’19 A To Z Challenge – A

AtoZ2019Letter A


Life is moving too fast! I want to get off; I’m feeling woozy.

Logrithmic Scale

Humans used bows and arrows for thousands of years, then someone invented the crossbow. We used that for a couple of centuries, and someone invented the musket. That was used for over a hundred years, till someone invented the rifle. After less than a century, someone developed the repeating, lever action rifle. About fifty years later, the automatic rifle came into being.

Don’t like the idea of killing and maiming?? Let’s talk about recorded communication.

For eons, we scratched things into pottery or soft rocks. Then, some genius carved up a goose feather and dipped it into a dark liquid, and wrote on vellum (Scraped lamb-skin). We did that for a millennium, till paper was developed. Then later, someone created the reloadable fountain pen. A half century later, technology allowed Lazlo Biro to produce the first workable ball-point pen.

The typewriter was created, and Mark Twain was the first author to compose a novel, using one. He disliked the experience so much, that he tried to give it away – 8 times. Each time, it was returned to him. 75 years later, the first word processors became available, and in half that time, they’ve become quicker, more efficient, smarter…. and almost indispensable.

Isaac Newton said that he accomplished what he did, “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants.” What I’m saying – the point I’m trying to make is that, as we progress, the progress comes faster and faster. Once, we had millennia, centuries, decades to get used to the idea of our basic world changing. Now, changes come in years, months, weeks!

Author Alvin Toffler invented the term “Future Shock,” the future is the way of life. The only constant, is change. Many of us have a hard time keeping up. Not only does the constant, rapid change keep us mentally off-balance – shocked – but it produces a related condition.

Alterity is a noun that means otherness; specifically: the quality or state of being radically alien to the conscious self or a particular cultural orientation.

Alterity is related to the verb alter, which can mean to change something, into something other – something different. It’s also cousin to the adjective alter – as in alter-ego. Batman is Bruce Wayne’s radically different alter-ego.

The Canadian band, imaginatively named The Band, says that Life Is A Carnival. It often has me spun. Why don’t you spin back again in a couple of days??  😀


5 thoughts on “’19 A To Z Challenge – A

  1. Change, it’s a constant. You can jump on the train or be left at the station….


  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    Reminds me of Moore’s Law, the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years. Not a real law of course, but It has held up remarkably well for half a century.

    During my lifetime I’ve seen communications go from no telephone at all to the smart phone, something that is replacing alarm clocks and newspapers. Apple is, interestingly, altering course to get into entertainment streaming. Clearly they see the iPhone product reaching the peak of its innovation.


    • Archon's Den says:

      We had rural relatives whose telephones were wooden boxes mounted on the wall at an adult’s height, with a speak-into tube on the front, and only the hearing end hung on the hook. You had to crank the little handle on the side, to attract the operator.
      The 2 alarm-clock/radios that the wife and I each used when we worked, are now silent, and we wake to the wife’s perky smart phone.
      I can understand Apple’s change of direction – it’s still electronic communication. The wife recently signed us up for Amazon Prime streaming service. I don’t see a connection. Do they just show you videos of your packages being delivered.? 😕 😳


      • Jim Wheeler says:

        You are in for a treat, Archon. Amazon prime includes streaming movies and TV shows, some of them being old. Mollie and I are currently watching reruns of the House MD series, which are terrific. You will need a TV compatible with streaming.


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