Wrong For The Right Reasons


A very atypical Christian Apologist published a post where he admitted that he accepted that the Universe came into existence 13.8 Billion years ago, and the Earth and the Solar system coalesced about 4.5 Billion years ago. He believed in Evolution but, desperate to keep his God’s fingers in, he posited a Creator which nudged and guided Earth’s development, until Mankind reached the exalted pinnacle.


I could believe in a Creator like this. The 2 problems are; such a being would not need or want, to be worshiped, obeyed, or called “God.” Second, it would not be the omnipotent, create everything in a snap of a non-existent finger, prayer-answering, miracle producing, sin-punishing “God” that most Christians (especially Apologists) believe in.


Why would such a being not want to be recognized as what he is: God? And if he made everything to work a certain way, why would he not want us to avoid screwing that order up and breaking things, i.e., obey him?

Also, if he has the power to create all things, which would imply that he has the power to make things be different than they are, wouldn’t this constitute at least some loose sense of “omnipotent”?


I am amused, but confused, with your use of the phrase, “loose sense of ‘omnipotent.” This joins ‘a little bit pregnant,’ and ‘partly dead!’ It’s either/or, yes or no, it either is, or it isn’t.

What you have described is a version of the ‘Watchmaker God,’ wind the Universe up, and let it run, or the ‘Power-Steering God,’ which lets existence pilot itself. You have invented a Gardener God. Actually, perhaps ‘He’ is not God. Perhaps ‘It’ is not omnipotent, and is unable to create the Earth and mankind instantly, through ‘magic’, but only through careful tending. Maybe this creature (not ‘The Creator’) is fertilizing and planting Someone else’s garden.

It is not the all-powerful Being, who wants – needs – demands – to be blindly obeyed, and worshipped as “God.” Do ants in an ant farm worship the little boy whose bedroom they are in? Does a tulip pray to the gardener, to become a rose? Would the gardener hear? Or care? Or be willing or capable to do it?? What you have described is not ‘God,’ but merely a being with more knowledge and power than we have – yet.

Why would you specify a predetermined order, and fear altering it? The purpose of doing, is learning. Change, and variety, is good. The wife raised some pepper plants on our deck. In one large planter, along with six jalapenos, we had a big tomato plant, apparently from a seed in the compost. It wasn’t wrong. It didn’t need to be controlled, or corrected. It was an interesting and educational occurrence. Vive le BLT!   😀

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  1. Dear Archon’s Den,
    Your post brings up some great topics. Regarding the development of life: If Christians want to believe that God used Evolution, I’m not going to fight with them about it. But I simply do not see how both Evolution and the Creation story in the Bible can both be true. These are two very different origin stories, and they are irreconcilable.
    Regarding omnipotence: God can be omnipotent without choosing to exert all his potential power. You could have squashed that tomato plant or pulled it up- but you liked it, and you let it be free. You chose not to use your power to control the life of the plant (though you could have). In the same way, God is omnipotent, but he has purposely restrained the use of his power in order to give us freedom. God could have squashed you, but he liked giving you the freedom to grow in your own way. This should not be held against him as if it was a sign that he wasn’t omnipotent after all. Thanks for a fun discussion!


    • People do not seem to know the true definition of Free Will. And Christians are the worse of the bunch. What they call Free Will Choice? Is NOT Free Will Choice.

      Few ask what free will means.

      People love their shortcuts—brief, off-the-shelf statements that sound like explanations but aren’t. Of these, the doctrine of free will is the most pernicious (and most readily encountered in the self-satisfied person; see epigraph). It has become a cliché to say that virtually all humans believe in free will, indeed that they can’t help but believe in free will, which is in odd contraposition to the doctrine itself.

      But? Let’s look at what the true definition of Free Will is.

      Free will choice means? You have the ability to choose without coercion, without force, without reward or punishment.

      The Christian definition of free will? Is coercion, is force, with either a reward if you chose Jesus and God, or a punishment if you do not ie, according to Chrisitans? YOU go to hell for all eternity.

      How is that a true free will choice? It is not. YOU are coerced into making that choice.

      Here is another example of how Christian Free Will is wrong.

      If Christians were totally honest with themselves? And truly studied how their religion rose to the power it is today? Was not by having people make a free will choice, without coercion. No, they were coerced.

      Let’s take two examples Pagans and Native Americans.

      1. Pagans were not given a true free will choice to become Christians. No, it was literally forced upon them upon the pains of death by Christians. In 322 AD? Christians made it illegal to be a Pagan. In 335 AD? Christians made it a death penalty punishment to be a Pagan and then proceeded to hold 9 Crusades into what is called Northern Paganlands and slaughtered whole towns of Pagans, put to brutal deaths Pagan priests and priestesses, destroyed their temples, their libraries, all of their knowledge. They would even beat to death, on the spot, a Pagan child playing with a Pagan statute as if a child plays with a doll. They dragged Hypatia of Alexandria out of her carriage and beat her senseless and then skinned her alive with broken pieces of pottery.

      Pagans were told by Christians? Accept our Jesus or die. So how is that a true free will choice? It is not. The choice is forced upon you. You are told? Choose our Jesus, choose our God or die a brutal death. They were in fact? Forced to believe or die.

      2. Same with us Native Americans. The greatest example of this is what Christians did to our children. They literally kidnapped them, stealing them from their Native parents and they were forced into what is called Christian Industrial Schools. There? The very first things Christians did to them?

      Cut off the boys hair, which is a grave insult to us Native Americans.
      Too anything they had that would remind them of their homes, their people their ways. They had their medicine bags taken, again, a massive insult which we could compare to someone walking up to a Christian and ripping the cross they have around their neck off.

      Then? They forced them to go to a Christian book of names and pick a new name. If they did not pick a new name from the book? They were beaten, they were starved and quite a few of them? Were murdered by Christians for not doing so. They were in fact? Beaten to death by those Christians.

      They could NOT speak their languages, they could NOT speak of their heritage. No, they were beaten, raped, tortured, starved, brutalized into believing in Christianity. YOU have a choice, either you obey these Christians, who were literally ChristoTalibans, or you die.

      So? How can any Christian state that they gave Pagans and Native Americans, or many others that Christians persecuted and forced their conversion on with the pains of a brutal death, a free will choice to become a Christian, to accept their Jesus etc? They were NOT.

      Again, making a free will choice actually means? The ability to make a choice, without coercion, without threats, without the meaning of reward or punishment. That is what a TRUE Free Will choice is.

      But of course? This is NOT what the Christians proclaim is free will. And? Their definition of free will in no way matches ANY definition of what Free Will is.

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      • Hi Atheistmilitantsrising,
        You brought up some great points. You are right that many terrible things have been done to coerce people into Christianity. As a Christian, I am deeply ashamed of some of the things that are part of my religion’s history.
        You also make a very good point about free will and the idea of eternity in hell: Choose Jesus or burn for eternity. Hmm…doesn’t sound like much of a choice. Sounds like the ultimatum of a tyrant, not the invitation into a loving relationship with God. Totally agree with you on that point.
        The one point I will dispute is your idea that free will should mean no punishment or rewards. Take government laws for example: Under the laws of a just society, we have freedom to do what we want, but some actions have negative consequences- punishments. If I decide to use my freedom to stab you in the stomach, then most people would agree that my action deserves a punishment. The same with reward. If I decide to use my free will to work hard for my boss, chances are, I will be rewarded. If another employee doesn’t work hard, he shouldn’t expect the same reward. Having free will does not mean that there are no consequences for actions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


      • That is kind of an interesting concept on free will by you. So basically people, because of laws? Do not have a free will to murder someone, rape someone, steal from someone, etc. But that is a twisting of free will as it applies to the perpetrators. What about the free will of the victim to not be murdered? Or raped? Or stolen from?

        This is what would be called a false equivalency apologetic. You cannot compare the two ideas of free will like this. They are in essence? total opposites.

        Again, free will means the ability to make a choice, without force, without coercion, without any punishment or reward when it comes time to choosing your god and Jesus or becoming a Christian. Same with becoming a Muslim.

        But when it comes to laws? We actually have free will in essence? You can choose to murder someone, or not, rape someone or not, steal from someone or not. But does that fit the true definition of free will? No.

        Laws humans create and live by so we can actually have a “civilized society” is much different than a Christian or a Muslim telling you either you believe in what we say or we kill you and they claim that is a free will choice? Well…..is it not?

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      • I got to admit? Part of your response shocked me. Most Christians when I speak of the things they did? Will either deny it, minimize it, justify it, or start calling me an evil hater of Christians for doing so.

        At least you admit what happened without trashing me or calling me a liar for Satan lol.

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  2. Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
    Thank you for responding. Remember, I agreed with you about the “Jesus or hell,” being a tyrannical ultimatum. I don’t believe that God is giving people this ultimatum (even though many Christians present it that way). God has given you life. You are free to do what you want with the life he has given you. This is free will. God is not controlling your actions. But he does warn you that if you decide to use your free will (to rape someone for example) then he will punish you for violating that person. He is not violating your free will, he is simply setting up a system of justice like we have in human government. People who do wicked things will be punished. Regarding the afterlife: God does not owe anyone immortality. Immortality is a gift that God is offering, and you are under no obligation to accept. Despite the popularity of the concept of hell, it is not an idea that is faithful to the Biblical text or the essence of Christianity. You are right to be offended by the concept of eternal torment. Thanks!


    • Your god did not give me life. My parents having sex? Gave me life.

      Your god in fact? In the old testament? Ordered his followers to rip the fetuses out of the wombs of pregnant Tipurah and Summerian women. That? is your god? Commanding his followers? To commit abortions on women.

      If the story of Noah’s Ark is truth? Then? Your god committed worldwide mass genocide of humanity. YOU god believers? Can give any excuse you want for your god doing this. But? This makes your god no different than Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Stalin, Genghis Khan, and many other mass murderers and butchers in humanity’s history.

      You all proclam god is loving, kind and merciful. It is NOT loving, kind and merciful in my book, for your god to send two she bears on 42 children and have them mauled to death simply for making a joke about a prophets bald head. Sending them to bed without their matzos balls and taking away their dradles for a month? Now that would be merciful, kind and loving. Not brutally murdering 42 children simply for making a joke about a prophets bald head and even the Prophet? Was foul and evil to call down a death curse upon children. WTH was wrong with him. So what? He was bald. Heck I am bald and I would not demand a brutal death penalty for kids making jokes about my bald head. I guess? I am more merciful, loving and kind than your god and that damn prophet.

      YOU can praise your god, make all kinds of excuses and justifications for the evil, murderous, butcherings he commanded to be done, wiping out whole cities of people. YOU can justify the Jews history of wiping out whole towns, raping virgin girls, etc, because hey, it was their god who ordered them to do this.

      Myself? The story of the Jews from the OT and their god? Is just another example to me? Of a group of people, worshiping a god, who went and slaughtered whole towns, wiping out people to steal their lands and then? Proclaim it was their god saying he gave them these lands/ Just like Christians? Did to Pagans and Native Americans and others.

      Yes, Christians and Jews and even Muslims have all proved to the rest of humanity? You all will give any excuse for your foul, evil, basically Satanic god. You will demand we cannot judge your god, but that he? Has every right to judge us and then? Send us to hell for all eternity if we do not believe in him or love him or worship him.

      Well to me? Worshiping the Abrahamic god is comparable to my worshiping Hitler, or Pol Pot, etc. And that? Is not gonna happen with me let me tell ya.

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    • God has given you life. You are free to do what you want with the life he has given you. This is free will. God is not controlling your actions. But he does warn you that if you decide to use your free will (to rape someone for example) then he will punish you for violating that person.

