Bible Man Speak With Forked Tongue


Once again, I have found Christian Apologetics, the new Defenders of the Faith, doing exactly what they accuse Atheists, Agnostics, and other doubters of doing.  In the past year, I’ve seen at least three Christian blogs critical of a list of Atheist statements.  While each is composed slightly differently, the list of Atheist sins in each, is cut and paste identical.

It is undeniable that they often put forth nearly identical catch-phrases and responses. I mean, just ask yourself how often you heard these Atheist talking points:

  • There is no evidence for God;
  • God is not great;
  • Religion poisons everything;
  • Faith means believing something without evidence;
  • Atheism is just a lack of belief;
  • If you don’t believe in evolution, you’re a fool;
  • If everything has a cause, then what caused God;
  • That’s just a God of the Gaps argument;
  • Well, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence;
  • Religion is just wish-fulfillment;
  • Jesus is a zombie;
  • Metaphysics is bunk, I believe in what works;
  • I want evidence, not arguments;
  • God is just a delusion;
  • Religion is a mind virus;
  • Why doesn’t God heal amputees; and, finally
  • God is evil or a dictator or a maniac.

And these are just some of the catch-phrases that are routinely put forward by Atheists.

It wasn’t until I happened upon this soap opera evil twin triplet, that I realized I had a theme to rant about.  All three of them, and lots of others I’ve read, just complain about not wanting to encounter the routine list of Atheist denials of their unproven claims.

Amusingly, what they all seem to hope for, and invite, are newer, different, more creative and inventive, but easier to dismiss, arguments.  Like what??!  I don’t want to believe in God because he might be Scottish, wearing a kilt, and I don’t want to look up his skirt.  There’s enough big pricks down here on Earth.

I also noticed that, aside from whining about not wanting to be constantly faced with this list of reasons not to believe their claims, none of them actually did anything to refute any of it.  ‘Go ahead, prove the list wrong.  Offer proof of rebuttal for a couple of these claims – not Faith, or Belief – actual, provable facts.’  While a couple of the Atheist points are a bit aggressive, or colloquial, they all appear valid.  Religion poisons everything??  “I’ll gladly book you a trip to ISIS territory.  Take it up with them.”  If they want better rebuttals, they’re going to have to provide better claims, which are based more on evidence, rather than just their faith-based opinions.

Those who are firm in their faith seem willing to nod sagely and ignore all Atheist arguments.  It seems though, that the more unsure and insecure these Apologetics are, the louder and more frantic their wails are.

On that great Cosmic Scorecard in the sky, which they’re sure that Someone is keeping, having even the slightest doubt will get them sent to Hell.  Atheists’ arguments cause doubt, so they just want them to shut up.  What they’re doing is, trying to make it my job to ensure that they go to Heaven.  I’m too busy sinning and having no morals (according to them) to get around to that.  To Hell with them!  😉

22 thoughts on “Bible Man Speak With Forked Tongue

  1. I could never understand the point of arguing about something that neither side can prove…

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    • Archon's Den says:

      Two solitudes, both talking, neither listening. I generally stay quiet, although, just tonight, I dropped a comment on a post that spoke of The Reason For The Season.
      I said that, the reason for The Season is retail profit. The reason for December 25 is the birth of Christ.
      She claimed that when He was 8 days old, he was circumcised, and given the name Jesus. I quoted Isaiah – And a virgin shall give birth, and his name shall be Immanuel. Despite the Bible prophesy, he was not named Immanuel. There is/was no J in either the Hebrew or Greek languages. He was named Ieshoah (Joshua). Iazeus (son of Zeus) – later modified to Jesus – was a name dreamed up by Paul, when he went to preach to the Greeks.
      I expect to be ignored, as usual. 😯

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  2. If there’s one thing Christians hate, it’s facts. I have no problem with other people’s personal beliefs and desire to worship…. but don’t try to pass it off as fact and then say I have to have faith to prove your point. Give me scientific evidence of a virgin giving birth and we’ll talk. No book has ever been interpreted in more ways than the Bible. Nice story, but I don’t buy it. Maybe I should cry “fake news!”

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  3. Now you’ve given me an image of God that I’ll never forget. Scottish? Kilt? Really? You’ll probably go to Hell just for that. Of course, you’ll be in good company with the rest of us.

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  4. JIM WHEELER says:

    Religion is an ideology, science is a methodology. Religion does much good (charity, golden rule) and is responsible for much evil (ISIS, Taliban, sex-abusing priests). To generalize the phenomenon is to ignore its complexity. IMHO.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      I try not to generalize, responding rather to specific unverified claims. But Christian Apologetics just love to generalize. If some of it is good, and true, then all of it must be good and true. 😯

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      • Jim Wheeler says:

        That’s true. It comes from belief without evidence. But it does no good to argue against it. When we do, it always comes across as confrontational. The best that we can do, I submit, is to demonstrate in our own lives that religion is not essential to morality.


      • Archon's Den says:

        Did I just discover that you were left-handed, or is that something I should have remembered?
        I still haven’t read any of Lawrence Block’s books, but I did finally take the chance to watch the Liam Neeson, movie version of ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’. Do you have any idea how he found your comment on my blog-site that day? 😕


  5. Dale says:

    The comment section was as interesting as the post itself.
    I find that I back away when either side gets on their soapbox…


  6. […] that I am willing to plagiarise even from myself.  Rochelle’s photo, coupled with Wednesday’s religious rant, joined forces to give the inspiration for this post.  I slipped in an old, previously published […]


  7. May I just remind people at this time of year that we are forgetting the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a pagan midwinter festival which is all about eating too much and getting off your face. Nothing whatever to do with Jesus, with or without a J.


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