The Smartest People Say The Dumbest Things


Perhaps tired of having ‘God’ and Christianity shoved down their throats, in their Government, and into their schools, many Atheists, agnostics and free-thinkers can become a little bit testy and aggressive.

The older, wiser, calmer leaders of the movements often advise the firebrands not to call Christians or Christianity stupid. “They’ll just try harder to defend their position.  You’ll never change their minds with insults.”

Personally, I’d settle for ‘Live And Let Live.’ Minds are not going to change, not when a well-known scientist, a PhD in Paleontology, who knows about evolution and that the Earth is really 4.5 billion years old, says that, when he goes home, he believes that the world is only 6000 years old, because that’s what his religion tells him, despite scientific evidence to the contrary.

If the above admonition is to be taken seriously, then, the smartest people in the world say the dumbest things. There is a group of people, both professional and amateur, known as Christian Apologetics, from the Greek word ‘apologia’, meaning speaking in defense.

They make it their crusade to provide answers for questions, and explanations for the doubts, of non-believers. They could be named Pretzels, for the mental gymnastics and theosophical knots they tie themselves in, trying to buttress their blind faith.

Some of their claims are amazing, and just mind-numbing.
Atheists really believe in God, but they don’t believe in Satan, so that they can sin.

Yin Yang

This is like believing in Bugs Bunny, but not Elmer Fudd – Sonny, without Cher – salt, but no pepper, or Yin, with no Yang! They come in matched sets.  Belief in one of them enforces the need to believe in the other.

BTW, nice backhand insult, that Atheists sin….because we all know that believers in God never sin.

Atheists are angry at God for something He did, and deny His existence.

This is dumber than the first one. If I believed in ‘God’, to be angry at Him, I’d believe in His omniscience, and know that, even if something happened that angered me, He works in mysterious ways, and it would be for my good, or the good of all.

Even if I were angry at God, I’d still believe in His power, and know that denying Him would result in everlasting torment. This is like a five-year-old, running around with his fingers in his ears, yelling La La La.  Mommy will still spank.  Angry or not, I gotta believe.

Atheists really believe in God, they just don’t know they do.

This one confuses the Hell out of me – so to speak. Does this mean that, even if I deny that God exists, I still get to go to Heaven??  If that’s the case, what’s the fuss?

If someone showed you proof that God existed, would you believe in Him then?
Duh! That’s what this dispute is all about, but nobody’s done it, in 2000 years.  Atheists and Agnostics are not petulant children, rebelling simply for the attention.  This belief by ‘smart’ Christians, simply shows how foolishly desperate they are.

A female phoned in to The Atheist Experience podcast, and asked, “If Y’all don’t believe in God, then who do you worship?” She was told that Atheists don’t believe in deities, so they don’t worship any. “Then y’all worship Satan.” They told her that they did not believe in either God or Satan, so they didn’t worship either. “Well, my preacher told me that, if y’all don’t worship God, then you worship Satan.” The one moderator said, “Then he lied to you.” and thereby made a mistake.  He had no more proof that the preacher had actually, intentionally lied, than the preacher had that they worshipped Satan.

“Well, if that ain’t the truth, then why would he have said it?” (Oh, so many reasons!) This gave the moderator a chance to retract his earlier gaffe.  “He may have been in error.  He may have wrongly believed something that someone else told him, but he does not know, and he has no right to make claims about who Atheists may, or may not, worship.”

A recent post that I read, attributed Christians’ belief in an ‘Assault On Christianity,’ to the rise of the internet, but the Information Age stretches back even further than that.  As long as any religion could fester in its own dark little private hole, like the five-year-old above, they could close their eyes, plug their ears and pretend that they were the only, or at least the most important.

Now that TV, movies, videos and all the other new social media keep displaying the fact that there is a large majority of other people on Earth with contrary opinions, insecurity sets in, and they get their particular emotional/religious crutch kicked out from under them.  This ‘new assault’ isn’t new. It’s been there all along.  They’ve just never had it brought to their attention, or had to face it. 😯

I don’t believe that all Christians are stupid….but some of them say real dumb shit!


11 thoughts on “The Smartest People Say The Dumbest Things

  1. Jim Wheeler says:

    For many people, politics is similar to religion. First they decide whom to believe and then search for evidence to support their faith in him. Hypothesis: atheists and agnostics make better voters.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      You’re absolutely right! Many ‘Good Christians’ are amazed to find that Atheists read the Bible and know more about it and their religion than they do. They doubt – they think – they research. They don’t blindly accept someone else’s word. 😈

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      • Funny how we atheists know the bible better than 99% of those who dare call themselves Christians, but then scream at us atheists how we should never talk about anything that is in their buybulls.


  2. Many scientists are Atheists. I was raised to be a Catholic. I spent many years in Catholic schools. Now that I am an adult, I look upon the Bible as a collection of legends passed down from person to person. Folklore in writing, so to speak.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      First, my condolences. Then, congratulations! I’d like to blindly believe that most bloggers are cynics and thinkers, but for every one like you and I, there is one desperately trying to defend the indefensible. 😯


    • I remember Catholic School. In the 2nd grade I really pissed off the penguins and collars. We were discussing the buybull verse and they made us in their image, male and female they made like unto us.

      I stated then there is a female god.
      Gasp by the penguin.
      Well if there are males and females and we were created in their image? Then it would take a female god to create a female in its image and a male god to create males in their image. A male cannot create a female in its image and a female cannot create a male in her image. So seeing there are males and females here? That means there is a male and a female god.

      Oh boy. They melted down. Called in a collar and together they beratted me and slammed me as satanic and then? Had me sit in a corner with a dunce cap on my head. But I knew I was right and they were wrong.

      The penguins also hated me cause I wrote with my left hand. They would beat my hand. One day my godmother saw my hand and asked me what happened. I told her. She immediately went to the school, grabbed the penguin by the front of her robe and lifted her off the ground and told her, I am this boys godmother and I protect him, You touch him one more time, you beat on his hands one more time and I will come here and kick your ass.

      That penguin left me the hell alone after that.


  3. Sightsnbytes says:

    May the Lord have mercy on your soul….lol


  4. shimoniac says:

    For an atheist to be angry at God, is like a person being angry with their imaginary friend. 😉 😛


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