      So when is your god going to start hitting in the middle of the forehead with a bolt of lightning, all those hundreds of thousands of Christian priests and pastors, busted for raping children, and turn them all into a pile of ashes with their eyeballs bugging out.

      In essence? YOU are giving more power to the free will choice of the rapist than you are giving power to the free will choice of the rape victim to not be raped. That? Is hypocritical and disgusting. Whenever we speak of the evils and the crimes that Christians do unto others? Christians are always more concerned with the free will of the Christian committing these evils and crimes than they are of their victims who get harmed, or even murdered by these Christians crimes against them and their illegal and wrong use of their free will against them.

      This is the hypocrisy of your god and your Christian theology.

      YOU gave a false comparrison to absolve yourself from the truth of how Christians and other god believers actually use free will. YOU changed the parameters actually. See we are using the Free Will bs in terms of accepting your god and Lord and Savior. Not the free will to go out and rape or not rape someone.

      1. Again, Christians have violated the free will clause by forcing their religion upon others. YOU cannot force someone to accept a god on the pains of death. YOU have no right as a human? To force your religious beliefs upon another human being who does not believe in your god. You do not have a right simply because you believe in a religious system? To demand the brutal murders of others, based on your religious belief system. You do not have a right as a believer in a religious system to demand laws to be made that favor your religious system or force your religious system upon the population.

      Christians scream they hate having this done unto them, but they have absolutely no problem? Doing it unto others. Christians will scream against Muslims installing Sharia law here in the US or other places, but they got no problem with their own ChristoTalibans installing Christian Sharia laws into our laws.Christians do NOT have a right to scream about Muslims doing this when they themselves? Do it. That is hypocrisy to the highest levels.

      2. Free will does not apply to becoming a Christian in the first place as you do not have a TRUE free will choice to become a Christian. You either become a believer in your god or Jesus, forced upon you by the pains and penalties of death and an eternity in hell if you do not. If you believe? You supposedly get rewarded with heaven, if you do not believe? Then you go to hell. That is in fact? A compete and total opposite meaning of what True Free Will is. The ability to make a choice, without coercion, punishment or reward for making that choice.

      3. With what you are saying? Yes you have a free will choice to rape someone, or not rape someone. But? This is not a Christian concept in the least. This is actually a concept that came long before Christians even came on the scene. Laws against rape goes back over 7 thousand years before you Christians even began your history on this planet. It is even a few thousand years older than the start of the Jewish history which? Is the founders and father and mother of Christianity and Islam.

      The Laws of Hammurabi and others? Which far predate even the existence of Jews, let alone Christians? Prove that humanity were moral long before you all even showed up with these moral laws. Christians and Jews therefore? Cannot claim they are the originators of moral laws or any laws really.

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    • Archon's Den says:

      But if, on his death-bed, the rapist/murderer repents and confesses, he gets to go to Heaven with no punishment and the gift of Eternal Life, while the Muslim girl he violated, is condemned to Hell. 👿

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      • Dear Archon’s Den,
        There is mercy available to everyone- including the rapist and the murderer. If God is willing to have mercy on the most vile of criminals, how about the girl who gets on her knees 5 times per day to honor her Creator? I realize that there are many Christians who would say that the Muslim girl would go to hell, and you are very right to be offended by that idea. God should not be accountable for every bad idea that Christians have. Thanks for your thoughtfulness on this matter, and your concern for justice for a rape victim.


      • Archon's Den says:

        You wrote above about God’s ‘justice.’ Now you write about His ‘mercy.’ This is like Creation and Evolution. The two are irreconcilable.
        A just God, and a merciful God, cannot coexist. A just God punishes appropriately for transgressions. A merciful God lets bad people get away with bad things, through a loophole that He installed.
        If Harvey Weinstein didn’t get away with his crimes when he was alive, by talking nice to the judge, then it is not justice if he gets away with them after he dies, by sucking up to God.
        Eternity in Hell – infinite punishment for finite crimes – is also not “Justice.” 👿

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      • Isn’t their theology funny? We survivors of their disgusting pedophiles? Have a saying about this.

        “Either you have a god who sends a child rapist to rape children or? You have a god who simply watches and says “When you are done I’m going to punish you.

        If I could stop a person from raping a child? I would. That is the difference between me and your god.” Tracie Harris.

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      • Boy do Christians hate when you expose the real truth about their disgusting Christian pedophiles and the hypocrisy of their Christian theology huh?

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      • Lets see, if you approve the comment, how she likes my ChristoTaliban Suppression Act or my Time for a Death Penalty Punishment for All Christian pedophiles.


    • Hey Rebekah. Here are a couple of sayings from us who were raped by your god, your Jesus and your Christian pedophies.

      If the sincere prayers of an innocent child of god to god cannot stop the rapes of children by a man of god? What does that say about god?

      God, the name given to the deathly silence that answers the prayers, cries and screams of a child being brutally raped by a man of god in a church.

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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising and Archon’s Den,
        Thank you for this discussion. I am truly appalled by the horrific things that have been done by people bearing the name “Christian.” For those who have been raped or forcibly converted throughout history, I wish that i could undo the harm that has been done. I have no such power. And I understand your anger toward God, who could have stopped such things but didn’t. I admit that this is a difficult problem. I have personally wrestled with the problem of evil and have often had difficulty understanding how God could allow such horrific events and terrible suffering. I don’t know if I have a good answer for that. But one of the things that helps me is knowing that God himself was willing to come and experience all the suffering that he exposed us to. He did not stay in heaven apathetic to human suffering. He came in the flesh and allowed himself to be brutally treated by human beings. I realize that this doesn’t completely solve the problem of God’s allowance of evil. I acknowledge your points as valid.
        Archon’s Den, I like your point about the contradiction of justice and mercy. Exactly: You don’t escape justice by talking nice to the judge. Some people scoff at the idea that a bloody sacrifice of Christ was needed for God to extend forgiveness to humanity. People wonder why God can’t just instantly forgive everyone. If he did so, there would be no justice. Through Christ, God extends both justice and mercy. It is not a contradiction, it is a paradox.
        I agree with your point about eternity in hell not being justice. I don’t believe hell is Biblical. It is one of the bad ideas that crept into Christian tradition. I have done extensive research on this topic and made several videos discussing it. None of the words in the Bible that have been translated as “hell” actually mean “hell.” It would be a long discussion to go into it. I COMPLETELY AGREE, that infinite punishment for finite crimes is unjust. Thanks guys!


      • Rebekah,
        Do you believe that the Norse gods and goddesses are real?
        Do you believe that the Greek gods and goddesses are real?
        How about the Roman gods and goddesses?
        If you say no? Then? YOU are actually an atheist. YOU are an atheist against all other gods and goddesses ever worshiped by humans except your own.

        For thousands and thousands of years before Jews even showed up on the scene? Before Christians showed up on the scene? People worshiped and believed in other gods and goddesses. But let’s look again, at the originators of your religion Christianity, the Jews.

        Did you know that the Jews were actually polytheists? They were not momotheists, ie believing in one god. They actually? Had their own pantheon. Your god you worship? Is actually from their earlier pantheon. Your god, whose name is YHVH according to the Jews? Was actually? Their Thunder God.

        This is actually? Revealed in the OT.

        And we made them in our image. Male and female we made them like unto ourselves.

        How this verse got left in no one knows. Typically? The translators of the RCC who actually created your bible? Changed a whole lot of Jewish theology and myths when they translated it. But it is amazing that verse got through in Genesis.

        But what does that even suggest? The Jews believed in both? A male and female god and a pantheon.

        WE made them in OUR image. Male and female WE made them like unto OURSELVES.

        Like I told the penguin in Catholic school when we were discussing this verse Hey, that means there has to be a female god. Oh boy did the penguin meltdown. But really? If you use logic on that verse? It certainly says? That there were multiple gods, and goddesses. How can a male god? Make a female in it’s image? How can a female god make males in their image? If there are males and females on the planet and we were created in their image? Then if there was ONLY a male god? Then? There would only be males. But? There are both males and females and as that verse states? There were both males and female gods.

        I think I mentioned it before too how Christians changed the theology of Jewish OT. The creation story? According to the Jews? Eve was NOT the first woman created. It was Lilith. Eve was created later. So by Christians? Taking and changing the original Jewish creation myth and taking away the Lilith part of the creation? How can you trust the teachings of Christianity?

        IF you are going to be an off-branch of the Jewish religion? Like Christians and Muslims are? Then they should stick to the original sources and not change them like they have.

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      • I know it is horrifying Rebekah to turn into an atheist. To go against what most of humanity believes in. Yet? Most of us if we were to admit it? Were actualy brain-washed into these religions. Typically? YOU are a Christian? Because your parents were, and their parents were, so on down the line. Same with Muslims, same with Jews. This typically applies to Abrahamist believers.

        It is not always this way? But for about 99% of the believers? It is.You are brought up? To totally believe in this god and Jesus, to never question anything about god or Jesus. And? To never judge your own god.

        It is hammered into your head the bible? Is the word of god. Again and again we are told this. No, it is NOT the word of god, it is the words of men who thought they were speaking the words of their god. It was men who were promoting their version of their god.

        If it was the actual, real words of your god? There would be absolutely no need for 500 different versions of your bible. There would be absolutely no need for 4,200 different denominations of Christianity and typically? Each tells the others? They are wrong and not true Christians.

        Protestant Christians and Roman Catholic Church Christians? Would never have had the brutal, slaughtering wars against each other over what Christianity is.

        And again? Christianity did not spread by the power of it’s message of love etc, but by brutal forced conversions. How can you say that these people who were forcefully converted to Christianity on the pains of brutal death by Christians, TRUE CHRISTIANS? They are not. This was spread through forcing people to BELIEVE. How can you call that? TRUE BELIEF in your god, your Jesus and your Christianity? YOU cannot.

        Honestly? Most people? CANNOT call themselves True Christians if? This was basically? Forced upon them, by Christians and? By society. To actually be a True Christian? One must have accepted this out of free will, TRUE FREE WILL.

        It is not true free will if you are born into a Christian family and brought up as a Christian. YOU did not actually? Make the decision to become a Christian, your parents made it for you. Their parents? Made it for them.

        We atheists? Are just the ones who said. WAIT THE HELL A MINUTE. I want to know WHY I believe this. I want to know WHO taught me this. I want to know about how this book of theirs became to be. I want to know how all of this was done. And? That is dangerous to religious leaders. They actually hate? People who think for themselves.Who start to question and search for their own answers.

        This is why I tell most people to truly study your religion. The best way to do it? Is to start with the orginators of your religion, the Jews. See what they actually taught in their theology. Research their history. Then? compare it to all that Christianity teaches.How Christians changed much of the theology of the Jewish people yet? Proclaim their god as theirs.

        It takes a whole lot of strength and guts and fortitude to do this.

        But you want the truth? I am more free being an atheist? Than I ever was when I was a Christian, or even when I was for a while? A worshipper of the Norse Pagan pantheon. But I found? In my almost 46 years of studying ALL the religions of humanity? It was basically? Our primitive, Bronze Age ancestors, who thought? The sound of thunder? Was the voice of their god speaking to them.

        Time to put these Bronze Age myths and superstitions where they belong. In the dust bin of humanity. We have already proved? WE HAVE NO NEED for this god as we humans? Have actually proved? We are more moral than your god with our laws and rules than he ever was with his.

        Do we put to death mouthy kids? Nope.
        Do we force raped virgins to marry their rapists? Nope.
        Do we put to death adulterers? Nope.

        And I could go on, proving? That we humans? Are in fact? More moral than your god you worship.

