wife’s stash of candles for a little light and warmth.  We plugged a new 9-volt battery into a transistor radio the wife has owned for over 50 years, and listened to an all-news talk-radio station with its own generator.  Kudos to the utilities guys who are still out there freezing their assets.  Some folks may not get power for 36 to 48 hours.