Wasted Days And Wasted Nights






I may be wasting my days, but I didn’t waste Friday Night.  I went Cruisin’.



This was Kitchener’s annual Cruisin’ On King Street night.  It’s listed as the largest in Canada.  Last year they had 408 cars, stretched out on both sides of eight blocks of the downtown main street.  Since then, they’ve redone the main drag, narrowing the paved area and widening the sidewalks to make it more “Pedestrian Friendly,” so they had to cap it at 330, although another 15 or 20 classics joined the big drive-through, and then sneaked away, up the side streets.


I got there early enough to get several clear shots in the park staging area.  One they get jammed together on the street, dripping with gawkers, good photos are hard to take.

SDC10580 SDC10572




These are a couple of the first cars I owned, from the My First Cars post , obviously.  This first is actually a 1939 Chevrolet, indistinguishable from my Pontiac, except for badging.  Imagine the same size and shape, including the bullet-hole decals – only in Coca-Cola Red.



This is a 1956 English, Austin A60 that I replaced the Pontiac with.

SDC10575    SDC10576

Here’s a couple of my favorite type of Corvette, the Scoopside.  The first is a rather blah, cream-on-cream, but the red-with-white scoop shows some flair and contrast.

SDC10573  SDC10577

After the first dozen pictures, my little digital camera started screaming “Low Battery!”  I had to keep turning it off till I found another worthy subject.  Having to conserve power, I photographed only the older and more interesting cars.  ‘60s and ‘70s muscle cars don’t do anything for me.

SDC10557  SDC10574

Here’s a resurrected dinosaur from the Tailfin-aceous Period


SDC10563   SDC10562

SDC10561  SDC10560

20140712_180502  20140712_180526

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did seeing the real thing.  I felt like I walked a hundred miles.  I may not do this again.

15 thoughts on “Wasted Days And Wasted Nights

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Love ’em. Nice.


  2. Dan Antion says:

    Great photos!


  3. I’m not really a car person, but when I see an old car on the road, I do enjoy the view.


  4. ladyryl says:

    I am not much of a “car person” myself, but dad has taught me to appreciate finely made vehicular architecture. I ogle the classic car on the road like one would view a masters painting in a museum.


  5. I recall a couple of those cars when the rich neighbours bought them brand spankin’ new. That was a while before the tailfin-aceous era.
    Thanks for the memories.


    • Archon's Den says:

      My neighbors couldn’t even afford to buy pictures of some of these. Memories are a large chunk of what this site’s about. Speaking of which, do you recall the period when the makers tried to hide the gas filler caps? 😕 🙂


      • If it wasn’t in either rear fender, it was behind the licence plate or spare wheel. Of course Volkswagens had ’em under the hood.


      • Archon's Den says:

        So, you were really there! It got so that it drove gas-pumpers crazy. Probably the reason we all had to learn how to pump our own. Candid Camera had an electric car pull into an Esso station, and filmed the attendant’s confusion. 😕 😀


  6. Michelle says:

    Very cool! I did enjoy the pictures. 🙂


  7. As I troll through your archives, I have previously withheld any snippy comments about how some of the images seem to be having issues with revealing themselves in all their glory. But since you just mentioned such in a comment that is currently languishing in my inbox, I feel compelled to point out this post is another one wherein technology has given the middle finger to both of us. Still, as always, your words make up for the lack of visuals… 😉


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