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      • Now this will REALLY blow your mind Rebekah. Did you know YOU are actually more moral than Jesus? That Christians are actually more moral than your Jesus? Here is why.

        No matter how Christians try to twist this verse? It truly means what it means.

        I have not come to do away with the Law but to fulfill it. But I tell you truly, you must follow ALL the laws of the Prophets until heaven and earth passes away.

        Even Jesus got pissed when they refused to stone to death a mouthy child. Yeah he gave the adultererous woman a pass, but that was to teach a lesson to the Pharisees. I am willing to bet? If they had not done how they did it? Jesus would have said yup she is an adulterer so stone her to death.

        Jesus? Wanted you to keep all those disgusting Levitical laws.That is what he commanded and demanded. And if you taught others to ignore the laws? Then you were condemned for doing so.

        So do you do any of those Levitcal laws that Jesus commanded you to keep? I bet you do not. I bet you wear pants at times, I bet you have probably cut your hair at time or two. I bet you got mouthy and talked back to your parents a time or two. I do not want you to think I am disgusting by saying this but? I bet if you are married? You were not a virgin on your wedding night. All of these? If we truly followed the Levitical laws as your Jesus commanded? Then YOU would be stoned to death, especially for not being a virgin on your wedding night.

        And these? Are just the Levitical laws. NT laws demand? A woman remains silent in the church. That she covers her head when she goes into a church. How many Christan women do this? I do still see some of the ancient Roman Catholic women in their 80’s and 90’s who still go to church and cover their heads during service. But that is really rare now. A wife in essence? Is actually? To be a literal slave to her Christian husband and doing all he says. These are the rules taught in your NT I did not make them lol.

        Imagine if Christians? Actually followed Jesus commandment to do the Levitical laws? YOU do not. Well except for the rules against lgbts, and us atheists, etc. We are trying to put a stop to that BS. If Christians can ignore their rules and laws against adulterers? Then they should be able to do so for three verses in the WHOLE bible about homosexuality. I mean they forget the over 300 verses AGAINST adultery right? Just baby steps. I mean you Christians once had it where it was illegal for a black man to marry a white woman.

        So many of your Christians? Have proven? You are actually more moral than your god and Jesus, because you all certainly again? Do not put your mouthy children to death now do ya? Or force raped virgins to marry their rapists.

        YOU all have actually proven? YOU do not need your god or Jesus to act morally.

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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
        You brought up a lot of topics about the Bible text and translation, early Judaism, religious upbringing, and morality in the Bible. I would love to discuss this in-depth with you. To address topics thoroughly will require lengthy responses. I am happy to spend the time if you want to hear a different perspective, but right now it doesn’t seem like you want to. I will just say that I am a Christian because I truly believe that Jesus is the Savior of the World. This belief did not come by coercion, and it is not a belief by default. I have deeply studied the Bible, and more importantly, I have been a friend of God’s for many years. I may not know everything about him, but I know him well enough that it would be impossible for me to deny him. 🙂 Thank you so much for the discussion. I hope we can be in touch.


      • ALL you are going to do is?

        Give me excuses and all kinds of BS about how or why your god never answered a single prayer of a child who was being raped in a church by a CHRISTIAN. I would be saying the same thing to a Muslim or a Jewish rabbi.

        Or? All kinds of lame excuses why? All you supposed Good Christians? Cannot go out and do something about all those “Fake Christians”. But? I stick with the words of a REAL Christian? Who not only practiced what he preached, but got off his ass, got a whole bunch of other Christians off their asses? And affected real change by their actions.




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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
        Well, I am no MLK, but I am doing what I can. I try to counter bad ideas when I hear them, and in addition to the video I sent you, I made a video in support of the LGBT community. I followed your blog, so I will continue to hear your ideas about what needs to be done. But I have to tell you that when I look at your website I see a lot of hate. If you fight hate with hate, you are only going to perpetuate the cycle of hate and violence in the world. Martin Luther King Jr. did not fight with hate. I hope you will consider putting the hate down and fighting with a much more powerful weapon: Love. I know that once you fill yourself with hate it is hard to get rid of it. But hate will eat you up. I’m sure you can feel that happening already. Please watch my video that I sent you. Thanks.

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      • Fighting hate with hate is what I do. And yeah, there is a whole lot of hate on my blog, 99% of it? Is Christian hate. The exposure of Christian hate. And? I got every damn right to hate these people.

        Does not your bible also says…as they sow so shall they reap? Well in my world? YOU sow hate? That is exactly what you are going to get back from me. YOU sow love? That is exactly what you are going to get back from me.

        When these Christians stop sowing hate against others? Then I will no longer have to throw their hate back into their faces.

        Let’s take an example here. Trump? Spreads hate. He has been spreading hate for a very long time. NO ONE truly stood up to Trump and his spreading of hate. And what is the consequences? Trump’s spreading of hate? Has allowed his Trumpsters to suck it up like they were smoking on a meth pipe. And they spread his hate far and wide.

        I was watching a couple of episodes of one of my favs? Bill Maher. That man knows how to say it like it is. He was talking about this very subject in the show I was watching.

        He showed many examples of people posting NICE postings, you know happy postings. Trumpsters? Spread hate on these nice postings. He then showed postings on twitter of nice tv actors and actresses. I mean people like Tom Hanks. That man is one nice human being, but Trumpsters attack him whenever he posts something with hate. When he and his wife posted about their coronavirus experience? His posting got about 200 comments from Trumpsters pretty much telling him and his wife to die slow, horrible deaths. Same with Zack Braff. Man that guy is actually a really nice and funny guy. Trumpsters were spreading hate on his even telling him to die.

        Even three of Trumps Christian preachers? All went on national tv and in the news and stated, that if Trump was impeached and removed from office? They would start a Civil War and Trump even re-tweeted two of them, Rick Wiles and Franklin Graham Jr and did these Christian Pastors of Hate really get any pushback by Christians? OH HELL NO THEY DIDN’T. Here you got Christian pastors stating their followers and Trumpsters should start a Civil War against people of this country and murder their fellow citizens all for the purveyor of hate, Donald J Trump.

        Since Trump? His Trumpsters in hate? Have sent bombs to Democrats, committed mass murder twice (El Paso and ChristChurch), in the Charlottesville rally of racists? One ran over and murdered Heather Heyer and injured 19. A group of these racist Trumpsters are caught on video in an underground parking garage attacking a black man and beating him by kicking and stomping on him and hitting him with sticks.

        We have where they have sent death threats to Democrats, News organizations and others, all of whom? Trump and his Faux Nitwit Newsless idiots and Briebart all spreading hate and lies against them.

        YOU even got Trump on recordings, during his rallies even stating to his psychotic, hateful followers to punch people out and he would pay for their legal fees. No wonder why so many of his hateful Trumpsters? Have committed all kinds of acts of hate and violence and terrorism. And every single day? TRUMP SPEWS HATE AND BIGOTRY AND MISOGYNY AND PATHOLOGICAL LIES DESIGNED TO PUSH HIS BRAND OF RACIST, BIGOTED, MISOGYNIST HATE.

        We have Trumpster Christian white supremacist organizations such as the Proud Boys, the Aryian Nation, the KKK, the Neo-Nazis causing all kinds of hateful terrorist activities.

        YOU do not believe what I am saying here? Go to Fox News sites and go to a few stories and read their comments posted there. Go to the Fox News YouTube site and read some of their comments, though I do not think you would like that.


        YOU SPEAK ABOUT MY HATE? My hate is well reserved for people? Who do evil, true evil.

        These people hate? Are just because they are true haters, bigots, racists and misogynist pigs.


        I guess again? I am acting more Christian towards your Christians who spread hate, or are pedophiles, than you Christians do. Because I think if your Jesus was real and around? He would be walking into all these fake churches with his whip overturning their false altars and whipping them with their whip now wouldn’t he.


      • And? Here again? YOU as a Christian? Are demanding me again? To be more Christian? Than your fellow Christians who spew hate and death from their pulpits with shouts of hearty amens and praise the lords.

        YOU expect me to be more Christian than Christians in telling me? Essentially? That I must continue to turn the other cheek to these haters. That I must love these haters. That I must treat them with kindness and mercy, when they have done NONE of this to me or to others.

        I am not a Christian. I am not a follower nor believer in your god or it’s existance. I am not a believer in the fairy tale of your Jesus. I hate your bible basically. Your bible is full of horror stories of your evil god you dare call good, holy, merciful and just, when he is anything but.

        Your “holy book” has laws which allows raped women to be stoned to death for adultery, a raped virgin being forced to marry her rapist for life, your god, ordering the slaughter of whole towns and cities, your god having fetuses, infants and children brutally murdered, and virgins raped and gang-raped even. Your god brutally murders fetuses, infants and children himself in your bible. He has parents cannibalize their children, beat their children, and murder their children should they get mouthy to their parents. And if you truly look at it? Your god is a mass murderer and a genocidal maniac who gets pissed if someone wears cloths with mixed fabrics, or eats lobster and catfish. He gets pissed if you trim the sides of your beard or a woman cuts their hair. But again> He orders his followers to rip the fetuses right out of the bellies of pregnant women and to smash the bodies of infants and children against rocks to murder them.

        But? You all say your god was justified in all this and we should NEVER judge your god, who is supposedly going to judge us all right? Well is someone is going to judge me? They better not be one who advocates the brutal murder and slaughter of innocent fetuses, infants in children in the first place in my book. Cause i just beings who do that to fetuses, infants and children? Purely evil demons worthy of no worship or love at all.

        And you speak about my hate? Well your god, if you actually read your bible especially the OT? Spreads a whole lot of hate himself. But again? You Christians justify his evil hate. Because YOU are not supposed to judge or question your god right? Yeah right.


      • You actually want to know a Truth? The biggest creators of atheists? Are those who proclaim a belief in a god. And Christians and Muslims? Are the biggest creators of atheists.


      • above all else? PLEASE answer these questions.

        1. So are lgbts supposed to lay down and just die when a Christian hater attacks them and beats them up or tries to murder them? How about us Atheists? Or Pagans or Native Americans? WE are not Christians but we are demanded to constantly turn the other cheek to our Christian haters huh?

        2. What are we all supposed to do with these Reich-Wing ChristoTaliban organizations such as the Proud Boys, the Aryian Nation, the Stormtroopers and the Neo-Nazis? What are we supposed to do with these Reich-Wing ChristoTaliban pastors of hate like Rick Wiles, Franklin Graham Jr, Jim Bakker and others who have called for a Civil War against the United States if Trump had been removed from office from impeachment or what they are saying even now. If Trump is not re-elected…then that means the fix was in, thanks to Trump and his Fox News cronies of haters spreading this lie, that if he loses the re-election that means there was massive voter fraud and then? We will start that Civil War again? Just like Trump proclaimed the reason he lost by 3 million votes in the popular vote to Hillary that there were 3 million fraudulent votes?

        3. What are we supposed to do with all those ChristoTaliban Pastors of Hate whom I have exposed on my blog, or Right Wing Watch and SPLC keeps exposing? Pastors like Scott Lively, Matt Barber, Rick Wiles, Walid and Theodore Shoebat, the Westboro Baptist crew of terrorists, Franklin Graham Jr, Pat Robertson, Janet Porter, Bryan Fischer, David Barton, Gordon Klingenschmitt, Mat Staver, Kevin Swanson, Larry Pratt, Tony Perkins, Molotov Mitchell, Allen West, Herman Martir, Morgan Brittany, Morton Blackwell, Steven Anderson, Charles Worley, Gordon Larmour, Matt Powell, Michael Crook, Mike Stahl, and so many others.

