Why The Case For God Matters

I thought “The Case For God” might be Coors Light, but what do I know?

“The best way to find out the purpose of a widget, is to ask the manufacturer.” So simple and yet so profound.

I have asked the manufacturer, many times, what the purpose of the widget is. I have received no answer from the top. I have received innumerable unbelievable claims from His many and varied sales reps, who stand to make a 10% commission.

Manufacturer: Please read the manual before inquiring. Remember…all claims are unbelievable when you don’t believe them. Most of our sales reps work for free while some do make a 10% “commission” to cover overhead costs…but since you didn’t spend a dime on anything, this is of no concern to you. As the manufacturer, so far you’ve only inquired many times and harassed the sales reps. Problems in many areas cannot be addressed if you refuse to take the necessary steps already directed by the manufacturer. Basically….it’s your fault. When you’re ready to put into action the things already directed by the sales reps….we can move forward with your request. Thank you and have a nice day!

With the best of intentions, you just don’t see the problem.  I have read the manual – carefully, intently, repeatedly, over many years.  I understand the sales reps’ confusion.  Compared to it, Ikea’s is a paragon of clarity.  I have never harassed the reps, although they often harass me.  You, and the reps, would like to believe, and have others believe, that all the claims are identical.

I would love to take the “necessary steps”.  It’s just that it is quickly clear that competing reps’ claims are contradictory, and mutually exclusive.  Even when they agree, the promised quality and delivery of the final product violates observed reality, and arrives, at the exact frequency as blind chance.  The Nigerian Prince can do that well.  How then can I, or anyone, know which claims and conditions are true, that we may follow them??

I know that I am only a potential customer, but I dare to suggest that you cut back the budget of the Promotional Department, stop offering a free, magical prize in every glitzy package, and, instead, have Production grind out solid, reliable product.

I envy your writing skills and ability to analogize so impressively. But I can only point out that our “product” came to die in order to make it possible for all of our customers who choose to accept it to enjoy an (eternal) lifetime warranty. He then left an empty grave behind. If you have a proposed explanation for how that happened that makes sense of more of the evidence for His explanation, then please submit it. Best regards, A Rep.

That’s a debate for another day. Why not solve these problems first?? It might lend credence to any additional claims.  While there ‘should be’ only one basic model, far too many representatives, with or without the knowledge or authorization of Head Office, take it upon themselves to create a whole customized ‘Product Line,’ adding non-standard options, and tighter lease restrictions.  They can’t all be right, but they can all be wrong.

They urge me to take their product on faith.  Faith is the excuse that people give, when they don’t have a good reason to believe.  If they had a good reason, they would give it. If and when all the infighting has ceased, and there is one reputable path to truth, then, and only then, will I consider buying into this.

No, your entire prospect for enjoying our product depends entirely upon how you respond to this specific question. We certainly hope that you will take full advantage of our product but whether or you do, depends upon your response on this question. Best regards.

Did I miss something?? Which specific unspecified question would that be?? Is Jesus Divine? Is Jesus the Son of God? Is Jesus God? Is God one part – or three – or more? And we haven’t even got to the ‘Did He actually  exist? Did He perform miracles? and, Do we have to dab Evian on our foreheads, and stick our left knee out when we go to visit him?’  The only question seems to be whether or not I will accept your specific delusion.
Even the architects of the Tower of Babel put down a solid foundation before they started building toward God. You could at least do the same.

13 thoughts on “Why The Case For God Matters

  1. Rivergirl says:

    A bad business plan from the start. No bank worth it’s salt would make a loan on that proposal. Too many holes…


    • Archon's Den says:

      One of the more amusing lines, that I saw recently was, ‘How can we Christians win arguments with Atheists, when we can’t provide proof?’ The blatant presupposition and raging entitlement! Short answer – They can’t! And yet, with no solid basis, they still insist that they are right. 😯 😛

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  2. Jim Wheeler says:

    The warranty for the product is essentially worthless since the manufacturer reserves the right to ignore all inquiries and requests without explanation. This explains why all the sales reps use the word “hope” so much.


  3. makagutu says:

    I think this was the best business ever invented in modern times, comes only second to war. It allows others to opt in, design new models without copyright infringement claims and all. It is a business that keeps on giving!

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  4. Sightsnbytes says:

    IF you are wrong about all of this, (and I am right) and there is a supreme being (whether that entity is God, Jesus, Allah, Buddah…etc) I sure hope he doesn’t read your blog….


    • Archon's Den says:

      It really doesn’t matter. The religious insist that God/Jesus/Allah/Buddha…etc. knows all and sees all. Whoever “HE” is, He has probably read my posts, and possibly ‘liked’ some of them.
      I like to think that, if He gave me an intelligent, inquiring mind, He can’t be too surprised or upset if I use it.
      I’ve never said that I don’t believe in (a) God, only the stupid, arrogant things that some people say, when they claim to speak for Him. 🙂


  5. ahtdoucette says:

    LOL. As a Christian, I am having fun reading your posts in a 1) this is funny and 2) do you need a hug kind of way. (I know I do after all this time social distancing!) Have a great one.


    • Archon's Den says:

      I have no problem with quiet faith, but I make a bit of a game replying to, and showing the silly, stupid arrogance of these self-appointed gate-keepers who believe that they can decide what God and Atheists think, and mean to say. They also apply the No True Scotsman fallacy, to decide who are “REAL Christians”, and who aren’t. Spoiler Alert: It’s anyone other than them! Regular Christians should be as concerned about some of these Apologists, as much as regular Muslims should decry the likes of ISIS and al Qaeda

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      • ahtdoucette says:

        I hesitate to use the term “apologists.” I favor fundamentalists, extremists, and the like. If you drop my blog, you’ll see I call these people out early and often. I continue to be appalled over the “Christian” idolatry of Trump. I will totally call those people out as not Christlike and not “fine people.” As for ISIS and other fundamentalist “Muslim” groups, there is some literature on the topic by Muslim apologists explaining the rise of fundamentalist Wahhabism as contrary to the core faith. But that’s a really long story. Here’s a newspaper article you might find interesting. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/violence-more-common-bible-quran-text-analysis-reveals-a6863381.html That’s not the main reason extreme right-wing Christians bother me so much. Mainly it’s just that I consider my being attacked by a Muslim-aligned group to be near zero, where I – and most sane people here in the U.S. – continue to be afraid of Christian-aligned groups not just because of the January 6th let’s invade the Capitol event. Because none of us are surprised, not really. No matter how horrified that makes the rest of us and no matter how loud we say it, blowing up and invading buildings makes press more than mosques and churches that, say, help rebuild communities and care for the needy – which is literally the kind of thing both our religions are supposed to stand for. And, we can’t be “quiet” and also speak in those ways, including to call out actual evil as we see it. Just saying. Hope you have a great rest of the day/week.

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