What I Got For Christmas







I know it’s a bit(?) late, but I wanted to give credit where credit is firmly due.  I took the photos for this post, and thought I’d composed it.  Since I apparently didn’t, there was nothing to remind me, until I started checking photos for a different post.

As my ‘We’re Not Quite Hoarders’ and ‘Autumn Housecleaning’ posts have shown, I/we have been slowly getting rid of no-longer-needed, accumulated stuff.  I am not the most difficult old codger to buy presents for, but, barring a big lottery win by someone who wants to present me with a new house, a new car, and a new motorcycle, I have pretty much everything I need, including a fantastic family.

Almost two years ago, my ingenious grandson, flush with paychecks from his welding apprentice work placement, presented me for my birthday with the ‘En Garde Coupon’ shown above, good for $500 toward any knife I’d like to purchase.

Highly grateful, but ever the pragmatist, I didn’t feel I wanted to bring more stuff into the house at this point in my life.  I can look at beautiful knives, and even handle them, but I had a thought about using a trip through Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan to attend a knife show, and meet a couple of fellow-bloggers.  He generously agreed to co-sponsor the trip.

For any who haven’t read them, the antics and adventures of that trip are available in The Fellowship Of The Blog series, beginning with the Prologue.

The trip occurred in October, 2014, but Government bureaucracy stupidity delayed the grant check for his college tuition and texts, forcing him to raid his savings account until it finally arrived.  By Christmas, he still hadn’t said or done anything about the promised amount.  I knew of his problems, didn’t mind about it, and had almost forgotten.







Then came Christmas!  When it came time to distribute presents, he handed me the above box.  It wasn’t very heavy.  Perhaps it was another of the always-handy, and much-appreciated, Chapters Bookstore gift cards.







When I opened the box and looked inside, I realized how ingenious and devious he was.  Aided and abetted by his devious and ingenious mother (Can I take any credit for this??), they had carefully rolled up and inserted two new $50 bills, and twenty new $20 bills – the full $500, as promised.

20 Dollars    50 Dollars



The new Canadian polymer plastic bills do not take kindly to being rolled up – or anything else – quickly flattening back out.  The daughter got out her bag of clip-type clothespins.  They would roll up a bill, clip it to hold it, and insert it in the box.  Clip, insert, clip, insert, until all 22 bills were in, and the box was full(?).  Then they carefully removed the clips.  To a guy whose idea of presentation was to leave some suckers in the paper bag I got them in from an old Mennonite, this just awed me!  (And I’m odd enough.)

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a round of applause and appreciation for ‘Thorn’ Smith!  I already profusely thanked him at Christmas, but feel he deserves a digital acknowledgement and congratulation also.  ‘As the twig is bent, so grows the tree’, and this tree is growing strong and true.

He is a kind and thoughtful young man, who treats his Poppa (and everyone else) well.

Thanx again, Kid!  Feel free to show this off on your smart phone till the battery dies.   😀

12 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas

  1. willowthorn says:

    Thank you people are already telling me that I’ve shown them this twice already


  2. What a good kid for remembering he had made that promise! And personally, I’m so glad that it was that promise that prompted the famous Fellowship of the Blog trip. I might not have met you and the Mrs. otherwise.

    (The suckers were very tasty, by the way – next time we meet, you can maybe replenish the supply.)


    • Archon's Den says:

      He is a good kid, and I’m also very happy we pulled off that trip. I was so concentrated on finding John Erickson, that it wasn’t till later that I realized just how enjoyable it was meeting you, especially extended to a second short visit through my amnesia. We got to socialize with you, and M.I.L. Perhaps one day we can meet J, and K, and the rest of the alphabet.
      Paul C claims you wouldn’t share any candy with him, but he shouldn’t have any should he? Did Cordelia at least see the package? 🙄 If you make it up here, I’ll let you shop at the Farmers’ Market. The new building should be finished by then, and I’ll introduce you to the old (Who am I calling old?) Mennonite. The weather is perfect for collecting sap, and I’m out squeezing trees for you every day.
      We also have a lovely family-type restaurant called Country Boy – run by two Greek guys. 😀


  3. That’s just great, Archon. 🙂


  4. BrainRants says:

    Somehow I’m still stuck on the polymer money concept.


    • Archon's Den says:

      It has its good points….and bad. It’s starting to grow on me – like fungus. If someone else puts a sharp crease or curl in it, it’s almost impossible to straighten it back out to get it in a wallet. To clean other peoples’ germs off it though, a quick wipe, even with a bit of bleach.
      I have paper bills in my collection that I’ve gently hand-washed with Ladies’ liquid hand-soap to remove skin oils and grime, and then ironed flat and smooth. 😯


  5. benzeknees says:

    What an ingenious way to wrap money!


    • Archon's Den says:

      I thought so too! All that artistic creativity must have come from the wife’s side.
      She found a 3 inch tatted snowflake recently, and I found a photo file with pictures of some of the other tatted stuff. I’m going to see if I can assemble a photo blog. 🙂


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