        Or these Christian organizations of hate?
        Alliance Defending Freedom: Founded by some 30 leaders of the Christian Right, the Alliance Defending Freedom is a legal advocacy and training group that has supported the recriminalization of homosexuality in the U.S. and criminalization abroad; has defended state-sanctioned sterilization of trans people abroad; has linked homosexuality to pedophilia and claims that a “homosexual agenda” will destroy Christianity and society. ADF also works to develop “religious liberty” legislation and case law that will allow the denial of goods and services to LGBT people on the basis of religion. Since the election of President Donald Trump, the ADF has become one of the most influential groups informing the administration’s attack on LGBT rights working with an ally in Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

        American Family Association: The American Family Association (AFA) says it promotes “traditional moral values” in media. A large part of that work involves “combating the homosexual agenda” through various means, including publicizing companies that have pro-gay policies and organizing boycotts against them.

        Family Research Center: The FRC often makes false claims about the LGBT community based on discredited research and junk science. The intention is to denigrate LGBT people as the organization battles against same-sex marriage, hate crime laws, anti-bullying programs and the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

        Family Watch International: Family Watch International works within the United Nations and with countries around the world to further anti-LGBT and anti-choice stances. Founder Sharon Slater promotes anti-LGBT pseudoscience that includes the falsehood that homosexuality is a mental disorder derived from childhood trauma, and that so-called “conversion therapy” can effectively eliminate same-sex attraction.

        Liberty Counsel: Liberty Counsel is a legal organization advocating for anti-LGBT discrimination under the guise of religious liberty. With the expansion of equal rights for LGBT people, especially, the Liberty Counsel has come into their own, working to attempt to ensure that Christians can continue to engage in anti-LGBT discrimination in places of business under the guise of “religious liberty.” Through lawsuits and its annual Awakening conference in Orlando, the Counsel attempts to enforce the idea that Christian beliefs and law trump all other law.

        Pacific Justice Institute: The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is an anti-LGBT hate group founded in 1997 by Brad Dacus. PJI and Dacus have compared legalized gay marriage to Hitler and the Nazis’ ascent in Germany; endorsed so-called “reparative” or sexual orientation conversion therapy; claimed marriage equality would lead to legal polygamy and incest; fought against protections for trans children and fabricated a story of harassment by a trans student; and said that LGBT History Month promotes gay pornography to children.

        Westboro Baptist Church: The group is basically a family-based cult of personality built around its patriarch, Fred Phelps. Typified by its slogan, “God Hates Fags,” WBC is known for its harsh anti-gay beliefs and the crude signs its members carry at their frequent protests.

        World Congress of Families: The World Congress of Families, which is a project of the former Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society (now the International Organization for the Family), serves as an umbrella for a massive network of interconnected organizations, all pushing for restrictions to LGBT rights under the guise of the defense of the “natural family” — defined as heterosexual married couples with their biological children

        And all these?
        Church Militant/St. Michael’s Media
        All Scripture Baptist Church
        Americans for Truth About Homosexuality
        ATLAH Media Network
        Bible Believers Fellowship
        The Campus Ministry USA
        Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam)
        Chalcedon Foundation
        Concerned Christian Citizens
        D. James Kennedy Ministries
        Faith Baptist Church
        Faithful Word Baptist Church
        Family Research Institute
        First Works Baptist Church
        Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment (H.O.M.E.)
        Illinois Family Institute
        Liberty Baptist Church
        Mass Resistance
        Mission: America
        Pass the Salt Ministries
        Pilgrims Covenant Church
        The Pray in Jesus Name Project
        Probe Ministries
        Public Advocate of the United States
        Revival Baptist Church
        Ruth Institute
        Save California
        Scott Lively Ministries
        Stedfast Baptist Church
        Strong Hold Baptist Church
        Sure Foundation Baptist Church
        Tom Brown Ministries
        True Light Pentecost Church
        United Families International
        Verity Baptist Church
        Warriors for Christ


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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
        Thank you for the information. You said, “Please answer these questions:” You asked a lot of questions, but they really boil down to one question: What do we do when people hate and oppress us? I’m a Christian, so you shouldn’t be surprised that I will offer you a Christian answer.
        When we see others oppressed, we should help them get justice (like you are doing). When we ourselves are hated and oppressed, we should LOVE our enemies, and do good to those who seek to harm us.


      • Let me tell you what this sounds like to me.

        While that is all well and good? YOU Christians turning the other cheek against those who truly persecute you and you consider your enemy? Do not expect those who are persecuted by Christians to do the same especially? If they are not Christians. YOU cannot ask a non-Christian to be more Christian than a Christian is.

        Let me ask this of you this way.

        If a Muslim was trying to put a Christian to a brutal death, should that Christian allow it to happen to them, or should they have a right to fight for their life?

        If a Muslim demands a brutal death for Christians, do they have a right to speak out against it? And demand these Muslims stop speaking this way against Christians?

        If a Muslim group was coming to brutally murder a whole group of Christians, would those Christians have a right to defend themselves and their lives against the Muslims doing this?

        I am willing to bet? YOU will say yes to all of that now wouldn’t you?

        But it seems? From what you are saying? We atheists, or lgbts, or Pagans or Native Americans who come under these brutal attacks? Or are murdered by them? Or have all this hate speech done against them by Christians? Do not have that same right.

        When a Christian pastor stands behind their pulpits, literally screaming, foaming at the mouth, how atheists, lgbts or others should be put to a brutal death? Then they? Should be treated the same way? We treat the Muslim Talibans. We should call them for who and what they are. Christian Talibans. And? EVERYONE should stand up to Christian Talibans as much as we stand up against Muslim Talibans.

        Christian Talibans who spread hate and death? Are absolutely no different than the Muslim Talibans who do the same. And if you were honest with yourself, and all Christians were honest with themselves? They would agree with that truth.


        I mean you do not get pissed off at a fellow Christian taking a stand against Muslim Talibans right? Why should they be pissed at people standing up to their own Christian Talibans?

        And again? If you Christians want to play that No True Scotsman line of apologetic BULLSHIT and proclaim these people doing this are not Christians? THEN HOW CAN YOU SAY? WE WHO STAND UP TO THEM ARE PERSECUTING CHRISTIANS?

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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
        Yes, it is a good thing to stand up against people who are oppressing other people (whatever their religious affiliation might me). I never suggested that you should stop standing up against oppressors. I said that when other people are being oppressed, you should stand up for them and help them get justice. But even when being oppressed, you can stand up for justice while still acting in love toward your enemies. MLK did that. I’m not expecting you to act like a Christian. You aren’t a Christian, so why should you follow Christian ideals? You asked me what I think you should do, and I’m telling you what I think is the right path. Since you aren’t a Christian, I don’t expect you to do it.


      • Ok let me try to put it to you this way as you keep using MLK from the quote I posted about him. Let me post that quote too one more time.

        “He who PASSIVELY accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who PERPETRATES IT. He who accepts evil without PROTESTING AGAINST IT is actually COOPERATING with it.”

        So this is what he is actually saying and I am going to use the RCC on this one cause it is a great example of this when it comes time to their Pedophile Pimps and pedophiles.

        So? When the pew polishers of the RCC do not demand that all their credibly accused pedophile pimp leader like Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, or Francis, or Cardinals like Timothy Dolan, Bernard Law, George Pell etc, Bishops and Archbishops who covered up for their pedos, moved them around to avoid detection, or arrest? And these pedos raped more children? Do NOT demand the immediate removal of them all? And their arrest and prosecution of their crimes? Then they are just as involved in the evil crimes of their Pedophile Pimps.

        When they still praise them as holy men of god? Or put their money in the collection baskets? Then they are not only involved in the crimes, they are actually promoting those crimes.

        When they do NOT protest to have them all removed? Or attack the victims and survivors like they love to do? Then? They are actually? Cooperating with the evil that is being done. And therefore? They are just as guilty.

        When they say the priest did not rape these children, despite all the evidence they did? Or say oh no, our leaders did not cover this up. Or say hey the homosexuals and satanists and atheists are actually the ones who are doing this. They all invaded our churches to do this to make us look bad!!! And I swear? THEY DO SAY THIS.

        Then not only are they involved in the evil, not only are they cooperating with it, they are actually promoting it.

        This is basically the meaning behind Martin Luther King jr’s statement and it can be applied equally to those Christian Pastors of Hate that Good Christians? Seem to lack the guts and balls to truly stand up to and actually? Barely protest against them.


      • I am going to leave you with one more thing to ponder.And I am going to use Christian theology on this one.

        Right or wrong? Christians state that what happens to you? Is all part of your gods plan. That your god uses certain people to get his message across right?

        Well? Maybe your god is using me? To expose all this harm done to others in the name of your Christianity?

        Let’s look at this illogically logically in a sense.

        1. I went through all that with the priests.
        2. I still went on to Bangor Theological Seminary and got a masters degree in biblical studies and comparative religion.
        3. I spent the next 40 years truly researching EVERYTHING about Christianity and actually? All the horrors they did to humanity. Plain and simple, that is an unalterable truth and fact and historically proven.
        4. At first? When I came out of the abuse closet? I had no clue about what happened or what was going on. I was in sort of incommunicado when Boston Globe broke the story in 2000-2005. I really? Honestly? Had no clue as to the extent of this horror. I really thought? I was one of the few who went through this. Imagine my surprise? I was wrong and not only was these pedophile crimes rampant in the RCC? But in ALL THE DENOMINATIONS OF CHRISTIANITY.
        5. Then I started getting into all the Christian Pastors of Hate. And found this just as rampant in Christian denominations that I found the pedophile problem, and the rapist problem, and the child abuse problem, and all kinds of other crimes by Christian pastors and preachers.
        6. So? I started exposing it ALL. And started speaking out against it. And even? Appeared before our own states Senate Judiciary Committee testifying on all this.
        7. I have literally? Become an expert in all of this. Sad and horrifying thing to become an expert on this kind of stuff huh?

        So maybe? If you applied your own Christian theology to all of this?


        Hmmmm. Could be if we applied your Christian theology to all that I have done in exposing this and standing up to it huh?

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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
        You asked: Isn’t it all according to God’s plan? No, it isn’t. Lots of Christians think this way, but the Bible does not present God in that way. There is lots of stuff happening in this world that is NOT God’s will. That is why we pray, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” We pray this because God’s will is often NOT being done on earth.


      • Funny. I was forced? To say the Our Father all the while those three priests raped me. To this day? I cannot say it really. But let’s take that prayer shall we and break it down.

        Now, Christians always tell me about the power of prayer. But? Scientifically and through research? Guess what the average of a prayer being answered? Well I will tell ya. It is 0.002%. That is right. Out of all the prayers being supposedly answered by your god? Only 0.002% can be both, scientifically and statistically proven to have been answered. That is a fact and truth. Which means? Over 99% of prayers offered? Are not answered. Not a good track record for the power and effectiveness of prayer so far huh?

        Let’s take some more personal experiences with this in the work I do.

        MILLIONS of children have been raped by Christian priests and pastors, for the last 1,700 years. We can show that many of the Roman Catholic Popes of the beginnings? Were not only raving pedophiles but actively encouraged and promoted it. One would say this is definitely against your gods will then right? But this is a fact and a truth, Same? With actually many of the other denominations. Episcopals or the Church of England? Has been proven the same. Baptists and Southern Baptists? Raped a whole lot of Native American children in their Industrial Schools they ran here. No one batted an eye over that. This? WAS ALL a well known “secret” among Christians but? They did not give a shit about it.

        Rape and pedophile rape? Was one hell of a tool of torture and terror that Christians used real well in their Christian forced conversions to Pagans, and the Crusades to Jerusalem and especially? The Cathar/Albegensian Crusades.

