Minutia IV

During the recent Provincial election, I saw two high school students vandalizing an election sign at the side of the road. I know they were high school students because they were wearing the red plaid kilts of the nearby Catholic school.  That’s right ladies and germs, two teenage, female, Catholic students, kicking the shit out of a sign of some candidate who they, and presumably their parents, disapprove of.

Defacing election signs is a federal offence! That’s how Charley Manson got his start.  He obtained a blank Department of Interior check, and made it out to himself for $5, and did time in a federal prison.  Once released, he broke into a Post Office and stole the “leave a penny” tray, netting 98 cents, and did time in a federal prison.

Released again, he convinced a young female to “work” for him, transported her across a State line to provide her services, ran right into the Mann Act, and did more time in a federal prison.  So, if you’d like your Good Christian daughter to be Charley’s girlfriend in prison, send her to a Catholic School and urge her to freely express her political opinions.

We used to hang a bird feeder on the fence near the back of the property. The birds we attracted would eat seeds like sunflower, but would throw on the ground, all the millet.  As a result, I have about 200 square feet of lawn that’s millet plants.  It’s soft, it’s green, it covers, but it’s not grass!

The wife planted a couple of chive plants in a small bed just beyond. Over the years, the chive has seeded itself further and further into this bed of millet. I mowed the lawn the other day, and when I reached this area, it smelled like I had a gasoline-powered salad shooter.

I have found two new ways to irritate telemarketers. They’re easy to identify.  The phone rings, I pick it up and say Hello, nothing happens for a second or two, then suddenly the line opens on their end and you can hear30 or 40 voices babbling in the background, and somebody starts to say, Hello, Hello??, usually in a Paki accent.

Previously, when this happens, I just say nothing and make a game of how many desperate Hellos I get before they finally hang up.  Recently, two cats climbed into my recliner and poured a bucket of soporific on me, and we all had an hour’s nap.  I awoke, partly because I had to pee, but more urgently, because the plate of nachos I had for lunch, c/w refried beans, was starting to rock and roll in my digestive tract.

Just as I decided I could extend the nap another half hour, the phone rang, and I got to hear “Kevin” (Gupta) babble. Too tired to even reach to hang the phone up, I just laid it face down on my stomach, and let him talk to my borborygmus – Hello? (rumble, rumble) Hello? (gurgle, gurgle).  After a while he went away, and I pushed Off.  Now I worry that my stomach may have ordered something from him in Paki, and I’ll receive a lifetime supply of curried chicken and basmati rice.

More recently, I was in the kitchen, trying to accomplish two simultaneous chores and arguing with a cat who wanted to drink from the filtered faucet, Meow, Meow, Meow. In the midst of all this, suddenly the phone rang, and I was treated to “Kevin’s” brother “David” (Sanjit).  As soon as Mr. Hello came on the line, I laid the phone, face-up on the table in front of the thirsty cat and let him explain, Hello….Meow, Meow, Hello??….Meow, Meow!  Let Paki “David” figure out how the cat answered the phone.

There is a shortage of doctors in Ontario. Most doctors are turning away potential patients.  Recently, I heard the female brains behind the Money Mill,  advertising on the radio.  Here, slightly paraphrased, is what I heard.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Packrat. I operate a cosmetic clinic in Cambridge.  Other clinics have estheticians and technicians.  If you’d like to safely increase your beauty, please come to our clinic.  We have only doctors and nurses.  None of them is actually trained in cosmetology.

We have Internists with queasy stomachs, Pediatricians unable to treat children any longer because of convictions and restraining orders, and Ob/Gyns who were too lazy to get out of bed to deliver babies. You are guaranteed to lose weight because all of them have been extensively trained in surgically extracting every last dollar from your wallet.”

We recently attended the Free Thinkers meeting at the new venue. While the food, choices, price and access are all good, I am not thrilled with the room.  It’s all flat, hard, walls and windows.  The reverberations quickly raise the noise level to intolerable.  I took along the son, daughter, grandson and fiancée.

