Sunshine And Lollipops


In my 300 post, I mentioned, again, the fact that some of the long-established bloggers are disappearing, or cutting back on their volume of posting, due to life changes. I thought by now, that just about everybody had a blog, except perhaps, coots even older than me – and yet, new ones keep popping up.

One such new one is Cordelia’s Mom. She must be the youngest retiree ever. Such a lovely lady can’t possibly be almost as old as I am. I know she’s not as surly. Cordelia doesn’t have much to say, but her Mom is full of wit and wisdom. Click on the link above to go have a look for yourself.

Mom has been blogging for about six months. We often use the same tags on our posts, so I kept running into her, and began commenting. Perhaps intrigued by the lack of references to psychiatric treatment, she started visiting my site.

I received my first blog award when I had only published 14 posts, and didn’t really know what to do about it. Similarly, Cordelia’s Mom recently received two awards. One was the Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award, welcoming her to the distaff side of writing and soul-baring. The other was The Sunshine Award.

Since I don’t qualify for the “Sisters” award, she kindly passed on a version of the Sunshine Award to me. To prove how well she knows me already, in her nomination post, she lists me as Grumpy Old Dude – Archon’s Den. She sent a big chunk of Sunshine my way. I’ll just have to reflect it on you as best I can.

This is my kind of award. Other than acknowledging receipt of it, there are no rules. It’s just a way of showing that other bloggers are aware of and appreciate you, and perhaps bring a few more readers to your site, by being part of an ever-widening circle of writers.

By begging and whining to the wife, but without actually tripping over my ego, I managed to get a copy of the Sunshine Award graphic installed at the top of this post, just to prove that I’m not hallucinating (again). I thank Cordelia’s Mom effusively for including me in her group of worthy recipients.

I don’t have to answer any questions, or make up new ones. I don’t have to reveal even more about myself, which is good. There’s only so much toilet paper on a roll. Once it’s empty, it’s empty.

My co-defendant buddy, Oscar the Grouch, tells me that I can take The Fifth – even though we don’t have it here in Canada – and not actually nominate anybody else for this award, to protect my persona. He and I are going to do some tequila shots, put a big platter of nachos out of our misery, and watch the Die Hard marathon. If anybody wants to make something out of that, just knock on the garbage can lid.

16 thoughts on “Sunshine And Lollipops

  1. BrainRants says:

    Nobody can out-curmudgeon the curmudgeon.


  2. I’m actually blushing at your rave review, and thank you for the link to my blog. But just to correct the record, I am not yet a retiree. I wish I could retire (and yes, I would be eligible for early retirement), but since I don’t have a 401K, pension or anything other than Social Security, I’ll likely be working until I drop. Unless, of course, someone out there wants to start paying me for my incredible writing abilities [my email address is on my blog page, thank you very much].
    PS: So, since I sent you sunshine, when do I get the lollipops?


    • Archon's Den says:

      I only had to work six months past my 65th birthday.
      I want to go to Ohio in mid-October, to visit John Erickson, near Cambridge and AFrankAngle in Cincinnati. I’ll send you an email, and instead of crossing at Buffalo, we’ll view the falls before I drop them off. Bring some for Cordelia too? 😕


      • If you’re serious, Cordelia and I would both love to meet you if you’re coming in through Niagara Falls or Buffalo. You wouldn’t even have to bring lollipops. I’ll be waiting for that e-mail.


  3. I think it is an appropriate award for you. Your posts always brighten my day! Congrats!


  4. benzeknees says:

    Sorry to be absent for so long, I am still contributing to my blog page every week, but getting way behind in my reading because of “life changes” (as you put it). I stupidly got involved in 2 uni courses this month, Camp NaNoWriMo (which really suffered from lack of time), all while hubby is still unemployed & driving me nuts at home. Glad to see you got a pretty award Archon! Keep on keeping on!


    • Archon's Den says:

      I too, should be visiting out your way. I hope for the best for K. I was un(der)employed for a couple of years, once. Drove Granma and her coffee-klatch friends crazy. 😦 At least I got my Liz post out of it.


  5. ladyryl says:

    I’d Be careful about letting Oscar at the Tequila again dad, you know what happened last time…

    He got arrested for Drunk & Disorderly, and Assault when he went to street level to yell at the kids who were singing, and popped Elmo a couple of times for pouring out the last of the bottle when he tried rescue the worm by giving it mouth to mouth trying to save the “poor drowned little guy” 😉 😀


  6. Kayjai says:

    Pass the nachos…


  7. […] titled my humorous (?) post, Sunshine and Lollipops. She commented that I had delivered the sunshine, but where were her lollipops?  I resolved to […]


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