        Rape and pedophile crimes were committed by Christian priests and pastors during the Catholic and Protestant Inquisitional period. Much of their tortures against women? Were incredibly sexually violent. Shoving popes pears into womans vaginas and anuses, ripping off their breasts. Heck even the original examinations were basically rape. They would strip the woman or girl, and oogle all over her, looking for the mark of satan. They would shove their fists into their vaginas. They would smash or squeeze their breasts.

        During the Crusades to Jerusalem? Even Christian chroniclers record the brutal rapes by Christians of Jewish and even fellow Christian women let alone Muslim women. Rape and pedo rape were main crimes Christians committed when they did all they could to wipe out the Cathars off the face of the earth.

        Of course? The Christians doing all this? Justified it and proclaimed it being done? In the name of your god, your Jesus, your bible and your Christianity. YOU can say no, this is not Christianity, this is not god, or Jesus or the bible says to do, and? You actually would be right. But apparently?

        YOUR ALL KNOWING AND ALL SEEING GOD KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING. And he? Put no stop to it now did he? I am sure many of these victims? Begged and cried out to your god to stop his Christians from doing this to them and your god sure did not answer their prayers now did they cause the slaughters against them by Christians? Sure did not stop. So your god? If he is all powerful and all knowing? Wanted his Christians to do what they were doing, and approved of it? Otherwise? He would have put a stop to it.

        That? Is only logical right? If your god is truly against it, and hey, your god was ok with like I said, Christians fighting against the Nazis, or against the other dictators and tyrants of the world but did nothing to bring a whole bunch of good Christians forth and stop the slaughter of all these innocent people? Then that must mean, logically? HE APPROVED OF ALL THAT.

        He approved of the Christian slaughters of the Pagans, Jews, Muslims, even fellow Christians. He approved the massive extermination of us Native Americans. Otherwise? Your god, holy, loving, just, merciful god and Jesus? Would have sent hordes of Good Christian warriors to fight these others and with us not against us right?

        If you actually study your Old Testament? Your god ordered his Jews to do this to many people too. YOU cannot say? Your god is against the wiping out of a group of people if he actually ordered, many times in the OT? The wiping out of a group of people now can you? Unless you are illogical.

        So again? We have millions of children, being raped in churches by Christian priests and pastors, praying to your god and Jesus to stop what was happening to them and that batting average of the prayers answered where god and Jesus stopped their rapes in a church? 0.

        Their answering prayers and screams and cries of all the various groups of people that Christians have in fact? Put to brutal deaths, from the Pagans, Native Americans and many others. I am sure they all prayed for it to stop. I have even given examples of this. I am imagining especially the Christians that fellow Christians put to brutal deaths in their religious wars and the batting average of their prayers being answered? Again? 0.

        Groups of Christians sitting in a church being mowed down by a psycho killer? I am sure all the ones who died prayed they would not be mowed down. Again, their prayers being answered? 0.

        Shall I go on? I can use many examples to back up the scientific and stastical claims that the power of prayer is bullshit as the PROVEN, confirmed,answers to prayers equals a total of less than 1%

        Not looking too good so far for your claims of the power of prayer huh?

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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
        I don’t know that we can accurately state the statistics for answered/unanswered prayers. However, I do think religious people are eager to seize on events that happen to correspond to their prayer requests, and tend to downplay the times when their prayers aren’t answered. You also make a valid point about the unanswered prayers of those who have been raped and abused, and the difficulty of understanding why God does not intervene in those circumstances. My faith in God is not based on how many prayer requests he answered. He rarely does what I want him to do. And it upsets me to hear about times when he doesn’t intervene (like during abuse). But I can’t deny his existence just because he doesn’t do what I think he should do or what I want him to do. My faith is more like this: I know he is there, so I have to deal with him. Whether he is a perfect and wonderful being, or a moral monster, he is there and must be dealt with. I have been happy to discover that God is loving and kind and that he has a plan to restore everything that has been lost, damaged, and destroyed by human wickedness. It still bothers me that people have to endure the horrors of this evil time, and I don’t have a good answer for you and other victims about why God didn’t help you in your moment of need.


      • Then can you understand why people like myself not only rejects your god, but are also atheistic towards your god and Jesus? And with what has been done to us by those who call themselves Christians would be pissed off at all Christians for what we see their inability to do anything to stop all these evils?

        Can you see why an lgbt, an atheist, a Native American or a Pagan would be PISSED at ANY Christian who would stand behind their pulpits calling for the brutal murder of us and their pew polishers agreeing? Would be pissed at them and even say as they sow? So should they reap?

        Can you understand why survivors of these brutal pedophilia crimes against us, who does what he does in reporting all this? Would be pissed and demand that all pedophiles, not just religious ones, be put to death? The way I look at it? If some scum is going to rape a child? And we put murderers to death? Then we should use the same punishment on those who rape kids. Especially religious people who literally destroy the whole child they rape using their god and Jesus and Christianity to do so?

        These? Are normal reactions of any victims of hate, of persecution or crimes like these. I am going to tell you, if three priests threw you up against an altar and raped you anally all night? And then? YOU got denied any form of justice for it? I am damn sure? YOU would be PISSED, YOU would want justice and I guarentee you? There will even be times? Where you want them? Put to death for what they did to you.

        Heck you should have seen me when I first came out of the abuse closet. YOU think I am one pissed off angry person now? I have actually calmed down some lmfao. Go look at my original blog Rape Victims of the Catholic Church and you can see that.

        I have a whole lot of anger for what happened to me. When I stuffed it all? I took it out on myself by trying to commit suicide and do all kinds of crap to end my life. Heck I would walk into a neighborhood of pissed off black people in the middle of the night just to get killed.

        Once I started going to therapy? Well I learned instead of stuffing it all? To let it out, to say what I needed to say. I am dealing with over 40 years of anger against all the hate and evil done against me. It does not go away overnight, nor by 10 years even. Yeah I get brutal at times. I know pedophiles never change and it totally pisses me off? They get a damn slap on the wrist most of the time.

        I still really go off yes, especially after I have to post a story of a 9 year old girl who was a virgin? Lost her virginity through a brutal rape on her fathers grave by a Christian pastor. And this garbage got only 15 years in prison for all he did to her when he should have in fact? Gotten the death penalty. Again, that girl will NEVER be able to visit her fathers grave will she? She is in a prison for the rest of her life.

        So maybe if you can understand. My hate and anger? Is NOT directed at good people. It is directed at evil people. At people who are foul, disgusting, vile and pure, unmitigated evil. Telling me to love them, to turn the other cheek to them, to forgive them, to treat them with any kind of decency and respect? To stop throwing hate and anger at them? Goes against EVERYTHING? I am and stand for.


      • Just imagine? If all Good Christians? Got just as pissed off as me over their pedophiles and their Christian haters. I guarentee you all? if you Good Christians did? Things would change FAST.


      • Sorry, but again? Here is more for you to think about.

        Whether Christians? Accept it or not? Hitler and his Nazis? Were self proclaimed Christians. There are far too many speeches of Hitler and his Nazis proclaiming themselves Christians and that the Nazi movement was a Positive Christian movement.

        But Christians fought against Hitler in WWII didn’t they? They went to war and they shot and killed Nazis right? We all banded together to fight the Axis of evil. Was that wrong? Should Christians have turned the other cheek prayed for Hitler and then did nothing to stand up to him?

        NO. Christians, atheists, Native Americans, lgbts, Pagans, all joined together and fought this basically ChristoTaliban menace against the world.

        Same with the Civil Rights marches. Christians joined together? To fight those ChristoTalibans who were spreading hate and death. You all even joined with us to fight them during the first Civil War.

        During the ChristoTaliban invasion of our Native country? Good Christians? Actually fought against the ChristoTalibans who were brutally murdering us, spoke out against it and did all they could to stop it.

        So if this is the history of Good Christians? Then you all need to repeat your history of Good Christians? And truly stand with us atheists, with lgbts, with Pagans, with Native Americans and fight the menace of your ChristoTalibans again.

        If you all did it before many times? You damn well can do it again can’t you? Or are you all too scared now to do so?


      • I’m gonna tell ya right now Rebekah. Either YOU proclaimed Good Christians? Stop your Fake ones out there? Or we will and if you supposed Good Christians get in our way when we do? Then YOU TOO will fall with the bad ones. Cause all of us? Atheists lgbts, Pagans, Native Americans?



      • I am also going to say? I really do hope? Those ChristoTaliban Pastors? Rick Wiles, Franklin Graham, Jim Bakker and others? Who called their mental midget morons to start a Civil War if Trump was removed from office? And all those racist, white supremacist “Christian” groups of Trumpanzee neo-nazi, shitstains on the underwear of humanity? Would drop their micronuts and pop off. I really do. It will give me great pleasure to sign back up in the military just so I can go wipe those morons off the face of the earth and we never have to deal with them ever again.


  3. Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
    You are living up to your name. 😀 I can see you are indeed militant and rising. Thanks for taking the time to make such a thorough response. You brought up a lot of topics and I don’t think i can properly address them in one comment. I’m very happy to be your punching bag, if that is all you desire. But if you are willing to have a conversation, can we slow down a bit? I read your entire post carefully, and there is a lot that I would love to talk about if you are willing.

    For now, I will just respond to one of the last things you said, “Prove that humanity were moral long before you all even showed up with these moral laws.” I think that you are right that we were moral creatures long before the laws of Moses came along. But did we live according to our morals? When I read the history books and look around at the world, I don’t see many examples of humans living according to the morals they espouse. We seem to have a very hard time not killing and oppressing each other. This is true of all humans, not just the religious ones. With us being such moral creatures, why do you think humanity has such an awful track record? Thanks for your time.


    • Do you even know what my name means? Let me clue you in. For centuries? We atheists have had to live in the shadows because Christians loved to persecute us and murder us. They still do. So do Muslims who have 13 countries for the death penalty punishment for us atheists.

      I’ve done many postings of your Christian Pastors of Hate, foaming at the mouth like the rabid dogs they are, to shouts of hearty amens from their fellow Christians of Hate pew polishers, about how Christians should have the right to brutally put to death not only us atheists, but lgbts and many others.


      We atheists? Have just as much right to our lives? As you theists do. And when theists tell me theirs is a religion of peace and love and yet? Spew hate and death against others? Especially us atheists, or against any one else?



      I for one? And many other atheists, and? Lgbts and Pagans? All feel the same way. And? We are NO LONGER going to lay down for theists who want to murder us or persecute us.

      I mean you Christians could get off your butts and do this too,but I guess you are all too scared to stand up to your Christian haters, bigots, racists, misogynist pigs and terrorists and fascists so? You all leave the ones of us who come under vile attack from them to do so.

      And then? Cry when we do so.

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    • Sounds like you play a couple of games here. Let me reveal them to you.

      YOU say the following:

      But did we live according to our morals? When I read the history books and look around at the world, I don’t see many examples of humans living according to the morals they espouse. We seem to have a very hard time not killing and oppressing each other. This is true of all humans, not just the religious ones. With us being such moral creatures, why do you think humanity has such an awful track record?

      If you actually study history? You will find? That most of those who have the awful track records? Are those who believe in a god.

      1. Christians proclaimed it is against the moral code to murder. They proclaim their moral code says thou shall not rape or harm a single hair on the head of a child. It also says to be a true Christian? You must not hate anyone, even those whom you consider your enemy. You are actually? Supposed to turn the other cheek and even pray for them and bless them.

      But? Christians violated all those moral laws and codes themselves.

