The Americans Are Coming!

The Americans are coming!

We Canadians are not only letting them, we’re often welcoming them with open arms.  There’s always talk of making Canada the 51st State.  Come on!  We have more land area than the entire US, including Alaska.  Of course, a lot of it is covered eleven months a year, with do-it-yourself Igloo kits.  There’s 10 provinces and a bunch of territories, several of which are larger than Alaska.  Let’s really give Texas an inferiority complex.  We could be States numbers 51 through 65.  Even better, we could take over the US and see how they like being provinces.

It started innocently enough; Canadians like fast and easy food.  First McDonalds sneaked in under the import duty fence, and then Burger King, followed surreptitiously by Arby’s.  Locally, Krispy Kreme tried to go up against our juggernaut Tim Hortons.  It wasn’t just their doughnuts that were glazed, when they got their ass crullers handed back to them.

Our cheap Scottish souls wanted cheap prices, so we let cheap old Joe Walton, and his cheap Wal-Mart cronies, sell us cheap consumer goods, made by cheap Chinese child labor.  Soon, Wally-World was joined by Lowes, Best Buy and Home Depot.

The impressive, old, Hudson’s Bay Company became the easier to remember and say, HBC, and finally just, The Bay.  Years ago, America’s Kresge’s, and Woolworth’s had done the same and become K-Mart and Woolco.  The upscale Bay spawned a downscale chain called Zellers, and out-cheaped and out-crapped even Woolco.  The K-Mart bluelight special was replaced by a whitelight clearance, based on our proud ice and snow heritage.

Too many people must have thought they’d actually died, and stopped shopping at Zeller’s, and The Bay sold off their 300 stores to Target.  Not only have more Americans invaded through the Target hole in the fence, but The Bay has now partnered with Saks, (Is it just Saks?  Not Saks Fifth Avenue anymore?) bringing expensive, pretentious American shit north, to people living on the tundra.

Some years ago, the New England company, L.L.Bean attempted to migrate north with the moose.  Trying to project a woodsy, rustic, rural feel, to Canucks who feel a plaid flannel shirt is Sunday-go-to-meeting acceptable, they advertised that their Canadian headquarters was in, “The Village of Islington.”

The Village (?) of Islington had 35,000 residents, and was totally surrounded by the 2.5 million City of Toronto, as part of the 5.5 million Greater Toronto Area, when they agreed to be annexed.  This had happened 17 years before the Tilley-hat-wearing snake-oil salesmen arrived at the little Indian camp.

I sent them a letter, calling them on their deceptive advertising, but never heard back.  I guess I’m not the only Canadian who didn’t want to buy their bison shit.  The only Beans that Canucks want, are served with boiled wieners, and so, they slunk, defeated, back south of the border.

The company of Hammacher-Schlemmer, a New York City-based distributor of STUFF which nobody really wants, but some people just must have, is trying to bring its own can of beans across the border.  To project their homey, Canadian presence, they list a Canadian manager, and a “warehouse” in LaSalle, Ontario.  This is some guy with a two-car garage, in a suburb of Windsor, across the bridge from Detroit.

The telling information is at the back of the catalog, where it says that all merchandise is “shipped duty-free,” actually coming up from The States.  The only real reason for Joe the Manager, is to handle the paperwork necessary, to ship unacceptable junk back to the Big Apple.

H-S brags that they’ve been in business since 12 years before the American Civil War.  Big F**cking deal!  Our Canadian retail mainstay, The Hudson’s Company, was incorporated in 1620, a hundred and fifty six years before America even formed the first Tea Party in Boston harbour, and it sells a much better class of junk.

The big American communications company Verizon, wants to swallow up the little Canadian, Mobilicity, and Wind telecoms, to get a toehold in the Great White Northern market.  Like a virus, they’ll also carry north, the NSA, the No Such Agency, allowing it to sieve our phone calls and emails, looking for mukluk-shod terrorists, building bombs out of Maple-sap-collector pails.  When they hear two Frogs discussing poutine, they’ll think we’ve sold out to that fish-kissing Russian president, Putin.  You got some ‘splainin’ to do, Auguste Robichaud!

I would hope that my fellow Canadians aren’t dumb enough, and greedy enough, to let this American cultural and commercial invasion continue, unchecked, unquestioned!  I had that thought today, on my way home from the Wal-Mart store, where I had some French fries at the in-store McDonalds.

20 thoughts on “The Americans Are Coming!

  1. Sad as I was to see the downtown, flagship Sears store (not Canadian in hind-sight) being replaced by upscale Nordstrom, and a massive Victoria’s Secret next door – I worry more about our resources than shopping habits; the tar sands, Potash, natural gas, copper, coal – you name it – Canada rolled out the red carpet to foreign investment.
    As for Wal Mart – don’t get me started! I refuse to shop there, not because it’s American but for the reality – 90% of the goods are made in China.


  2. sozsatire says:

    Where will it all end I ask myself. Those pesky yanks will be a comin’ after Dorking next! 😦


    • Archon's Den says:

      And they’ll all be wanting a blue mug. Better stock up. Most of them act like they’re in space. Thanx for stopping at my space. 🙂


      • sozsatire says:

        You’re more than welcome my friend. I actually have a real fondness for the good folk of Canada as a few of my kinfolk emigrated there and currently live around Vancouver.
        However, and I say this with deep regret, I will never forgive you guys for Justin Bieber! Never, ever, EVER! Why I outta!


      • Archon's Den says:

        Say hello to NotesToPonder, above. She’s in Vancouver. 🙂


  3. BrainRants says:

    I laughed at the DIY Igloo Kits. At least you are secure in your Tim Horton’s, Archon. Ain’t capitalism grand?


  4. aFrankAngle says:

    Don’t worry … the Europeans and the Asians have both of us beat because they own the companies that people think are North American.


  5. Kayjai says:

    Well, dammit I posted a comment earlier today and it didn’t post…must have been censored by an American or something…Target just opened in our town the other day. Bright and shiny and new…that’s all I have to say about that.


  6. DIY Igloo kits, huh? Should be cheaper’n buildin’ a house. Costs a fortune gettin’ lumber up here on the tundra. ‘Course if these igloo kits is made in the States they prob’ly come with an ice box ‘stead of a fire pit.


  7. benzeknees says:

    When I first heard Target was coming to Canada, I was excited & then I visited my first store about a week ago – very disappointing. It’s just Zellers, slightly cleaner. No really great deals & their clothing is only for people who fit into regular sized clothes. Hubby loves browsing the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue but rarely buys anything. I, for one, am happy we let Burger King across the border.


    • Archon's Den says:

      The wife and daughter have already found that Target hates fat people. No BIG sizes. The H-S catalogue shows some interesting stuff, and just cheaper than winning it at the fair.
      The few times we hit a burger joint, I prefer The King to The Clown. 🙂


  8. shimoniac says:

    I agree about Target, I was in there twice, first time and last time. I’m a bigger fella and needed a couple new pairs of jeans. Their sizes ended just before my fat ass, and they were snarky about it.
    Sell me what I want, not what you want to give me.


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