Since I can talk to any of them, any time I want, when I entered, I quickly sat on the far side of the table next to a new female. It turned out that the reason she had attended was that she was angling for the Liberal nomination in the next Provincial election, and was out shaking babies and kissing hands, as well as taking the measure of various local groups.

Perhaps because it was me sitting beside her, but she was surprised and impressed at the depth and breadth of knowledge of politics, history, psychology, sociology and religion. This was not a group that she could bullshit to.

She wants to work to oust the Federal Conservatives, “Because they’ve had their time.” without offering any other reason or alternative. Like the Religionists, it’s because, “We’re entitled – and they’re not.”

14 thoughts on “Minutia IV

  1. benzeknees says:

    There’s gotta be a better reason than “it’s our turn.” I hear a lot of that from the politicians these days except when they’re cross examining each other about what they may or may not have done.


  2. BrainRants says:

    I wish I had enough disposable time to fuck with telemarketers.


  3. I was never a telemarketer, but I was a market research interviewer (doing surveys) at one point. That lag in the pick-up is due to the autodialer, and it’s annoying at both ends. So many times, the respondent simply hung up before I could even get the first word out. I did a very funny post on my survey experiences, in case you’re interested (and you’ll never look at fog lights the same way again!): http://cordeliasmomstill.com/2014/02/06/hello-my-name-is/


  4. Jim Wheeler says:

    Idle thoughts inspired by minutia:

    Didn’t know that about Charlie Manson. Caused me to look his early years up in Wikipedia. Bizarre. According to the account, ole Charlie had at least three sons. Hope they changed their names.

    Do you have to mow millet? Maybe I should get me some. My neighbor’s lawn is mostly weeds, but it looks pretty good when mowed. What a boon to the ecology it would be if we could eliminate mowing. Fertilizer run-off, insecticides, mold, gas fumes, weed killer. Lawns are dumb, but it’s in the culture. Started in the 19th century in England and spread like, er, weeds.

    Going to try your telemarketer gimmick.

    Down here, the practice of medicine is all about through-put. After being told to limit his patients to an average of 8 minutes face-time each, our family doc of 30+ years is leaving the employ of the hospital to strike out on his own. He’s an endangered species, as am I.

    I think Charlie Manson was a free thinker too, sort of. Reminds me of an old WSJ cartoon, two business men talking, with the punch line: “He hit the ground running, but he was going in the wrong direction.”



    • Archon's Den says:

      I don’t think you’d have to mow millet. In the week/2 weeks between mowings, very little of it seems to stretch up past the 2 in. mowing height. It seems a ground cover, like a thick ivy, two-inch, round, flat leaves, solid growth, very soft. Seems to catch and hold moisture better than fescue grass, so it’s much softer. I’d let kids play on it, although heavy traffic might kill it.
      Since marriage, we’re on our third doctor, and she’s only working two days a week, toward retirement. Individual practices seem to be disappearing, replaced by the multi-doctor clinic. Two new young MDs are accepting patients she doesn’t have time to see. Nurses/technicians receive you, take your complaints, and blood pressure (although not heart rate, which I’d think essential), enter computer data – and the doctor, usually 1-2 hours late, gives you the 8 minutes, and prescriptions.
      Poor old Charlie. Talk about bad life choices. Always in the wrong place (Leavenworth?), at the right time. 🙂


  5. aFrankAngle says:

    You are the King of Minutia! … so I leave you this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAb8vGSRBoE … and I request your honored presence at my blog party this weekend.


    • Archon's Den says:

      Now that was funny. You’ve got me wondering about the price of a decent recorder.
      Must remember to attend your soiree – oops, it’s a daytime party. I’ll bring the sauerkraut. 👿


      • aFrankAngle says:

        I know you are a night owl, and this party will go on throughout the weekend. …. and with your kraut, you may be up to being sneaky.

        By the way, search Tom Mabe on YouTube for others.


  6. Kayjai says:

    Next time the phone rings and it’s a telemarketer, I’m giving phone to the dog…that should be fun.


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