      2 Muslims? Are just as bad.

      Both? Actually proclaim? They are religions of peace, love, non-judgment.

      Now in Christian apologetics? Most come back demanding that no, it was we atheists who did the most mass murders etc, using typically Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. These are false equivalncies and assertions.

      1. Hitler and his Nazis always proclaimed they were Christians and actually? The first people they started to put to death was us atheists, besides the Jews.

      2, Stalin was actually a defender of religion. If not? He would have never allowed the Russian Orthodox churches to even exist. And? He slaughtered atheists, professors, teachers, scientists, free thinkers. Many more than he did religious people in his purges. He was not specifically going after theists because of atheist beliefs either. He was going after all people who he deemed a threat to his communist, dictatorial theolody and ideology.

      3. Pol Pot? Was actually a Buddhist lol and like Stalin and Hitler? Hated atheists, educators and smart people. So those were the ones he mainly put to death. Again, he did not commit his purges because of atheist beliefs, but because of twisting Communist and Buddhist beliefs.

      4. Mao is pretty much the same as Pol Pot. Again he started his purges against atheists, free thinkers, teachers etc.

      So? When you actually look at the facts and truth?

      Christianity is the top dog when it comes time to their butchery and murdering death toll against others.

      Muslims? Are actually in second place but rising fast.

      Jews are third. I mean heck they wiped out whole towns and cities to get what they wanted out of their religion.

      Religions are the first cause of mass slaughters and death.
      Political ideology of communism and dictatorships are the second cause of mass genocides and slaughters.

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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
        Thank you again for taking the time to write all of these thoughts. I read your comments and your post about the rock in the face. I understand your perspective. You have experienced hatred and intolerance and oppression because of religion and religious people- especially Christians. This is your experience. How can I argue with that? It seems that you are not open to hearing a different perspective at this time, so I won’t try to offer you one. I will just offer myself as a punching bag. Whenever you feel the need to rant against Christians, please feel free to bash me on my website or my Youtube channel. I say this with my heart full of love for you. Thanks.


      • Hey Rebekah…go to this link. Then read each and every story posted there. Then? come back and tell me what you think. I want YOU to truly realize the extent of the damage your Christian religion has done to others.



    • Hey Rebekah.

      I seriously doubt you would enjoy reading this but this morning? After I reported on dozen more of your disgusting Christian pedophiles? And more on your ChristoTalibans Pastors of Hate? I wrote these two blog posting. Enjoy.

      Time For A Death Penalty Punishment For ALL The Christian Pedophiles


      The ChristoTaliban Suppression Act



    • Rebekah…there is great need for atheists like myself. Who now? Have to take a stand against you psychotic Abrahamists. Christians? Want to murder us atheists. Muslims? Have 13 countries where it is a death penalty punishment to be an atheist. Jewish rabbis? Are also calling for us atheists to be put to death.

      They all want to take ALL our rights away, besides the ones? They have already taken away.

      We atheists? For the most part? Are literally banned from adopting children.

      In some states? Atheists? Cannot run for political office.

      In some states? If you are an atheist in a divorce and custody case? YOU will not only NOT get custody of your child? YOU will be lucky to even see them. I know, I experienced this? FIRSTHAND.

      So Rebekah? It is far past time for atheists to stop living in the shadows and all join together? And put a stop to your psychotic Abrahamists who want to put us to death and even deny us all rights to even live.

      As my profile pic states?

      For centuries atheists had to live their lives in the shadows. The Dark Ages are over motherfuckers. Try burning us now.

      We atheists? Have as much freaking right to exist? As you theists do. And we atheists? Are sick and damn tired of you theists? Persecuting us and demanding us to die. Same with a whole bunch of lgbts. They too? Are sick and tired of you psychotic Abrahamists.

      Maybe? All us atheists and all the lgbts and all those Pagans and all us Native Americans you Abrahamists hate so much on? Persecute and demand brutal deaths for? All ought to join together? And be real militants towards all you Abrahamists and allow you all?



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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsuprising,
        I understand your perspective. Those are very sad stories of suicide that resulted from abuse by religious leaders- people who should have been the example of love to follow. It is devastating. And I understand the oppression that you have felt, and that of the LGBT community. There is not much I can do about history, or present-day religious people who are oppressing others. I can only control myself and try to influence the people around me. I believe in freedom of religion (including freedom of non-religion). There are many Christians who are NOT oppressing and abusing people, and who support freedom of religion. I hope that you will not lump all believers together. We aren’t all atheist haters. When I read your messages, I don’t hate you. My heart is filled with love for you, and I hope that you will be healed from all the pain you have experienced because of religion. Thanks for continuing the conversation.

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      • And? This is why? The haters of your religion will never stop. And? YOU Christians? Are actually commanded to stand up to them.

        Matthew 18:15-17: “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother. “But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that BY THE MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY FACT MAY BE CONFIRMED. “If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.

        Galatians 6:1: Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted.

        1 Timothy 5:20: Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning.

        So? YOU True Christians? Are in fact? Commanded to stand up against your ones you call Fake Christians. If you do not? Then YOU are just as guilty as they are.

        Here is how Martin Luther King Jr actually put it best.

        “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is actually cooperating with it.”

        ALL you True Christians? Have a moral duty to stand up to all your disgusting Fake Christians out there, preaching hate and death and doing the evil things they are doing. If you do not? Then? YOU are just as guilty as they are. YOU may not have done what they did but it is by your silence of not standing up and protesting against them? Or just ignoring them and living your life? While they continue to use your Jesus message to harm others? Then YOU are as much involved in it.

        Time for all you True Christians? To do what you are commanded to do against all your Fake Christians. Or? Stop bitching at us and trashing us who do it for you.

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      • We atheists? Do not persecute TRUE Christians. We persecute your Fake Christians.

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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsuprising,
        Thank you for taking the time to quote Bible verses. I really appreciate your diligence. I agree that Christians have a moral duty to stand up against Christians (or fake Christians) who are doing evil things. You are absolutely right. But why assume that we aren’t? I am doing what I can. And if I’m not doing enough I pray that God will show me what else to do. I really feel your pain and I wish I could make it go away. Thanks for your time.


      • Rebekah I know some of you are. The problem is? There is not enough of you. And the what we call? The Reich-Wing section of your ChristoTalibans are going truly psychotic and have been for a while because many of you Good Christians failed to start standing up to them back in the Moral Majority/Ronald RAYGUN lol days. If you all had started standing up to them back then? Then things would not have gotten out of hand like they are.

        I know there are some really great Christians out there. But? I am going to be totally honest. YOU GUYS ARE BASICALLY PUSSIES!!!

        Take the reaction to the editor of Christianity Today who published his piece AGAINST Trump and trashed all those basically FAKE Christians he has surrounded himself with. Christians? TRASHED HIM. They demanded he got fired. Funny thing is? He was planning to retire anyway and that was the reason behind him writing it lmfao. He did not care if they were going to scream for him to be fired and? By their doing so? He proved his point.

        I stand up with him. He actually had the balls to stand up and speak the real truth. And there are other Christians like him who are too. But again?

        It is really? Too little too late. YOU good Christians? Would ALL have to get off your arses and really do something.

        Again, I have stated it before. If Christians can gather enmass in the thousands, tens of thousands and even millions and march against same sex marriage, abortion, etc? Then you all should be able to actually do so to all those psychotic FAKE Christian churches that are giving all you good Christians such a damn bad name.

        I do not HATE True Christians. I HATE your damn FAKE ONES. And so do many other atheists, lgbts and others like I said that come under attack. And? If we truly did what we should do to them? Then we fall into a trap of you others saying we are persecuting ALL Christians and WE ARE NOT, just your mental midget moron, deluxe outhouse dwelling, trailer park trash rejects, second grade home schooled drop outs cause either they got their teachers knocked up, or got knocked up by them and had to marry them in a shotgun wedding, psychotic, hate filled and hate spewing, death dealing FAKE CHRISTIANS.


      • Here is a really weird fantasy of mine and many of my fellow atheists and lgbt friends.

        A whole bunch of us atheists, or lgbts, back upped by thousands of you Good Christians get to walk into these churches where these disgusting Fake Christians are screaming at the mouth like rabid dogs how they all should have the right to brutally murder us. YOU good Christians? Just sit back and relax and have our backs, but I do not think we will need you in this.

        Myself? Take for example? Either Steven Anderson or Theodore Sheobat.

        Most of them? Are basically bully pussies. I grew up with a very wise teaching from my dad after bullies messed with me. Stop fearing them. That is how they control you, through making YOU fear them. Well? Make them? Fear YOU. And I used to be known way back then, even in second and third grade? YOU are a bully who picked on me or my friends? YOU met me and YOU were no longer a bully cause I beat your butt. I have carried this all through my life. I also learned many kick ass martial arts.

        My sister actually told me a story where some kid in 6th grade was going around biting kids. He bit her. Trust me, after I got done with him? He had no teeth to bite anyone again, that is until his parents took him to the dentist and had dentures made for him.

        Another bully tried to steal my lunch? I guess I gave it to him alright. I buried my plastic fork into his forearm. He never messed with me again and he actually stopped being a bully.

        But I digress, my fantasy would be to walk right up to Anderson or to Shoebat and say right to their faces, I hear you want to put to brutal death myself for being an atheist and a defender and supporter of my brothers and sisters of humanity who happen to be lgbt. Well punks, put your money where your mouths are and jump bad. Trust me. They would not be jumping bad much. But they also? Would learn to shut their hateful outhouse pieholes. Cause I will do exactly to them? That I did to that biting kid but this time? Shatter their jaws so they can be wired shut and cant spew their hate for a long while. And then you good Christians? Can go teach them what your bibles about hate, loving your neighbors, non judgment etc or? YOU Trash their church and them for your GOOD Jesus, just like your Jesus did to those fake ones in the Temple.

        I mean come on…ya know??????


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      • Hi Atheistmilitantsrising,
        I responded to this comment and to the other ones you wrote, but you haven’t replied. So, maybe I didn’t reply in the right place or maybe you got tired of the conversation. If you are done with the conversation, then thanks for the discussion and I hope you stay healthy and happy during this strange time in the world.


      • No, I have replied. I am exhausted, mentally and emotionally from all the postings of those rapes yesterday, especially the one on the 9 yr old. I just want to clear my mind really. Not think of any of this. I want to go crawl into a hole for a while and tell the whole world to literally go fuck off.

        This is what all this does to me.

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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
        Yes, I understand your heartbreak and horror over the rape of the 9 year old and all the other nightmarish things that happen. And yes, I understand your desire to see Christians stand up in a stronger way against Christians who are oppressing people. Did you see the video I sent you (A Warning to Religious People)? In the video I talk about how the only people that Jesus was really harsh with were the religious people. Apparently, Jesus agreed with you. 🙂 Here is the link in case you didn’t see it.


      • So what excuse will you give me, for your Jesus’ failure to answer this 9 year old girls cries and screams to him when this vile evil person was raping her on her fathers grave? Or when he raped her with those objects?

        What excuse do you give me for the absolute TRUTHFUL FACT that not ONCE did your god or Jesus EVER answer the prayers, cries and screams of a child as they were being raped by a Christian priest or pastor in a church?

        What excuse are you going to give me, for you supposed True Christians failure to even put a stop to your psychotic Fake Christians, as you proclaim them, and their spreading of hate, bigotry, misogyny?

