I’ll Be The Judge Of That


Oh damn! They want us to do our civic duty again. Do they think that retired people have nothing but spare time?? I already voted. Now they want the wife and I to fill out questionnaires to go into a pot for jury duty.

About ten years ago, just before I quit working, I got a notice that I was already in a jury pool. They would contact me when I had to report. They must have pulled enough other rabbits out of their legal hat, because nothing ever came of it. I never got any further notice, written, electronic, or phone.

It’s not that I object to jury duty. It could be quite entertaining. It might be even more entertaining when they find that my over-active bladder needs to hit the washroom once an hour. I could take a big plastic pop-bottle with me, like some of the long-haul truckers, but there’s not the same privacy in a courtroom. I might get arrested for indecent exposure right there in the jury box.

After 18 months without a power wheelchair, the daughter was finally awarded a new one, along with a 4-wheeled walker. The new, local, manager of the Ontario Assistive Devices Program office felt that, if she qualified for one before, she should get another one.

Still, I have a daughter and a wife, both semi-disabled. With the son working all night, and sleeping all day, I am the only licensed driver available to convey them and me to an never-ending series of medical appointments – GPs, dentists, Osteopath, massage therapy, Internal Medicine, Neurologist, Rheumatologist, Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, Chiropractor, Podiatrist, Optical Surgeon, medical clinic for blood work and X-rays, pain-management clinic for infusion treatment….

How I miss the days when we were all boringly healthy. My wall calendar is full of color-coded appointments. In any given month, with20/22 weekdays, 12 to 18 of them will have marker notes in them, occasionally 2 in one day. Hell, Donald Trump has more spare time to play golf, than I do. If either/both of us get summoned, I’m going to take that calendar along. While I’d love some time off, I have commitments that I have to honor. My doctor recently told me that she could/would write me a letter to get me off.

Maybe if I ask the selection foreman if we still have the death penalty…. 😳

Have any of you ever sat on a jury? What crime(s)? How long did it last?

16 thoughts on “I’ll Be The Judge Of That

  1. You can definitely get dismissed for cause. I’ve been called a few times and picked once. Sat a personal injury trial where we all knew the defendant was exaggerating her pain and suffering. By the letter of the law we had to award her something but we ruled the bare minimum. If you’re well enough to play beach volleyball? You’re well enough to work.

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  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    I sat on a court martial years ago but never on a civilian jury. Military officers are not popular for juries.


  3. I got called once and had to sit through voir dire, which was a pain because I knew they wouldn’t actually let me on a jury. I worked for a law firm and my husband is licensed as an attorney (although he doesn’t practice). Sure enough, after sitting there listening to everyone else answer all those pointless questions, my turn came and I was excused. What a waste of a day! (And I wasn’t blogging then, so I couldn’t even use the experience as the basis for a post.)


  4. joeabbott says:

    I was called once but excused because I had a vacation planned (involved plane tickets); the bar seemed low for stepping out. Another time, years later, I sat for three weeks hearing a case where a young woman (late teens/early 20s) brought charges of years of sexual abuse against her father. The proceedings were reasonably “clean” but pretty depressing overall. While interesting, I would not consider it a “good” experience.


  5. Dale says:

    Never had the joy of being called…

    Wow. You are definitely working towards earning your wings…


  6. A “never-ending series of medical appointments” – yep, you have to retire in order to have enough time to deal with medical appointments (pretty much full time for me and my wife too)!


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