        What excuse are you going to give me for Christians failure to gather enmass with us victims and survivors, DEMANDING an immediate end to ALL statutes of limitations, the arrest and prosecution of ALL known pedo priests and pastors who got away scott free from paying for their crimes by hiding behind that statute of limitations, or all those Pedo Pimp Leaders who protected them and not the kids and by their actions? Allowed hundreds of thousands more kids to be raped, and then get away with their crimes by hiding behind either sovereign immunity laws or “distancing” laws by claiming these pastors are only associated with their church and not our organiation, like the Southern Baptist Conference, or the Methodists, or others do?

        I mean you Christians sure are good at protesting. YOU prove it when Christians protest against lgbts having the right to marry, let alone exist, or against abortion right?

        But you all fail when it comes to the real problems, and while Christians judge others? They forget the massive logs they have in their eyes while attempting to remove the tiny mote from mine when I ever speak on these things to a Christian.




      • You think it is just the rape of a 9 year old girl? I see you started following my blog right? Go look at the pages. Go to each one of them.

        I have pages for Baptist pedophiles, Methodist pedophiles, Roman Catholic pedophiles, Bob Jones University rapists and pedophiles, United Pentecostal pedophiles. Soon to be added? Sections for all the rest.

        Go to Bishops Accountability’s Abuse Tracker blog. That was done by my mentor, the late great Kathy Shaw. I worked with her for years, sharing the stories she posted on that blog to my blogs and groups on Facebook and? Sadly? She passed away.That blog is one massive resource for exposing the literal hundreds of thousands of Christian priest and pastor pedophiles and? Their Pedo Pimp leaders.

        There is also a link on Bishops Accountability’s Database, with over 10,000 named priests, brothers, nuns and sisters in just the United States busted for raping kids.

        Go to my blog, Rape Victims of the Roman Catholic Church and see what I did there.

        Go to my blog, Voices From the Grave: Suicide Victims of the Roman Catholic Church.

        IF you have a Facebook profile? Look up the groups Ministers Who Rape Children and Rape Victims of the Roman Catholic Church, two groups I started on that site.


        Read the stories under the Bob Jones University page. READ HOW THEY BLAMED THE RAPE VICTIMS.

        This is the same throughout ALL of this.

        Victims and survivors? Blamed and shamed. Denied justice. Attacked brutally by Christians. Some? Even freaking murdered. WE KNOW this for a fact and truth.

        The pedophile again? Getting away with their crimes for the most of it.and then? They even blame their victims.


        The over hundred thousand stories of this I have permanently BURNED into my brain because of doing this for 14 years?

        I am not trying to brag here. I am literally a genius. I have a photographic memory. EVERYTHING I READ? It is in my skull forever. Heck I can even remember coversations I had when I was 2 and that is no BS.

        So all of this? Besides all the work I have done exposing Jewish rabbi and Muslim cleric pedophiles and rapists? Is so full in my head? NO WONDER IT IS A FREAKING HORROR SHOW INSIDE MY SKULL.


      • And what have I gotten from your fellow Christians for all of this?

        Death threats, threats of beatings, threats of even being raped.
        Called a liar.
        Told even? I wanted to be raped, I enjoyed being raped and I am a homosexual because of it.
        I have had my son taken from me for this and denied EVER seeing him thanks to two Christians.
        I almost got murdered thanks to that scumbag Bill Donohue of the Catholic League and almost thrown into prison for DARING to stand up to him by a Roman Catholic scumbag who was our local prosecutor. In the end? He lost and? The judge who heard the case an the prosecutor? Got brought before the Judiciary Committee of our state by my lawyer? The judge was ORDERED to resign for what he did to me and the prosecutor? Was fired.
        The church? Called me a liar, even though? They knew I was speaking the truth and even one of the pedo priests who raped me was tracked down and admitted what happened and even more. And? They hid behind the statute of limitations to get my case dismissed and there was NOTHING I could do about that.

        So hey, welcome to my world.


      • Let me give you another lovely story of my meeting those who proclaimed themselves Christians. You might actually be able to find this news story on the web though it happened in 1980.

        As I have said, I am an Aniwaya Cherokee and Blackfeet. This happened in Bloomington Indiana. Now you can actually see the place where this happened if you watch a movie called Breaking Away. It is about this bicyclist kid. One of the scenes in it is they are all at a quarry diving off the cliffs. Well? This is where this happened. Now here is something I did NOT KNOW about that area. It is the heart of the wonderful Christian organization of hate known as the KKK.

        So, on the Summer Solistice? We natives have a ritual called Greeting the Sun.I have on my buckskins, smoking my peace pipe, in front of the small teepee I made. All of a sudden? That wonderful Christian organization showed up. They did not care I was a Native American matter of fact? That made them outraged.

        They beat the tar out of me. I mean it. They beat me senseless. They almost took out my right eye. They broke my jaw, they broke my arm. They beat me in the name of their Jesus and Christianity cause I? Was a savage injun.

        Then? They tied me to a freaking TREE and was going to burn me at the “stake”. Luckily? I have a very LOUD voice. I was screaming so loud? That people almost a mile away heard me. They called the cops and the cops showed up and saved my life really.

        I ended up in intensive care for a week. I had to walk around with an eye patch for six months. I could not eat cause my jaw was wired shut and my arm was in a cast.

        They? Never served one freaking day in jail for what they did to me. There was NO WAY I was staying around that area, especially when I learned? It was one of the klans home bases. I left. It was either leave and save my life? Or stay around and have these scum prosecuted if I survived long enough to do so cause they would have found me, hunting me down and killed me. All in the name of their Jesus and Christianity.

        Wonder why I am so pissed at Christians? Of course? YOU will say they are not Christians. But they sure the hell did it in the name of your Jesus, your God and your Christianity and? Got away with it.

        Of course you will probably now tell me your god and Jeebus will punish them, but guess what? YOU Christians also say your god and Jeebus is also? Going to send me to hell for all eternity too cause I am an atheist, a supporter and defender of lgbts rights and a true Native American warrior.

        So there is always that waiting for me right????


      • If I told you what my Roman Catholic father did to me after that gang rape of me? It would make you puke. If I told you what my Roman Catholic brothers did to me? It would make you as outraged as it still makes me.

        If you have ever experienced one of the outrageous hatefests I have gone through from Christians? When I spoke out on their crap on Facebook? You would understand? Why I am an ATHEIST MILITANT RISING.


      • I saw your video a few days ago and I have said it before. You True Christians? Actually got to get off your asses? And do a Jesus style cleansing of the Temple of all the False Christians as YOU call them, out of your religion.

        Otherwise? Continue dealing with people like me until we ALL get so sick and tired? We truly do something about it.

        It is funny. I am more Christian? Than many of you Christians. Atheists? LGBTS? Pagans? Native Americans? Africans? Have ALL PROVEN? We are ALL more Christian? Than those of you who DARE call yourselves Christians.

        WE have continued to turn the other cheek, we have continued to forgive you all for the crimes Christians have committed against us and continue to commit against us. We have NOT RISEN up like we should? And done unto you Christians? As Christians have done unto us.

        Whether YOU believe this or not? Many of us have even “prayed” to your god and Jesus for you Christians to FINALLY get you off your butts and do something about all the evil, all the hate, all the bigotry, homophobia, misogyny and all the perversions and crimes against the children of the world that has been committed by those who called themselves Christians.

        I know MANY of my Native brothers and sisters? Who offer their styles of these types of prayers for you Christians. Offering sage smoke and prayers to their beliefs of the Great Spirit.

        I have talked to MANY of my Pagan friends, who do natural magickal rituals? Who do the same things for Christians. Doing many of their cleansing and healing rituals for you all and to get your god to waken you up to all the true harm that is being done in the name of your god, your Jesus and Christianity and get you all to stand up and do something about it.

        Even LGBTS would LOVE it if you all would do something about those cherry picing, buybull thumping preachers of hate who demand they be put to brutal deaths.

        So hey, it seems? WE are more Christian than you guys are lmfao.

        But I do GET PISSED. YOU think I love doing the work I do on these blogs I do? YOU THINK I love reading all those stories? All those reports? All those investigations? HELL NO. YOU THINK I like exposing all those Christian Pastors of Hate. NO.

        Know what I would rather really be doing? I am an incredible nature photographer. I LOVE doing that. It always reminded me of my Cherokee ways. I am truly at home in the forest more than I EVER have been in a civilization. I have gone out for two, three four months at a time with just my Nikon D90, a 18-200 lens, an extra battery and my camping equiptment. I could hang my hammock anywhere and let me tell ya? The things I have seen with my old eyes and captured with my camera? Would make your jaw drop.

        I was even good enough to be accepted after being judged by the photographers of National Geographic a gallery on their site. Had 9 great gallery shows. Did one at a hospital of my florals where people thought the cafeteria smelled like a garden.

        Can’t do it any longer cause the camera I have? I literally worked it to death. I am on disability. I cannot afford one, hell I can barely afford eating at the end of the month. The church? KNEW if they had not used that statute of limitations for what their three priests did to me? I would not be like this. But? Because of what those priests did to me and the 9 SERIOUS suicide attempts, the severe PTSD etc I deal with? Well I get to barely survive on less than 800 a month. While one of the scum priests who did this to me? He left the priesthood right after, yeah and uh got “married” to another guy, got into the real estate market and made so much money? He owned two mansions. HE KNEW when the private detective tracked him down and admitted what happened that night? He was gonna get banged. So? He disconnected his phone, put the house up for sale in Maine and split back to Florida to his other home.

        HE did not care when the PI told him all the years I lived homeless, or all the horror I went through. He did not care I was barely living on what I had. He did not care I tried to hang myself not even three weeks after what they did to me, or all the other times. He never even sent me an apology even though? The PI? Gave him my address, my email address and phone number.

        And YOU want to tell me your god and Jesus loves me? REALLY? And that I should believe in them? Where the fuck were they the night I was gang-raped in their church even on their altar? Where the fuck where they when my dad threw me the fuck out of the house and onto the street when I was 15? Yeah. If your god and Jeebus loves me?


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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
        If all that stuff had happened to me, I would probably be an atheist too. What can I say? The church failed you. God failed you. I wish I could take your pain. It sounds like even though you didn’t get justice, you have been working to get justice for other people. Thank you for your efforts to bring justice for other victims.

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      • First? Thank you. That is exactly why I do much of what I do. To help the victims become survivors and help them get justice.

        My sister? HAS BEGGED ME to walk away. That this is all literally destroying me. She has told me this is dangerous as she knows they have tried to murder me over this. So has my daughter. So have many others. People have told me? NO ONE could ask more of me than what I have already given. Or sacrificed.

        I’ve tried, I have seriously and honestly tried, to walk away from it all. But? Each time I do? I walk right back into it. A victim contacts me, a survivor contacts me, tells me their horror story and I am off again.

        Another reason is actually what the victims and survivors whom I have worked with have told me. I helped them so much I saved their lives. When they were going to blow their brains out, or hang themselves over this? They came to me and talked to me and I convinced them to stick around. I do not want to EVER put another name on my blog Voices From the Grave. I di not EVER want to have to spend hours and hours talking to a brokenhearted parent whose child committed suicide because of this.

        I do not want also? Another atheist, lgbt, Pagan or Native American brothers and sister, to deal with this outrageous Christian hate against us. I do not want to learn another beautiful human being, who happened to be gay, were brutally murdered by a Christian, or a transperson, or a lesbian person, or an atheist, or a Pagan or a Native American and trust me THIS HAPPENS ALL THE DAMN TIME, TOO MANY DAMN TIMES.

        So even if my sister and daughter and friends are right? And some jerk murders me for the work I do? Or I just drop dead from the stress? Then actually? It is all worth it for me. And I fully expect? To be murdered over the work I do because? I have pissed off a whole lot of powerful people in the churches, especially the leaders, because I give them no mercy, no love, no compassion, just like? They did to us. And they? Do not like that.

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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsrising,
        Yes, from the tone of your messages I can see how your work torments you. And I understand how you feel compelled to continue to work hard to get justice for victims even though it is destroying you. Is it possible that there could be a way for you to help victims without the steady diet of rage and hate? I understand your rage, I just don’t see how your rage is an asset to your work.


      • No. There is no way to stop my rage and hate against these people. YOU are asking the impossible of me, a truly moral and humanistic person.

        I cannot? Unhate a pedophile, or a rapist, or a racist, or a bigot, or a misogynist pig, or a murderer, or a tyrant, or a terrorist, or a Taliban. OF ANY STRIPE. Be they Christian or Muslim.

        I cannot unhate people who speak they are a follower of what could have actually been? The most beautiful of all gifts to humanity, when they spew hate and death against me, or the people I love.They spread outrageous, dangerous, evil, murderous hate against me and those I love, who happen to be Native American, or Pagan, or lgbt or others. Not even when they spew hate against the good Christians, or Muslims I love and respect.

        If someone were to go after my sister from another mother? Who is one of the most amazing Christians I have ever met in my life? (or any of the others I know and love) Or her granddaughter? There is absolutely no rock they could crawl under, or no cave deep enough for them to hide in? That I would not find them and they would? Suffer my wrath. She has even said this to me. Her granddaughter is BEAUTIFUL but oh so innocent because of her mental and psychological problems of abuse she suffered. She is basically? 1 15 yr old girl with the mind of a 9 year old. And such a beautiful and caring spirit on top of that. If anyone harms a hair on her head? She knows she tells me? That person will disappear off the face of the earth. And I will have absolutely no problem with doing it.

        It is the same with my oldest son. He is a beautiful person. He is a Pagan. He adopted two girls a long time ago who were literally abandoned by their sperm donor. He now has his first child my granddaughter. ANYONE DARES HARM A HAIR ON THEIR HEADS? Would never breath again when I got done with them. Same with my daughter I adopted.

        UNDERSTAND, THIS IS NOT MEANT TO INSULT YOU OR ANYONE, BUT? A Native American way and view of life? Is totally different than any other view or way of life. Despite what you have been told about us. We are not like you Christians nor any other theist. I could sit here and tell you all kinds of the things Natives believe. But I am going to tell you my Native way.

        I have told you I am Aniwaya Cherokee. I do not know if you actually know what that means. The Cherokee had clans. The Aniwaya Clan or the Wolf Clan? Were the protectors and defender warriors of ALL the clans and Nation. We were the first called, the True Warriors who went to battle against those who sought to do our people harm. We were actually the fabled ones who during the removal? Went to live in the hills of Northern Georgia and hid out, waiting to rise up again to help our people and we did. We re-established the Cherokee nation in our own backyard that was stolen from us.

        I have always loved wolves. The stories I could tell you of my meeting up with wolves in the wild? Would literally blow your mind.

        Even a NH Forest Ranger witnessed one event. He came up to me afterwards, when a huge wolf came and visited me at the Barnes Field campground in Dolly Copp and left? And asked me weren’t you scared shitless? I said nope, me and my brother? Were having a great conversation until you made that noise and he left. He could NOT understand what I said or what I meant. I mean white peoples normal reaction when they see a wolf? Even a Forest Ranger? Is to be scared shitless. Me? It is the opposite. Matter of fact? When I am out in the forests? I fear nothing and nothing fears me. I have walked up to wild animals most people would say stay the hell away from. I have walked up to one of our most dangerous, moose without fear and they have never harmed me. The only things that have ever harmed me in life? Have been humans lol.

        Heck I even have pictures of my feet? Covered in butterflies lol.

        Another time? I was in the Jericho State Park which is not even three miles from where I live photographing. I KNEW my brother and sister were there. They were following me along the edge of the woods. Then they appeared…one walked across the road but my camera was not ready but it caught the second one walking across the road. They had absolutely no fear of me and I had no fear of them.

        Wolves? Defend the pack. They defend the weak, they defend the old, they defend the pack even if it means their lives. This is what I am.




      • I do not want you to take this as insulting or slams ok? But you Christians? When you talk or debate say with an atheist, or a Pagan, or an Native American? YOU look through the lenses of the glasses called Christianity. What you got to do is stop that and take where the person is actually coming from. Here is what I mean and I will use me as an example.

        I’ve always known I had Cherokee blood in me. But I kind of ignored it really. Yeah I thought it was cool when I was growing up and was always the Injun in our cowboy and indian games. I always loved the commercial of Iron Horse Cody and the tear coming down his cheek and always felt a connection with any indian in any movie. But again, it was not as if I were living it.

        Then in 2005? I finally took a trip to one of the most sacred places of us Tslagi. (I am going to start using the real name of my people the Tslagi, Cherokee is a white name for us) It is called Blood Mountain and Saughter Gap. This was the site of one of the greatest battles in the Tslagi history against the Creek who were invading our southern borders. So many Tslagi and Creek died? The land was literally covered in blood. It stained the rocks and the very moss on the trees. If you were even to go there now? You would see this.

        Now, we also have this amazing “myth” of the Little People, These are a class of nature spirits of our people and broken into different groups of them. But it is told they live in townhouses under our sacred mountains and Blood Mountain? Is such a fabled place. Only I do not think it is a fable or a myth any longer. Not with what I experienced there along with another hiker who was staying in the AT shelter on the side of Blood Mountain nor the experiences I had with others at the old stone CCC AT shelter on top of the mountain, nor what happened to me when I was leaving that mountain.

        Now I can tell you these things and I have told others about it and it is well recorded actually in AT trail journals in the area. But to cut it down and get to the whole gist of it?

        AFTER ALL THIS? Was when I accepted my path and my Tslagi ways and actually? Was reborn as a Tslagi.

        I was given a gift of a beautiful rose quartz stone that if you saw it? You would say it was made for my hands.

        I was given the gift of reconnection with all my ancestors of the land and the spirits.

        I was given the gift of rebirth, of knowing that when I fell on a certain spot on top of that mountain and started crying my eyes out? That was the spot where this Tslagi once died a long time ago on that mountain during the great battle.

        When I touched that sacred ground with my bare feet? Which is actually how I hike alot? I was walking on real sacred ground to myself and my “soul”. I knew? I was home.

        When I finally accepted who and what I was? A Tslagi Aniwaya? The power that came to me would knock you on your ass.

        This is all as real to me? As your god, your Jesus, your Christianity? Is real to you. My path in my life? Is my Native American way. Your path in your life is apparently? The Christian path.

        I was raised in your Christianity. I learned your bible and Christianity by truly studying it, even going to your Christian college to do so. I know that bible, your religion? Better than 90% of those who DARE call themselves Christians. I could hold a debate on the bible with ANY Christian priest or pastor or supposed expert on it. I could debate anyone on the true history of Christianity.

        But you Christians? Really know nothing about us Tslagi do you? You have never studied our ways or really any of the ways of Native Americans. If you did? You would actually throw out all the false shit that has been said about us and find us? AN INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. FULL OF LOVE, FULL OF HOPE, FULL OF WANTING TO HELP ALL THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET, NO MATTER WHAT COLOR YOU ARE, WHAT RELIGION YOU BELIEVE IN OR NO RELIGION AT ALL.

        Here is a cool idea of us Natives. All the races are here for a purpose. We are in fact? A beautiful rainbow of people. We have the white, the brown, the black, the red and the yellow which is the basic “colors” of the human groups. Each should live in harmony with each other just like the colors of the rainbow lives in harmony. But? This is not happening.

        Each color of people? Must grow themselves. Whites? Use mostly their Christian religion to do so. As I have said, if Christians had brought Christianity to humanity according to the teachings of their Jesus? Instead of the way it was brought? The world would be a beautiful place. But it is not, and sadly? This is because the whites used this beautiful religion wrong, not the way it was to be used. And? Until whites, ALL whites, ALL Christians realize this and seek to change it to the real truth of your Jesus? Then you whites will not grow to the beautiful people? YOU could actually all be.

        We of the red? Had our nations who had problems. Many? Consider what the Aztecs and Mayans did in their bloodshed and sacrifices? WRONG and EVIL and we consider what happened to them? A punishment from our own “Great Spirit” for the wrongs they committed.

        We know we also have a massive problem that was mostly yes, brought upon us by the way White Christians did to us. Giving us alcohol and guns was bad for us. And? the 7th Generation Warriors and the rest of us elders? Are doing all we can to change this and the brutality it brings to our beautiful women and girls and children. We are doing all we can to change the mindsets of our people to go back to our ways. Our own greatest prophets words prove true. We as a Red Nation must go back to our roots, must reclaim who we were and are. Part of the human race, as needed as the white, the brown, the black, the yellow colors of the human rainbow, for if one is off? Then all are off.

        So when you debate someone like me? Also think of where I am coming from. Understand I come from the Native American ways. You come from the Christian ways. I truly do understand, whether you believe it or not, all you say. Though I disagree with much? I still try to come to a common ground with you because yes, you have given me respect and shown me you are one of the Good Christians.

        But again, when Christians debate or speak with an atheist, a Pagan or a Native or others? They got to stop just looking through? Their Christian glasses at us, try to learn some of our ways and then speak to us with that kind of mutual understanding we are trying to actually show to you Christians.

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      • Dear Atheistmilitantsuprising,
        Yes, you are right that standing up to a bully will often stop their behavior. You are saying that real Christians aren’t standing up against the fake Christians and all the bad stuff they do. In fact, I could fly around the world confronting bad guys. There are bad people doing bad things in every country, every city, and all over the internet. There are tyrants and scoundrels all over the world oppressing people, starting wars, causing children to starve, raping women, human trafficking, and perpetuating cycles of injustice and hatred. I can stand up to one person, and in the meantime, ten more rise up. This is the state of humanity. It always has been. I found the only true hope available to the world (Jesus). My mission is to share that hope and that love. Loving my neighbor, and teaching people to love is the best thing I can do. And yes, that includes confronting bullies when I encounter them. I just don’t have any bullies in my church or among my Christian friends. I know they are out there though, so I understand your anger and frustration.


      • You are saying that real Christians aren’t standing up against the fake Christians and all the bad stuff they do. In fact, I could fly around the world confronting bad guys. There are bad people doing bad things in every country, every city, and all over the internet. There are tyrants and scoundrels all over the world oppressing people, starting wars, causing children to starve, raping women, human trafficking, and perpetuating cycles of injustice and hatred. I can stand up to one person, and in the meantime, ten more rise up. This is the state of humanity. It always has been. I found the only true hope available to the world (Jesus).

        Ok here goes, ONE MORE TIME.

        1. Most of the groups who are oppressing other people? Are religious groups. The two biggest religious groups that oppress people? Is Christianity and Islam.


        3. NO, YOU can stand up to many people. Matter of fact? As I stated? YOU CHRISTIANS HAVE PROVEN THIS MANY TIMES.

        Martin Luther King Jr proved it with the Civil Rights march made up of many hundreds of thousands of Christians who effected GREAT change to those being harmed by the old Christian Slavery laws.

        Christians again proved it during the Vietnam Anti-War peace marches.

        Christians AGAIN proved it when they stood up to their Fake Christians during the Civil War and fought to free people enslaved.


        YOU give me one more excuse? And I am done with you.

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      • Dear Atheistmiltantsuprising,
        Here is a video I made last year called “A Warning to Religious People.”

        You might enjoy it. Thanks.


  4. Grandtrines says:

    Is it possible that (regarding the topics being discussed) we are struggling with the nature of consciousness, as described here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicameralism_(psychology) ?


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